Charting Transformation: A Journey Through Hormonal Morphic Fields - Before and After Experimentation


Today I had a various hormone test to determine if I have diabetes, I asked my Doctor to include Testosterone, Creatinine and Estrogens; I thought it was a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity of the analysis to unleash and use hormonal fields to add more evidence to people’s skepticism. The results are delivered on Thursday, I suppose that from today I can start with the “experiment”.
(And accompany with some BN production).


Binaural Nutrition, better known as “BN”; He is a creator of mainly binaural and subliminals who became famous for making creations that simulated the action of steroids with minimal or no negative effects. He is currently still active developing more productions and exploring new methods (such as morphic fields).

This is a ‘before’. I’m preparing the stack, it’s very simple, but any extra recommendations are accepted :)

I leave this here: Blood tests to prove fields work? - #29 by Scribe
It is the first post I saw regarding the subject.
I want to support his statement.

It’s time to experiment.


Looking forward to the results, keep us updated!

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