Daily Gratitude

I don’t know if this has been done before, I tried to do a cursory search and didn’t find a dedicated thread. If so, mods please feel free to link/combine.

If anybody wants to share 1-3 things (or more!) they’re thankful for today, or your little “Wins” or mini accomplishments that you’re proud of, I think that would be really nice to read.:blush:


Im happy that I seem to have a profound effect on the people in my workplace and am able to help them feel more confident and relaxed in themselves


I’m happy i can eat jelly today hehe. I like small gratitude.


No electricity and thankful that my phone was charging when the power went out.

Thankful that even in the dark and cold i still feel like this was meant to be.

The current book I’m re-reading the power of love by james vaan pragh (got me interested in spiritualilty) reminds me that life always gives you what you can handle.

Edit: yay power back around 15min after posting this.


a great book is The Red Queen by Matt Ridley


Lol… now that makes me want to eat some ice cream… haha


reads this and plays

Opiate and General Addiction Withdrawal Help

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Lol, enjoy a bit of your life… eating some sugar is not addiciton… lighten up man, don’t be the grump :rofl:


ill check it out thank you friend!



literally sat down with a tub of rocky road ice cream and saw this LOL.

:eye: :lips: :eye:


:hugs: :hugs:


I don’t know what I did, but happy for you! Congratulations on the new job! :tada: Don’t forget about us, visit sometimes.:pleading_face:🥲


Oh I understand. A short-term project or gig. Still brings in some income yes? :grin::+1:

Coincidentally, me too! How lucky.:four_leaf_clover::wink: A former client messaged me today. It was such a long time since I did that kind of work, I forgot I even used to do it.:joy: A small amount, but in these times, very welcome. So now I will spend the next few days to practice it again. Thankful for these people who continue to trust me to provide a good service to them.:blush:


I was able to complete a small project yesterday.:tada: I offer sliding scale rates, and the amount I receive is often more than what I might get at a fixed price. Thankful for unexpected generosity from people.

This has happened in other ways too. Like last time I did a bunch of stuff for free for strangers. Then later my shot-in-the-dark application at a full scholarship for an online course got accepted. And through that I met some lovely people. One of them got me into Reiki. And somehow through exploring alternative types of healing, I stumbled across Sapien Medicine. Just feeling really grateful about that right now. It all started with me giving something. Then now everytime Dream releases something amazing, it feels like Christmas. I haven’t gotten any birthday gifts from my family for years. But someone who doesn’t even know me is enriching my life with these amazing creations. Feels great. Thank you so much.


I’m also very grateful to Dream and the team.

Consistency really is the key. My skin is not that bad, but I get breakouts every now and then. I have eczema when it’s too hot/too dry and my skin’s been the clearest in years!

I wake up to beautiful mornings and I have no pain or discomfort in my body. I am sleeping better and so am releasing weight too.

I am also grateful to reconnect with my friend A. If it’s possible to have more than one soulmate, he’s definitely one of them.


I’ve got to be thankful because I know someone lost their life today.


Grateful for people helping each other out every day on the forum.
People don’t realize how rare this is unless they go to other corners of internet (or real life)


i’m grateful for my backyard allowing my dog and i fresh air and a sense of safety outside.


I’m grateful for a formula often used in my language and which basically means “gratitude, thank God”. Everybody I know use it (even those who don’t believe in God or else), it’s a sort of automatism. Like, let’s suppose that your pencil has fallen on the floor, you pick it up and say the formula because the pencil is still intact lol. I’m slightly exaggerating but yes, it’s very common.

The good part is that eventually, it pushes you to feel gratitude for real. Beyond a simple linguistic formula.

And speaking of feeling for real: in the past, I used to say that I was grateful for my mistakes, failures, losses, heartbreaks and tralalala. Mostly for the sake for saying it :p

… but now… I notice that it’s more and more felt inside. Yes, as cheesy as it may sound: I’m grateful for all those disasters which have pushed me to change my road. What if they didn’t ever pop up in my life :scream: lol


just reading this made me feel gratitude and love!

you’ve definitely made me think of things that related to your experiences.

thank you!