Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck

I echo the bon voyage, MO, and what great timing! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :hugs:congratulations-engagement


I’d like to understand you better; what leads you to this expectation?


Total novice. This is my first deck. To interpret what the cards say, shouldn’t I meditate or at least sit with an open mind to receive impressions?


Yeah I guess, but you can also Google
“5 of pentacles” (assuming that’s your card)
Read by and large the meaning, then look back at the card and see whether it helped you get closer.
It’s possible it will prompt you a bit and help bring up some related impressions/ideas from you subconscious.
This was my (short and limited) experience with some other cards. I’m not so well versed in the small (minor??) Arcana, so I checked as well :D


Yes, that seems a good way to learn. :+1:

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[ETA: Oh, and thank you for clarifying that for me. That was most helpful.]

Hey! Congratulations! What a fun journey you’re about to embark upon.

Don’t worry about being a total novice or that this is your first deck (I like the positive expectation that you built into that idea for yourself!). Sammy’s got you covered. Check out his thread, created just for you: Beginner’s Journey through the Corpus Spiritus Tarot. It’s only just begun, so you’re joining in at the perfect time.

Well, yes, that’d be fun, and that’s the key: that this be fun for you. This meditation or sitting doesn’t HAVE TO be something hard or an arduous task. Legend has it that the Tarot was designed as a game and I think that’s the best (certainly, the funnest) attitude with which to play with them. Approach your cards as a fun adventure where you get to explore, but from the comfort of your home. Just look at the cards and see what catches your eye and what sparks your imagination. You don’t even have to DO anything. Just relax and let your imagination do the rest.

And, as @MonkeyOwl points out, you’re not going it alone. You can always go online for suggestions. And most modern readers started out that way. Heck, I think most commercial decks being published now come with some little booklet of meanings to get you started. So, there’s nothing wrong with (and I’m being playful here) “cheating” a little bit, you know what I mean?

That being said, if I may be so bold, I think the reason why you might have gotten this deck is because you’d like a connection with this deck. And that comes from the playing with it that I’ve described above. If you had just wanted to look things up on the web, I think you would’ve been satisfied with an even more affordable, mass produced deck, if you know what I mean. :wink:


I love how you give such a detailed explanation on the different options. It sounds like a very playful experience to get to know my cards. I look forward to the adventure.
Thank you for the way you always pitch in to guide
:slight_smile: :sparkling_heart:

And yes, I was definitely pulled towards this deck!


Mine has been sitting at the local post office saying "shipment received, package acceptance pending’ for 3 weeks now. Everywhere I look online it says it shouldn’t be over 48 hours in that stage.

I guess mine is lost or something


I said I received the notice from the post office, I could pick up my games tomorrow, I can’t wait, I wanted to ask you someone knows this game


So just contact Teespring or the post office then lol


Those look like the Oracle Belline cards. How many cards do you have in your deck? (That would help us out.)


yes , you have the same cards in America, it was just to know, thank you

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tomorrow they give them to me, I can’t wait

The same cards as in the deck you posted in your picture above? No, not really. Those are, I believe, out of print, French cards which aren’t comparable (in terms of the number of cards in the deck and the images on the cards) to the Corpus Spiritus deck you’re about to receive.

Sapien’s Corpus Spiritus deck follows a more traditional Tarot progression (the Tarot de Marseilles order, IIRC). Your pictured deck is different and will not be an apples-to-apples comparison.


I received the decks of cards, but nothing else that could explain to me what an NTF is? I think someone forgot to send it to me or I don’t understand anything, it’s the first time I order an item with ntf
I guess I have nothing to receive and it’s bondly, who takes care of everything
I’m really stupid, I’m going to shave my mustache lol

the game is super beautiful, I’m going to draw the cards for my neighbor
I’m sure it’ll work great lol

the 1 ace of pentacle card is magnificent, it’s the one I prefer, I put it with the master cards, to draw the cards to my neighbor
who wants me to draw the cards?
we could draw the cards between us, to try?

There are a number of conversations about NFTs on this forum, which you can find using the Search tool (that little magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of every page of this forum). Here’s one to get you started:

NFTs aren’t sent to you in your package. They are digital products sent to you electronically. So, it’s likely that your package contained everything it was supposed to contain when you opened it.


thank you, you are very nice, I think I will learn English, fortunately on this site people are nice
'I created a minion with (Energetic Addendum) the tarot deck
I’m going to ask him so that my game becomes magical, and that I can do good things with my cards
Do you think this is a good idea?

