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Hi guys, long time lurker here, I’m making this post because I’m really sad and helpless, it’s 5am and i’ve basically stayed up all night researching a way out but there’s nothing I can find…
I’m a 21 y/o girl from a poor country ruled by stupid laws against women, i’ve been SA’d by three close family members when I was a child , more than one time and my parents knew then and know now but they think it’s okay and they still treat these specific people as family and even my mom loves them and defends them to this day no matter how much she’s seen me cry or get depressed, I remember one time i was sad and I didn’t talk to anybody except to reply in short answer when talked to, her response to this was to beat me and say mean things to me as a way to “fix me” … this happened when i was 16 I now know that my parents really don’t care about me, i’m only there as a burden they want to get rid of by getting me married… now I was okay with this for the most part considering that the assaulters were not in the same house or country as me anymore but recently this has changed and now one of them has come to our house to “visit” I really hate this guys my mom has forced me to say hi and act like nothing happened but I told her while crying that I can never be okay with this monster… now that i’m writing this i cannot believe i’ve accepted this treatment for so long but really what choice did i have? My father doesn’t let me study and/or work, i’ve tried telling the unhcr about this but they don’t seem to believe me or ig they’re not acting quick enough… I really feel like i’ve tried everything with no success at all… everything in my life is a mess and idk what to do anymore…
I know myself and I know i’m not gonna do anything stupid rn but I really need any words of encouragement, or any tips or advice… i’m crying while writing this because i’m really tired but I will never let my monster family get to me…


i understand how you feel. Are you still here with us?
i’m praying for you and cheering you on

Start before all else

Then for pushing through with stronger mindset

For willpower

For comfort and security

i’ll add in the links. for convenience soon.


Hugs dear, stay strong. Some parents are also “groomed” by SA, like somehow the offence is accepted in society. You’re right it’s definitely not ok but considering your situation and limitations (living in a country that doesn’t support women as much), you need to be wise.

If it were me I’d 1. Accept my parents have their mental limitations. 2. Avoid the perpetrators as much as you can 3. Work on healing myself, so not to carry this into and affecting your future 4. Long term exit strategy from parents (becoming independent)

Repel Negativity on YouTube does a pretty good job at keeping negative people out the house. You can also try remove entity. Clear Energetic Blocks. Resilience. Plenty of mental health optimising fields to try.

Find a career/study path that you will enjoy and will support you financially, hoping women are allowed to work in your country! Luck or wealth fields to help you manifest a move to another country when you are ready.

Love gravitation wave and self love work too, so one day you’ll have a supportive relationship.


Oh good one, definitely Justice for All.


That reminds me


I’m so sorry for what you are going through. I really hate these type of parents, and I feel so sad and angry for you. I do not have suggestions as the people above have recommended great fields, I wish you the best and please stay with us and listen to the fields mentioned above.


-Devic Intercession - YouTube

This one wasn’t mentioned and I’ve asked them to keep people away and I can say they did.

This with angelic intercession and St. Michael are a good combination.

A Taste of Vaikuntha Loka - YouTube could add to the creating peace effect.

The intercessions first effect seems to be to create some peace in your life. They did to me, at least.

-Repel Negative Energy ver 2.0 - YouTube
-Nullify Negative Planetary and Astrological Effects - YouTube

Those two will add to the creating peace effect too.

If fields seem not to work, listen to Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing Cleaning - YouTube once before.

If you end up listening to Aura Clearing, you could also listen to The Negentropic Fool - YouTube afterwards.

I didn’t want to mention fields unrelated to your situation. How this field works will be very subjective. But for me, it was like a reset. So listening to it could be a great way to prepare for the rest of fields to work even better. But it isn’t necessary.

The mass meditation field has a strong intercession “factor”. You can always listen to it and request assistance. It calls on many benevolent beings. In fact, if you can’t listen to pretty much anything, this is the one field to use. It is strong though, you may need to ground afterwards.

It is nice to ground after listening to fields anyway. Intercessions being a sort of exception to nearly anything.

If you have trouble with the mass meditation link, check this out:

I’m glad you found your way to the forum. There are many great people here and I’m sure you have/soon will have an army of servitors and beings protecting you.

I’m praying for the best :pray:


I am really sorry for what your are going through.

