Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck

I am pretty familiar with reading individual cards, but how do experienced readers form the story or message of a combination of 2 or three cards?


Its like watching a movie.

Each card is a scene.

And just like you start adding the dots as you watch each scene to understand the story, youll feel the same putting together the messages you receive from each card and build a story from them.


How long did that take. I’ve been trying for a long time(years) and reading combinations gets me confused for the most part


With regular tarot decks is the sum of

Knowledge about each card meaning + strong intuition


Knowledge of each card + strong connection and communication to intercession out there or developing psychic abilites.

What we have here is a totally different tarot deck. It will unfold much more easy.

All those questions etc will be addressed in the Category/posts Sammy will create :slight_smile:

For now just hang out with each card, like you would with someone new.


I will try that. The deck feels alive, so much energy there.


Wow came to post this link did this just come for you?? @XspaceX

Found this super cool website while I was doing a reading for myself! I initially thought it’d be a quick one! But the cards had so much to tell :smiley:

I was looking up some combination and that link didn’t even have it displayed! But I went back to the search results accidentally and found this to be the top result!

So what this does is basically find you the meanings of combined cards instead of just one. What’s cool about it is that you could add up as many cards as you like, in case you had a lot of clarifying cards or a spread that says too much :D

Now this doesn’t guarantee an accurate meaning specially in the case of too many cards, but it gives you a lot of narrowed down options on the general keywords of what the message looks like.

With the help of the cards themselves you will notice some keywords start to make more sense and you will be able to understand the whole message

So cool!

I was just wondering if something like that is out there :D

It does work much better in 2 card combinations though, but the narrowing down helps so much

Ohh also there is an option to select whether the cards are upright or reversed

Really nice :D


You picked up on what I needed!


haha mannn we shared the quest! :smiley:


Pick a spread in the drop down. Once it comes up you can learn how a spread works and which order the cards are drawn in. Then go back and pick a different spread. Or get a book on tarot. Here’s a good one for getting started.

I’m sure there are others for learning the spreads.


it’s symbolic of course

Yes. Precisely. It’s been ten years since I used tarot. (my own physical deck anyways) It was accurate but left me feeling like I could only watch things unfold. Felt trapped like the future was set in stone.

I’m not saying I believe the future is like that. Only that my readings for myself at that time were like that. Or sure seemed to be. Enough to keep me away for a long time. It was a little depressing. These guys are always right long before I have any idea.

Depressing- that’s hard to explain. Because it’s not always bad. Ok here I’ll get paradoxical and yet not. The sad part is something can be set in stone the way something will go down and yet the conclusion of the matter is still out of the hands of the prediction and even more set in stone, it’s written in your heart beforehand.

Which is why these Point of No Return types of self works end up being so damn important.


You can be told exactly who will do something significant in your life, and exactly what it is they will do. Or what opportunity. And however unlikely, it happens.

But you will not be told how you will react. How you will tear an opportunity down to the ground and make it like it never happened. Everything is predicted for you, but You.

You can be told exactly what you will become. But you will not be told whether you become that thing by holding fast to your conscience or by forsaking it. A dual destiny can be hidden right there. A little bit like “He will bring balance to the force”. Well, yeah, but how? Things are set in stone but not. You are not.

And if you are sure you know easily which is a scarier thought, the things that are set in stone, or the things that are not, I’d humbly (yes for real actually humbly lol) recommend you ponder on it longer until the answer is not so easy.


First card drawn, as I was going to bed, was the Four of Swords. I can take a hint.


Yes, you are correct.

Think of your reading as a report, like weather report where you control the weather. Your reading is telling you, “at this given moment, given what you’ve got going on, this is the ‘weather’ you are in the process of creating for yourself (on this subject).”

Then, armed with your information, you can make your decisions about whether you want to continue to “do” what you’ve been “doing” or explore how you could “do” things in a different way. (You could even ask your cards what might be likely to unfold when you “do” things in this different way or that different way.)

You’ll notice that I’ve been putting “do” in quotes there, because I’m not talking about just the action doing. You can change the ways you’re looking at your subject (or at the people in your subject) or–thanks to your fields you can change your vibrational energy about your subject. All of these would count under my idea of “doing” and all of these would alter the unfolding of your subject, because you are now “doing” some new and different.

Back when I was reading professionally, I used to joke that my clients (despite my best efforts) made me the accurate reader that I was because they seldom changed what they were “doing,” even though that was the focus of my readings. (Rueful smile)

tl;dr: when you do your pull, you can get an accurate prediction of how things are unlikely to unfold if you continue in this way. But you have so much power and creativity and tools to change the ways that you can continue, if you will use your power, creativity and tools.


These cards :heart:

Thank you Captain and everyone involved in the creation of this divine gift. This is my first Tarot deck and I had minimal knowledge regarding how to shuffle or draw cards etc etc. All I can say is these cards take the guesswork out of everything. Like @SammyG said, “these cards are alive in a sense and speak through you.”

I started off by focusing on a three card spread (past/present/future) and have been doing a card of the day for myself. I’ve noticed that when I am shuffling the deck a particular card will literally be drawn to me and stick out from the rest. The results have been spot on each time, without fail. Not surprising of course, thanks Captain!!!

Have fun with it and trust yourself. We don’t always have to pick the card from the top of the deck because that’s how it’s always been. It’s amazing to see how the story begins to unfold when you regain control of the wheel.

Wishing you all the best on your journey!!!


I don’t know that that’s how it’s always been. Most traditions that I know of encourage us to shuffle the cards, to get your energy and your agency into the reading for you.

(And as a forum friend pointed out above, all the decks have the same order straight from the printers, so we’ll want to shuffle them at some point.)


Point I’m trying to convey is after shuffling. Do what you feel drawn to. You don’t always have to play the hand you are dealt. For tarot decks and for life. If a card is literally sticking out saying “grab me” don’t be afraid to do it because it isn’t the top card, lol.


Exactly! You got it! Keep following your guidance like this and you and your deck (and your understanding of tarot) will go far.


I picked out the lover (I guess I wanted to or I was pulled to) Saturday night and let’s just say some unexpected events happen that night.

Sunday during my meditation I meditated to the Devil (in reverse via intention) to get my head straight and let go of things I can’t control. Last night I shuffled and asked “what energy do I need the most at this moment” and boom pulled out the wheel of fortune appeared, initially I had some blockage / resistance to pulling this card, “this can’t be the card” but nonetheless I went ahead and meditated to it.

As I was going to bed, I tried focusing on what’s the best step for me moving forward (I have the hermit, moon, and the high priestess under my pillow) vivid dreams and lots of water (emotion) joyful, confused, and in awe as if I was consciously communicating with my self in this dream state, getting guidance from the hermit and using the high priestess as a bridge between the unconscious and conscious mind.

I woke up and meditated this morning and gave gratitude to the archetypes for their help.


And then the first card I drew this morning was the Eight of Swords. Brutal.


Not really. It’s actually telling you to meditate. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Eights symbolize the perfection of matter and mind. Above all, Swords represent intellect. Therefore, the question to ponder is how does one perfect the intellect. The surest way I know is through meditation. :sparkles: