Dan Winter thread

Hello, I’ve been trying to read/watch Dan Winter, but his material is a little too difficult to understand without some knowledge in physics or mathematics. Was wondering if anyone else wanted to study Dan Winter together and break his knowledge down into simpler and more digestible explanations.

His site:



Thanks for the links!

I would also like to understand his ideas and concepts better.

So far the testimonials gave me enough insight to recognize some results with plasma light and plasma flower.

Negentropy is quite a fascinating idea for me as i wanted its effects for the longest time but it was never a complete idea in my mind until the plasma light thread was created.


His articles are pretty challenging to read, but his powerpoint slides were just… a “tad bit” easier to read and digest:


After taking a look at his website I know why people don’t know how objects fall to the ground…
I too still don’t know lol.


Theres a video of his associate having a presentation i found him a little more understandable.
Here it is. I only understood the concept of negentropy after I watched this .


I totally agree most of Dan Winters papers are pretty hard to understand. Below is a video that I enjoyed watching and came away feeling that I may have grasped and understood a little of what he was telling us. The interviewer asks some great questions and Dan acknowledges this and compliments him at the end of the interview


Ah, I had a sneak peak at the video, Dan has such a great vibe haha.

The little piece I watched is that Plasma is alive, and your should treat it as a living loving entity?


Thanks, @Jennyfire for sharing, great interview!



If Dan Winter is such a genius, then why is he didactically and pedagogically so bad (or inefficient) at layouting and presenting his information?

  • Website formating from 1999.
  • Using many many different fonts and font colors.
  • Not leaving any blank space between content.
  • No real guiding thread through the website.
  • Etc.

Shouldn’t he at least get someone from his inner support team to help him with presenting information in a way so that most people are inspired to pay attention to it?


Source: http://www.fractalfield.com/


You can be a genius and still be unorganized lol

I will say though, every time I’ve come across his work, i never try reading because of how extreme the information is presented lol, i get lazy

And at the same, it’s organized so crazy, that i appreciate it lol it looks like a genius just streamed his thoughts all over a document


We actually have a word for that in German: “Fachidiot”

It means someone is a total expert in one particular field, but is totally helpless in all the others.

Where I would then say, that the person is not a genius because a genius would be clever enough to get organized :thinking:

And if the genius can organize the thoughts in his head, but can’t make the translation from his thoughts to a proper presentation on paper, then his genius ends in his own head? :thinking:


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Yeah, I mean haven’t you seen movies? :wink:

It’s a common stereotype, the genius who has absolutely no sense of physical organization

The offices are always a disaster

But in their chosen field, they’re remarkable