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Ok last review from Me tonight…

Uhm, i didnt know under which category i should put this, because its more of a testimony, something im beginning to experiment, not a meaning, or a type of spread etc. Thats why ill post here in case others want to experiment.

Specially because we know this tarot deck its not just about giving us messages, etc.

It is also very magical and can help us, or it allow us to try to change the supposedly outcome the spread is telling us. And we can connect to another card that can counteract so and so effect that is present in our current situation, confirmed by the cards.

Anyway, just try if you like, this has been my experience.

There are 2 ways ive been working with it.

If i feel the message is telling me something is not working or it wont work if i dont change this or that, then i look for a card that represents that thing i need, and connect to it. Have it with me around me, etc for a few hours or a couple of days until i feel the energy shifting and me actually being engored with the energy that i need.

For instance if i get the chariot in reverse (it normally means in the regular tarot, so i just give you an example how you could take advantage of this, that you are all over the place, have lost the north, are acting impulsively, running like a chicken without head etc)

And then the other cards show me what would happen after that chaos if i dont put the car back in an upright position and get a firm grip at the wheel of my life.

Normally tho, if you get a tarot reading its precisely to understand what needs to be done and changed, so ok before this tarot, id just try in other ways to calm the chaos inside. It might work it might not.

Now the beauty of this Tarot is that it gives us the solutions in an energetic form for us to simply infuse ourselves with it and therefore bring that change about quicker and easier. Tah dah 🪄

In this case, id go and find The Temperance for instance which its regular meaning portraits someone collected, calm, in peace, going with the flow at a nice comfortable pace. Like a zen state kind.

And then once i feel that i am actually calmer etc then i go look for maybe the Empress or the Queen of Pentacles, there can be others too, but these 2, can infuse me with their energy of organization, movement but gently, loving, new ways new perspectives, so i can actually continue with my life. And i do the same, connect to them etc.

This is what ive been doing early in the morning not every day but often, when drawing a card to see the energy of the day, so i look for one that can either help me enhance the first one even more if its a good message or that can cut or counteract the effects if i dont like it.

And the second thing ahh its even better. It has worked for me quite good.

Lets take the same example:

Chariot in reverse as explained, normally has a negative connotation, i read the whole spread, feel the vibe, see if there are extra or different messages than the ones the classic meaning tell me etc, and then at the end once ive settled the full message, i then simply turn the reversed cards (if the meaning reversed is negative because there are a few where the reversed card its actually the positive one, like to not go too far… our awesome and super effective Devil in reverse audio we have… its positive and helpful when its in reverse)

The point here is that i turn the cards to the most favorable position :face_with_hand_over_mouth::relieved: and then read it again, with the conviction, full intention of changing the course of that event or reality that was weaving from the future and i simply DONT accept it :woman_shrugging:

While reading them of course the whole meaning changes and the energy shifts, you have then created the reality you want. Period.

I sometimes pull out one last card and ask Corpus Spirit to show me IF regardless theres something i need to work on, so the change from within will ripples farther and deeper, instead of me changing the outcome day after day after day, i dont want that either. Sometimes its like an ok :+1: all good message, sometimes its like yep im glad you asked lol, and so i work on that.

This is a powerful creation tool we have here.

Farther than being able to read the present or the future.

It really is about, ok im bringing you the messages, thats cool, but what are you going to do about that?


Take advantage and propell that good thing showing up in the horizon or change it if you dont like it.

This to me is the real gift of this Tarot Deck.


Wow… that’s amazing! Thank you for sharing :pray:

I’ve only been using it to give me guidance in the presence, yet I had already been deeply impressed with its power. The accuracy is out of this world. I even asked the same question more than once with three cards drawn each time (in singles!) and I kid you not: I got the same three cards again :sparkles:

Of course, there would be other powers to it, but tbh I was already so impressed that I haven’t looked any further just yet. Now this gives a whole new perspective and opens the possibilities. I guess I didn’t have concrete expecations for this deck, but I knew deep down already that it is a must-have and the best deck ever, given all that Captain has created and blessed us with in the past.

Glad I got myself two more decks after all. One for someone special in the future maybe, and another to deposit in a bank safe or something. I’m really considering doing the latter. To me, this is just this precious. And if tax and shipping wasn’t so high, I would buy more even, for more people in my future circle to enjoy this blessing. Thank you Captain for this amazing creation :pray: :sparkling_heart: