DHEA Boost

DHEA Boost

The frequencies encoded along with the Morphic/energetic programming in this video will cause you body to increase its DHEA levels. All natural and cost free. You can look at it as often as you wish for faster results.

(recommended twice daily)

Quite potent so be careful with your use.


Thanks for posting, you reminded me about this one. This is one of the audios that is not available on Patreon.


I also made a second post in this thread here, it says “Awaiting Approval”… not sure why that is?

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Oh ok, did you post a link or use uncommon language? Might have to be approved by the mods.

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This audio also requires one to log in to their YouTube account, strange.

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That is why it was forgotten by many for a long time…

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Created a thread for this long forgotten field for anti-aging and other multiple purposes.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a major blood hormone (steroid), so do not overuse and stick to the recommended amount of loops.

Field is pretty powerful as it has already grown for over 8 years.

DHEA is also a precursor for testosterone, DHT and other stuff.

The World Anti-Doping Agency classes DHEA as a banned substance in sports.

Further info:


This field can be well accompanied with these fields in your stack:


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This is probably part of the reason why you have to log into your YouTube account to listen to it. YouTube probably wants to make sure that only adults (18+) listen to this field because “DHEA” probably trips one of YouTube’s flags. :man_shrugging:

why they ban, it means, that they know that sapien medicine works, they should talk about it on TV, so that people suffer less


Welcome to the modern world.

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Interesting and powerful info on dhea

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From Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence: New Release

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I’ll left this here because i noticed DHEA morphic field/hormone is so underrated and seems like he is the key hormone for youth,muscle growth,libido etc…

Btw. All bodybuilders from this forum will tremendeously boost their progress with Mr. Leroy advices (I think already many of you knows who he was :slight_smile: )


Is there any chance, this gem of a field could be added to patreon please?

The YouTube version is marked as 18+ and can only be accessed when signed it with a confirmed adult YouTube/Google account.


Funny thing, youtube dhea audio is marked as 18+ and real substance is legal for anyone hahah

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ChatGPT: DHEA stands for dehydro-epiandrosterone. It is a hormone naturally produced in the adrenal glands and converted into other hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. DHEA plays important roles in the body, including regulating immune function, reducing inflammation, improving energy and mood, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and promoting healthy sexual function. DHEA levels decline as we age, which can contribute to a number of aging-related conditions. DHEA supplements are sometimes used to offset this decline and potentially promote health and well-being.

There are several potential benefits of optimal DHEA levels in the body, including:

  1. Anti-aging effects: DHEA levels decline as we age, and supplementing with DHEA has been shown to improve skin health, reduce the risk of age-related diseases, and improve overall well-being.

  2. Hormone balance: DHEA is a precursor to testosterone and estrogen, and supplementing with DHEA may help balance hormone levels in individuals with hormonal imbalances or deficiencies.

  3. Improved bone density: DHEA may help improve bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, particularly in postmenopausal women.

  4. Improved cognitive function: DHEA may help improve cognitive function, particularly in individuals with age-related cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease.

  5. Reduced risk of depression: DHEA may help reduce the risk of depression and improve mood, potentially by regulating serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.

  6. Improved athletic performance: DHEA has been shown to improve muscle strength and endurance, making it a popular supplement among athletes.

  7. Reduced inflammation: DHEA has anti-inflammatory effects and may help reduce inflammation throughout the body, which can contribute to a variety of health conditions.

  8. Improved insulin sensitivity: DHEA has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, potentially reducing the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  9. Reduced risk of heart disease: DHEA may help reduce the risk of heart disease by improving cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation, and improving blood vessel function.

  10. Reduced risk of cancer: Some studies have shown that DHEA may have anti-cancer effects, potentially by inhibiting tumor growth and reducing inflammation.

  11. Improved sexual function: DHEA has been shown to improve sexual function in both men and women, potentially by increasing testosterone and estrogen levels.

  12. Improved immune function: DHEA may help improve immune function, potentially by increasing the production of white blood cells and reducing inflammation.

  13. Improved fertility: DHEA may help improve fertility in both men and women, potentially by improving hormone balance and increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs.

  14. Reduced symptoms of adrenal fatigue: DHEA supplementation may help reduce the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, a condition characterized by exhaustion, stress, and hormonal imbalances.

  15. Improved overall quality of life: DHEA supplementation has been shown to improve overall quality of life, potentially by reducing symptoms of aging, improving mood, and increasing energy levels.

  16. Reduced symptoms of menopause: DHEA may help reduce symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness, by improving hormone balance.

  17. Reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety: DHEA has been shown to have mood-boosting effects and may help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  18. Improved sleep: DHEA may help improve sleep quality, potentially by regulating hormone levels and reducing stress.

  19. Improved skin health: DHEA may help improve skin health by increasing collagen production and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  20. Improved metabolism: DHEA may help improve metabolism and aid in weight loss by increasing energy expenditure and reducing appetite.

  21. Improved liver function: DHEA may help improve liver function and reduce the risk of liver disease, potentially by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

  22. Improved memory and cognition: DHEA has been shown to improve memory and cognition in healthy adults, potentially by increasing blood flow to the brain and improving neurotransmitter function.

  23. Reduced symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome: DHEA supplementation may help reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition characterized by extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

  24. Reduced symptoms of fibromyalgia: DHEA may help reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by widespread pain and fatigue.

While DHEA is generally considered safe when used in appropriate doses, taking too much DHEA can have negative side effects. Here are some of the potential risks associated with excessive DHEA intake:

  1. Hormone imbalance: DHEA is a precursor to sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Taking too much DHEA can cause an imbalance in these hormones, which can lead to side effects like acne, hair loss, and changes in mood and sex drive.
  2. Liver damage: Some studies have suggested that high doses of DHEA can cause liver damage in certain individuals, particularly those with pre-existing liver conditions.
  3. Increased risk of cancer: There is some evidence to suggest that high levels of DHEA may be associated with an increased risk of certain types of cancer, including breast and prostate cancer.
  4. Insulin resistance: Taking too much DHEA may increase the risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, particularly in individuals with pre-existing metabolic conditions.
  5. Cardiovascular disease: Some studies have suggested that high levels of DHEA may be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, although more research is needed to fully understand this association.
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This is truly a forgotten gem. I’d love to extensively test it but I’m currently using kisspeptin. Do you think using both could be overkill?

I use both and feel fine.