Charge Back Black List

I guess it wasn’t meant to be. No mbl or saint biceps for me. Was really looking forward to it in the upcoming months.

On the bright side VoC and VoDL have literally brightened me up. So I will forever be grateful to Captain for those 2 audios specifically.

Just looking to get 1 or 2 more spiritual audios.


Sir, can you plz give one day window to buy medical fields again :pray: JUST “ONE DAY”. :pray:

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Maybe things might be different, but the most recent indications are “no”.


There are 2 important messages from this;

  1. It sucks that this happened, but there will be something better coming from it. Often in life, we have better opportunites in front of us but we are so consumed by what we have, that we turn a blind eye to the better option. So the universe has us “lose” something so we make room to incorporate the new thing. ’

  2. We are no longer able to buy many gems, but Dream is getting stronger and stronger every day, and I am very certain that we will get incredible new fields that can do even more than what the discontinued fields did. Be patient and all will be golden


(a quiet hint for those who are wanting “medical” fields: The Eternal :thinking: )


There are also patroon members and YouTube free audio can be used


can we add the discontinued fields in our NFT projects?

Yikes! I already bought all the fields I wanted but it still sucks to hear that some of the gumroad audios are being discontinued. :disappointed_relieved:

Would you just consider adding protection to the fields so that they only work for legal purchasers?

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:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: @Daylily
Other field fields, I think the captain will find a way


@Hauru Yup yup but I was thinking more of the lines of protection like how NFT only work for it’s owners :sweat_smile:

So that those people don’t have any incentive to abuse chargebacks… sorry for my bad English :sweat_smile:



It doesn’t matter, I also use the translation :joy:

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Captain, Move all those medical ones to teespring or ES for time being. I’m sure those are the ones that might have taken most of ur time, energy and efforts because medical ones involve a lot of researching etc. Many of us were saving to buy them at a later point of time.
Its really disappointing seeing them gone ( temporarily i hope) because of some crooks. We really need to weed out these crooks from the community, otherwise we will end up stopping everything.
Please think of new ways to address this core issue or a long term solution, instead of removing these absolutely marvelous creations.
Ive got most of the gumroad ones except legs shredder and few more but I’m saying this for the crowd that were really looking forward to save and buy…

I don’t know how bad u feel but i used to visit gumroad/ teespring randomly just to see ur accomplishments all at one place…


Between bricked devices and online account transitions/difficulties, it may be that some of the original files are no longer accessible. But I guess we can hope for the best :pray:

Agree that addressing the problem (the people who take advantage/perform fraudulent acts) instead of getting rid of the beautiful creations would be something I agree with here.

In terms of long term peace of mind for Captain, and the rest of us, too.

Never knowing how long or short something may be there because of a random person who decides to make a wrong choice, may create tension and nervousness here.


Let’s trust captain , because he is the only one who sees the bigger picture in all regards imo.
But if we don’t find an alternative way then the fraudsters just continue to do the same for rest of the audios , and not sure where this will lead to…this is my only worry.
Here the fraudsters are benefited in all ways, they r getting their money back + audios + any hidden agendas of theirs :man_shrugging: … and the genuine members are impacted in the end.


Yeah I mean absolutely. Full agreement. It just seems that the way it is, there’s not really a way to stop that besides not having the sales open to the public. Perhaps a screening process, or something.


I’ve been researching possible solutions and it’s difficult. Most people will either use credit cards, bank accounts, or an exclusively online option like paypal (which derives funds from a credit card or bank).

In basically all cases, the payment process will be beholden to the policies of the bank/credit card for charge disputes. This is true even for Paypal (as it can be made to defer to banks and credit cards if the charges are disputed at that layer).

There’s not much that can be done to mitigate that.

If it were to jump purely to cryptocurrencies I would bet that a number of people (myself included) would step away from purchasing things.

There’s not an easy way to resolve this. But, in the spirit of the subject title, black lists are one strategy for limiting future risks :+1:


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying here, but it’s been confirmed upstream that, as long as you can sign into your Gumroad account, you can still download fields you had previously purchased, regardless if they’re now now longer available for purchase, regardless of your device.

I can’t speak for Team Dream, but it may well be a good idea for anyone who has purchased fields from Gumroad to make sure they have a secure copy of their files some place other than Gumroad, just in case that venue or that company goes away. When you have a file somewhere you can control, what Gumroad foes (or doesn’t do) is no longer an issue.


I guess that’s true. My mind just went to a worst-case scenario because there were tens of items all pulled at once. That sort of thing gives me the impression that the whole seller account might get locked/investigated. Hopefully not, but many hosting services have rather pernicious clauses that can cut off access to people they decide to blacklist.

That’s why I’ve had recurring paranoia about all the digitally hosted assets :laughing: if something goes wrong, they can disappear with little warning :frowning_face: .

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