Blueprint of Life and its effect on fields which change the physical appearence

Hello fellow Sapien Users,

I am still undecided if BOL erases or hinders the results of fields which change the physical appearence (like becoming more tall or change the facial bone structure).

What I noticed is that BOL in combination with a field which changes the physical appearence slows down the results of such a field. I currently think its because it effects the whole being on all levels so that ressources get located everywhere.

What are your experiences and thoughts? I personally would like to use both because BOL seems to be so tranformative.

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Am still wondering wether BOL effects the face has sapien said it doesn’t, but then people have reported it does. Then he also said somthing about it effect ur bones



My bones are shit lol

It’s also a very spiritual field though. Don’t think many realize that

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It doesn’t. Just speaking from personal experience, I’ve experienced plenty of desired physical changes and I listen to blueprint anywhere from twice to four times a week.

I’m paraphrasing but I believe Luna Moon said once that if you play blueprint before a physical field it will actually help to enhance it.

As far as the mechanics of that I don’t know, there are many others who have been around a lot longer than I who might know more


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Here’s part of what’s confusing you.

BoL provides you with your (spiritual, energetic and physical) blueprint, which may well be very different from the societal “blueprint” you’re wanting to adopt with your physical appearance fields. To the extent that your actual, personal blueprint is aligned with the current, temporary societal blueprint (in terms of height or facial bone structure, etc.) BoL will help those fields.

Similarly, to the extent that your actual, personal blueprint is different from the current, temporary societal blueprint (and, IMO, there are good reasons for them to be different), then you’ll not see as much help from BoL.

For example, if your personal blueprint is for you to be short because you’re born into a population whose average height might be shorter than what’s portrayed in fashion magazines or on the basketball court and you chose your actual, personal blueprint so that you could more easily fit into that population, then BoL is going to seem to hinder your becoming more tall fields, you see?


great answer WellBeing! So I will stop using it, sadly because my goals are very probably different from my actual personal blueprint.

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Well, let me encourage a different way of thinking. As we’ve pointed out, the blueprint of BoL isn’t just a physical blueprint. It’s a spiritual, energetic and emotional blueprint as well.

It’s my opinion that part of that larger blueprint includes a desire to be accepted by, to comfortable interact with, and to be held in high regard by others. And it’s my opinion that this desire is true for all of us. After all, why would we come to a place with so many others if we didn’t want those things? But more importantly, we need a good bit of that in our early years simply to survive. (Humans depend on being taken care of for a very long part of our early lives or we die.)

So, I would encourage you to continue to use your BoL, which will remind you that you are lovable and worthy of acceptance, attention and appreciation–simply because you exist, regardless of your height or your bone structure.

There is not a baby born onto this planet who says, “No, you can’t take my picture or you can’t love me, because my thighs are too chubby today or because I haven’t grown enough or because the color of my skin isn’t the preference on IG.” That’s just not a conversation that happens…not until some disconnected adults do a long and hard sales job to train that baby into the conditional, dysfunctional, disconnected attitudes of “society.”


Did you end up continuing to use it? Any updates with physical change?

At the end of my stack for 1x time

Is it still slowing down physical change?

I doubt BOL hinders physical change tbh. It brings everything to harmony, basically giving you a chance to express yourself with a new template (like a perfect reset).

In fact, this has been a tremendous aid in my hair growth journey.


From my experience it wont reverse any physical result ,instead it will correct the glitch and errors and enhanced result,somes says is not a smart field but for me it is


It doesnt.

The reverse is at celular level

Because if that was the case that it reverses physical changes then we would expect to look like what eventually? A fetus? :sweat_smile:


Yep, I would say this gives us a “chance” to express our new change with ease such as height, hair, skin, basically anything.


Indeed ,this will make all the subliminal result better ,it wont reverse result❤️‍🔥


first audio, which empties me this way
I listened to it on repeat and my scoliosis was better
I’m going to put it in front of my physical changes, I’ll see.
I will try to iron, but for the moment I feel better


It covers all areas but what exactly is energetic? I thought it would mean something about our vibration but our emotions are vibrations so what exactly is the difference?