Depression relapse after listening to audios

I am currently on Anti depressants and anti anxiety which are under control with medication.
A week back (m new to d field) I made the below stack and it has badly triggered my depression.It left me feeling hopeless helpless trapped and anxious.
Did one of the audio trigger a relapse?I seemed to be doing fine before I started listening.
My stack
Become whole
Childlike wonder
Disconnect from negative energy in your life
Ego dissolution
Emotional release
Energy blockage removal
Etheric cords
Forgiveness and release
Gratitude and abundance
Higher self connection
Jing restoration
Love gratitude appreciation
Raise positivity
Raise vibrational state
Can someone look at my stack and help me find d culprit which triggered my depression.
I was also wondering if this is a part of clearing out my negative energy and I will feel fine in a month?
Does clearing out takes up to a low state before it lifts us to a high vibe state.
I want to go back to feeling peaceful happy and centered.


Well for starters I don’t see grounding anywhere. Do more automated grounding or Schumann resonance.

It’s hard to comment on the depression aspect as it can be triggered by so many things (like how mine randomly triggers by certain foods alone). There are the depression audios so you might want to try those.

I’d recommend these instead - all purpose anti anxiety, amygdala healing (fear release), mental health album, Ojas, devil (in reverse) tarot, if you can purchase then - My Personal Emotional and Mental support.

Did you do anything different lately that could have led to this issue? Or you could simply be burned out from too many audios.


All those energy release audios will bring years of negativity back to the surface to eject them from your system. You’ll feel worse before you feel better.

It might also be too much if you’re not used to loving yourself and being joyful. It’s a lot, releasing, adding and raising your vibration. Dissolving your ego in an aggressive manner might even push it too far and it will fight back. Go easy. Like @Vesparda said, use grounding and I would add nullify planetary effects and LOSS AND GRIEF HELP. IMO, depression and loneliness are linked most of the time. I would try it first, might solve everything, if it doesn’t try the rest.

You can chose to force it, push through, but if you’re feeling too low because of it, it’s a circle. Trashing your mental health by scrapping it clean.


Too many fields to listen to? Just my doubt


Yea like Philip has mentioned, especially with the removal of “negativity” which we all seem to be led to believe is the “cause of” all our issues.

Actually I don’t know how to explain it in words but a good amount of us even try to want to shift blame to negativity itself instead of reflecting if we’ve been the ones who have been avoiding the acceptance that negative situations will happen. Or we simply overreact and reinforce that everything going on around us is simply negative.

But then even I don’t really understand why I wrote the paragrah above but know this - if you’re going to remove something, you have to fill it back in with something else, or it’s just going to randomly fill back with possibly, more negativity.

Which is also why lately I feel changing the mindset becomes important, of course it is hard if everything in the environment reflects negativity itself, so disconnecting and removing those stimulations (like news) will help regardless.

Ego also enjoys justifying itself that it is right, and can bring along those feelings of not being worthy or valid, and quite strongly even.

Also can’t believe that I forgot about the nullify planetary one, I even have the tag, as I’m sensitive to the daily changing energies. That one is highly recommended especially listen to it after you wake up.


Well my life situation does trigger my depression and anxiety from time to time but I don’t have any situational trigger since a week

That’s wat I felt that yrs of negativity is coming to d surface.I hope I will feel lighter after a month.I don’t mind living with feelings if I can eject them out of me for good.Tired of living with the traumatic memories since yrs.
Wanna get it out and live lighter here onwards.


Keep in mind that anytime you can go back to the “loser vibe” and those old traumatic events will get their power back.

You need to replace them with good and keep balanced. That’s the “hard” part.

Good luck :+1:


Do we really need to listen to d negative removal ones.
Can we just listen to just d high vibe audios so we can replace d darkness with light.
Can I just forget about negative removal and just focus on staying in a high vibe till it become a part of my DNA

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« Tous les chemins mènent à Rome »

One way or another you’ll get better, if something is not in place you’ll keep running to the same issues until you realize the problem and fix it.

It’s a journey, don’t worry too much, listen to what makes you feel good. It will take some time and maturing on your part either way.


Simple stack:

Energy Blockage Removal
Exorcism (2-3 times)

Ego Dissolution
Subconscious Limits Removal
Amygdala Healing (1-2 times)
Anxiety Removal
Depression Relief (2-3 times)
Love Gratitude Appreciation
Internal Alchemical Crucible (1-2 times)


probably exorcism and ego dissolution, but experiment tho
and I guess too many audios might overwhelm your system too


Yes you actually need to be very courageous to go through this journey…

The fields may let years of negativity resurface and you need to face them once more, respect their presence and let them go gracefully.

Go easy, but go. It’s necessary.

You are a hero


Is der anything in particular I need to do.I realised it bought a lot of things to my attention…things dat I was not willing to face.The truth of certain situations.Maybe having to face it actually felt depresssing.

Yes that’s why depression can be such a viscous cycle.

The most important thing you can do is understand how the mind works until you realize that it can work against you or be your bestest friend.

There’s no need to work through every unpleasant feeling, you just need to reach a tipping point.

Individually it depends… Can you identify what causes this? Or what caused it at first?

Aside from that you need to be gentle with yourself, not beating yourself up but lifting yourself up.


I do have certain life situations that are a source of depression and anxiety but I seemed to be doing well thanks to my meds till I started listening to d audio.
Hence I was confused.Having said that d audios bought me a lot of insights about some steps I need to take in life to bring about a complete turnaround.
Though I can bring a better turnaround from a place of peace than depression and anxiety.

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Well you need to listen
Only 4 fields
Hope & Happiness
The Unbreakable

& Love, gratitude, appreciation


If you are willing to open up about it, i recommend here. The people on this forum are all eager to help imo.

And yes i think meds numb the pain while the fields bring them to your attention

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In addition to the other suggestions here, the “Clear All Negative Energy and Entity Removal” field on Patreon is a real gem. That alone can sometimes lift you out of a funk quickly.


Added dat to my stack

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