You are very strong. Time and care will heal your heart.

I wish you the best.

Inner Pillar of Power is power of support in a field.
Alchemical Revision of Childhood and Alchemical Revision of Self Love will help find perspectives for past and future. They will help mentally and emotionally.

The Spa days and Massage audios could be beneficials for some moments of peace. (Muscle Massage and Utter Relaxation and Muscle Massage have my preference)

The whole Mental Health album will provide good mental support.

And also, Memories of joy, because my personnal opinion is that there is nothing like a good laugh out of the blue to get a breath of fresh air. (Just don’t show anyone if you get to find some hapiness somewhere :nazar_amulet:)

Again I wish you the best :yellow_heart::crescent_moon::milky_way::dove::dragon_face::herb::yellow_heart:


I’m at a loss for words of encouragement. So I’m glad others have posted these above. I agree with their sentiment. All I can offer right now is an insight, a possible insight, which you may decide to act on as a type of advice.

I have no desire to excuse or justify anyone of anything. I have a feeling that “survival” may be the mind your mother is operating in. I can’t know the way you do. I haven’t seen her up close. She may be truly evil and you may know that. Or she may not be.

But I have just this feeling or intuition. Survival can be a strong motivator for one to shut down some of their feelings and narrow their range of awareness.

If you can find a way to hate their actions without hating the people, you can avoid a great amount of spiritual damage. No matter what their intentions are. Hating a human being is the way to accept a curse. Or so I’ve heard. And that idea fits well with everything I’ve learned, experienced and felt.


Hi guys
Thank you all for your help, i’m really grateful for this community and your replies, I didn’t think i’d get a response so soon… my situation is still bad and the abuser is still here and he still thinks nobody can do anything to him, but i’ve been thinking (or daydreaming) about the time when I get to somewhere safe and get my freedom and eventually sue him and the other assaulters (they all are leading new lives in Europe now. Can you believe it? They get to have a new chance and I get all the trauma!!)
Sorry for the rant. I will try everything you suggested because I literally need anything I can get… I’ll also try notifying the UNHCR about the latest events, maybe they can help me?

Also I don’t think anybody in this scenario is evil, everyone thinks they’re on the right side in this family but I believe it’s just a big old cycle of abuse and bad luck.

I’m still here. I’m still looking for a way out. I’ll talk to anybody that I know would give me the time of day because maybe someone has an answer, just maybe. Grateful to all who replied, thank you all!


By using the amazing tools you have here, it is probable that your situation will change drastically.

I’d recomend you to use Probablity Alteration and Luck too.


I personnaly don’t know about Unhcr procedures, but if you are a refugee maybe the local police will hear you.
(Being a refugee is not what you mentionned in your original post, but I seems Unhcr is an organisation that helps refugees, correct me if I am wrong I do not want to be missleading).

Some people will try to intimidate you in the process. Typical of people wanting to keep others in fear. Stay in the truth and keep faith.

It is terrible you have to go through all of this.

“Time unveilling the Truth” is a theme found in western fine art. There are many painting and sculptures representing this subject.

And it means what it says, with time, the Truth will be revealed :milky_way::crescent_moon::nazar_amulet::dove::crossed_swords::dragon_face::dragon::angel::call_me_hand::mountain_snow::milky_way::crescent_moon::herb:

And also,

If you can afford it, there is a 360° protection NFT field that is probably going to be made.
“[The bodyguard of success](

Maybe not now since you probably not have financial independance at the moment.

But there also is a possibility that the agressors are feeding on your fear and projecting all kind of things on you. Protection is freeing in that regard.

In the meantime, there are also good fields available on youtube, a cord cutting field, exorcism, energetic salt cleanse, grand jealousy shield :dolphin::dragon_face: :hocho::nazar_amulet::crossed_swords:

Many options, and I wish you the best of LUCK :relieved::milky_way::crescent_moon::yellow_heart::angel::hocho::nazar_amulet::dragon::milky_way::crescent_moon::herb:🪬 :fire::zap::ocean::tornado::tornado:🪬 :mountain_snow::hocho::nazar_amulet::ocean:🪷🪬 :fire::zap::nazar_amulet::dragon::crescent_moon::milky_way::dragon_face::herb: