Can anyone help

Can anyone give me a playlist or a bunch of audios that will help droopy eyelids or sunken eye area

I really wanna get rid of my droopy eyelids is there any audio’s at all that can help. Even if i have to buy it .

When i wake up they are fine but after an hour they get really droppy is there any others that will help keep them up. My sleeping is good and food intake is good

Can anyone please help, i really wanna get rid of this problem

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Gold Oil of The Sun

New Release: Negentropic Maxilla Masterwork

New Release : Dark Circles Removal

Pls read all throughout those posts to see if you want to try them.



How does collagen help. Am still 18 the rest of my face is uplifted. I have an prominent jaw and my skin doesnt sagg. It just seems to just be my eyelids

I use maxilla master work. Its my eyelids that are saggy and the audio dark circles doesnt help . Any other recommendations?

Sunken eyes is a symptom of reduced collagen. That’s where the thought comes from.

It is actually mostly from weak bones under it or that have receed

But if what i suggested hasnt worked then i dont know maybe the ones to strengthen the bones?

Maybe plasma brain of youth if is some underlying problem.

Yes maybe a bone problem. I used the bone strengthen. It says it mostly Target spine. And thats where i only feel it

Hi, did you find any audio that help?