Card Meanings & Spreads

Oh that’s lovely, VMMS! Will check back with you. :hugs: :rose:


First thing that came to mind was a decree from my old church days:

From love I come
To love I go
And all this swing both to and fro
Hasn’t altered any jot
Of cosmic purpose I forgot

This reminded me that an initiation I had in the church was about the 3-fold flame of the heart. Mother (church leader and guru) kept talking about yellow (wisdom) and blue (power) flames being balanced and never mentioned pink (love). Her last words to me were: Go forth to conquer by Love!

The “mother and child” in the boat (vehicle of consciousness?) are symbols of love. Whatever may seem to be, love is always there. Love unites and heals, love embraces and congeals, love flows and flows on, my heart to reckon what’s beyond.


Gurrrlll, I think you’re on to something! :two_hearts:


Woohooo! I think you’re right! :partying_face:

Details to follow.




Well, in addition to seeing how much could be milked from the cards (and I was editing myself to best adhere to what little I knew of your context), you’re also learning about the dynamics of complex questions and situations (such as yours) and the limits imposed by a simple spread. A mere 3 cards, whilst able to give rich and informative answers, have their limitations. Your cards gave you some answers. And like all stimulating conversations with good friends, your cards have stimulated within you more questions.

FWIW, I personally don’t think we necessarily need to know the “cause” in order to resolve an issue. Of course, that is an option for you if that’s what you’d like. But identifying the “cause” is not necessary to resolve this situation.

If you did want to identify the “cause”–based on these cards–I would recommend you look where energies of a child are a factor (and those can take many forms) and look at how you may place yourself in a position of needing others to rescue you. Sometimes, simply seeing what you’re doing out of a habit that no longer serves will inspire you to plan to learn different choices instead.

At this point in your familiarity with the cards, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you research the more complex spreads (although there’d be no “harm,” if you did). I’d (personally) prefer you to get used to constructing the story that your 3 cards are telling you before you have to remember the meanings and placements of more complex spreads.

If you want more clarification, you could do a series of three 3-card draws, each draw focusing on 1 card of this current draw as you shuffle and ask, “What more would it be helpful for me to know so that I can successfully resolve this situation?” (or some other, clarifying and empowering question that you might be inspired to).

You could also meditate on The Fool and “How can The Fool help me to successfully resolve this situation?” If you have even rudimentary meditation skills, you could easily get yourself into a meditative state where you could converse with The Fool and receive your answers that way.

Another way you can handle this situation is to make the resolution of this situation the focus of your daily draw: “What card will today provide me with what I need for my next leg of my comfortable and safe journey to my successful resolution of this situation?” This way you can learn your cards as well as resolve this situation of yours.

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I do agree with you. But I’ve been pondering this for way too long. What the heck prompts such a flee response? I do not know of any event so it must be something suppressed or forgotten. I have released on this for years, as stuff comes up, but I’m thinking that it might be time for some time travel and/or remote viewing to get a bit closer to this thingy. I suppose I would be fine with never knowing more, but it almost feels like I was made to forget something. I guess just being an empathic child is enough. Okay oh wow, it could be fear of death. When I was a child I made this dumb decision that my parents (older than the norm for a child my age) would die one day and I didn’t want to feel that hurt, so I withdrew my love for them. Yeah, they never understood me and I left home at 16 to go to college. Dealing with that is a good thing to do anyway. I managed to not be around for the deaths or funerals of both my parents, so that part worked. I just never dealt with the fear. Woohoo - progress!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Yes, I will implement your other suggestions, as I jumped ahead to answer this bit. Thanks, WB! BY yay

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p.s. I have been listening to Voice of Gamayun for around an hour, so the voice is finally getting through. :slight_smile:


The thing is, where you are now, is there fool!
I. This situation, you have all the power to make a choice and carve your way the way you want it.
There may be some inexperience or nativity, but at the same time there is freedom for you.
The situation is not something “Stuck” actually, there is no need for some huge ego fight,.loss, etc.

Where you are now, and the energies around the situation are fresh, lively and full of hope. Have a drink to those new beginnings and throw the glass to the wall behind you ;)
Maybe a shift of point of view is needed, but it’s not the huge mind blowing type. It’s simple - don’t complicate it for yourself and allow yourself to see you have the power to create.

Next step
Ok, there is some unreleased baggage maybe, something to resolve.
This also indicates change, a period of transition. You might try to hold on to the old stuff, but the card is telling you, it is time. Time to accept it with gratitude and embrace the change.
After all, change is the only constant thing in the world.

And outcome…
Definitely positive :D

(Obligatory disclaimer - I know nothing about the situation so just said what I thought based on the cards, nothing personal )


Awesome, MonkeyOwl. Love your answer. fox-thanky

I will go through it slowly a bit later and make sure I incorporate every bit. :slight_smile:


If you have the deck, I would rather do one with that if I were you.
I don’t have great faith in online tarot to be honest :sweat_smile:

And if you want to know the “cause” maybe you can search for a type of spread for that.
Be mindful… because REAL cause if often not something that will make sense to your logical mind.maybe it is, maybe it is not.

You can call it karma or butterfly effect :butterfly: , but there is a chance you will not see an understandable cause where your brain goes “aha! Now I get it.”

There is a story of a king publicly slapping one of the wise advisors… without any apparent reason. The advisor was humiliated, he improvised on the spot and slapped the person next to him to save face,.as if it was something natural.

Then a few days later, the king went to see his wife and upon entry, the wife slapped him.
The king becaane furious andd asked
“What is this supposed to mean?!”

Then the wife explained,
"Haven’t you heard? It’s the new game in town, when someone slaps you, you’re not supposed to slap back, but you’re supposed to slap the next person you see! "

Do what is the cause of the king being slapped…? :)


I am willing to let go of wanting to know why and wanting to know what. And I will redo and pull with our beloved sapien deck.

Which reminds me.

I sent my NFTs to a printer online (no not the digital sapien deck, my actual “cosmic companions” = Arc Light and the egyptian bunch) and had them made up in tarot size. I thought that might make the game funner.

Haven’t gotten them back yet, but supposed to on Friday. I will tell you how I end up using them after I play with them a bit.


Interesting pull T-Rex. Court cards can either be actual people or ideals. Knights are interesting to me because they’re the only ones of the “court” cards that live outside of the castle. Usually when I think of Knights I think of the Arthurian legends…Knights off on a quest of one sort or another. That tells me there’s some kind of transition or dynamism related to their element. The Knight of Pentacles out doing earthy things, K of Swords with intellectual endeavors and the K of Cups? Well, he’s all about love…:two_hearts:



What was the question you asked?

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Okay, I drew for the same question as above (wanting to get past clutter and resistance to organization), this time with the sapien deck. Guessing by the cards I pulled that the subject matter has revealed itself to be daily activities and finance. :slight_smile:

The cards were all upright

1st Card = the Ace of Pentacles (Where am I now?)
2nd Card = The Sun (What can be done?)
3rd Card = Queen of Pentacles (Outcome)

I will get back to this post with my reflections as soon as I have any, lol.


I’m going to wait until you have your say.

I’d like to caution you to be careful that you don’t change your question in response to the cards you’ve pulled. This is so common (particularly, among professional readers ). I’ve seen so many people ask a “money” question, draw what they think of as “love” cards and then say, “Oh, but the cards want to talk to me about love.” No, that’s not what’s going on. The cards are answering the questions you asked. The cards work for you.

Keep your power and your agency. You determine what the subject matter is (when you ask your question). These cards are your possessions. You own them. Don’t let the cards boss you around. :wink: You’re the boss; they work for you.

The subject matter is what you decided it to be when you asked your question. (Pro tip: Write down your question and focus on your written question as you shuffle your cards. That will go a long way to nip this sort of “mission creep” in the bud. It’ll also prevent you from revising your question to suit the cards drawn so that your interpretation is easier or more palatable for you.)

Your job as a reader now is to interpret these cards within the context of the question you had asked it.

I await your thoughts.


P.S. Give yourself bonus points, if you can tie this pull into your previous pull (because, if I’m understanding you correctly, this is a clarification of your earlier pull, right?).

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MonkeyOwl suggested that I use the CS deck instead of the RWS which was the online one I used, just because I was exploring. The question did not change because I was after the energy, not an answer per se. I might have said it differently here, but the subject matter was exactly the same as the original pull = how not to run from whatever the heck it is.

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Finally opened my deck and was testing it out just now. I drew Ace of Swords when I asked for the obstacle of a certain situation. I was like how does that even fit as an obstacle??

Was nudged to look closer at it and got that “There may be a sword coming through but it is fine, just let it come through you. For it will not harm you but pass right through you if you remain in harmony/balance.”

Which I assume is the leaves being perfectly unaffected and growing beautifully together within the crown and the sword.

Just wanted to share it for a bit because I thought it was so cool :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That is very interesting, Daylily.

Consider also that Aces represent potential and Swords represent the element of air which correlates with intellect & ideas. It could mean that your obstacle is a lack of a plan or vision. Perhaps your impression of the sword “coming through” is a calling for you to go deeper?