Discussing reincarnation

I think the vast majority of the people on this forum believe in some form of an afterlife, and I want to talk specifically about reincarnation, what is the process of reincarnation? If reincarnation is true, why is there an increasing population of humans? What is ascension, do you go to another realm after death when you “ascend”, if so, to where?


If you think about it, This question has an implicit assumption that all souls that exist are reincarnated on Earth.
It’s sort of a backward (and wrong) logic to question reincarnation.

If you assume only a fraction of souls that exist are incarnated on Earth at any given time, the question is not really legit anymore.

You should search for this, I remember some in depth discussions on the forum about this ;)

And this as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I admit it’s wrong, just ignore it.

This is why I asked about the process of reincarnation, does a human reincarnate on earth in one lifetime and then at some point reincarnates in another planet? Do dogs incarnate then reincarnate as humans in the next lifetime and then afterwards reincarnate as a cat? This is a wide question that it seems like no one really has answers, even the people who get the answers, where do they get it from?


There is always revelations. Actually the long revolution is way longer than you think. We as human is already passed that long process of revolution. The smallest part is from ( crystal form) yes that is form of revolution of souls to animals and tree and then humans. To angel and alien. And so on. That will goes on forever.


Whatever we would write you, this would be the question.

The only way the true answer can be discovered is through experience and spiritual awakening, imo.
Otherwise you can learn everything possible about ascension and different religions, teachings etc. and see what thought of schools there are. And maybe you will be drawn to one and believe it.

But you will not have an ultimate truth that can be proven on the level of pure logic.
There will never be an answer to the question “but how do you know for sure?” That people expecting a mathematical proof will accept 🤷
So people who have some opinion or intuition based on experience rarely will start explaining it.


Imo yes.

In the book the law of one, the entity channelled talks about densities (which people wrongly refer to as ‘dimensions’ when they describe spiritual evolution).

I think first density is seemingly inanimate things, in that density there is no sense of time.
Second density is animals, basically
Humans are third density
Fourth density is one higher (where you can reincarnate to after having learnt the lessons of third density).
(It goes up to higher densities, until the source)


MonkeyOwl, I aswell lean to the teachings of the law of one but the reason I asked this question is because I wanted to know other people’s thoughts.

I’m fascinated by the similarities between the Law of one, Quran and the Bible.

The law of one talks about, in its own version, judgement day, the seven dimensions/densities (yes they can be called dimensions idk why you see that as wrong) which are mentioned in the Quran (possible interpretation), the law of one’s own planetary version of heaven and hell, another thing that people don’t know is that the Quran says that god breathed his soul into inanimate substances and they became living, it’s as if it’s being said that god is us (similar to the law of one), the Quran also hints reincarnation yet people aren’t sure about it, it says in a verse “I (god) made you alive, then I made you dead, then I made you alive, then you return to me” if you do the mental gymnastics, it’s similar to returning to source/god as you mentioned when advancing the densities.

There are also scientific facts and historic facts which were impossible to uncover during that time in the place that the prophet Muhammad lived in, in the Quran that were long ago unknown and were discovered recently, proving that the Quran is not a mediocre book that was possible to write back then. The Quran says that the torah, bible and Quran are connected and I believe that. (Also you must know that the quran is interpreted, the prophet didn’t try to make people understand it, maybe it’s the same for the other books I’m not sure). The dogmas of understanding like mainstream Islam, Christianity and Judaism were really created by the people themselves, because they are interpreted (I’m not sure about bible and Torah, but the Quran I know that 100%). So it’s really not god’s words as the people like to put it, it’s the people’s own understanding of God’s words. (The majority of the Quran is not understood, it would be an error to say that it’s right or wrong).
The connections between these books is why I lean towards the law of one.

On a side note: My creative hunch is that as time goes on and the dogmas of understanding perish people will come to understand Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as true, but in a much different way than it is understood now.


I have a theory about what you’re saying that relates to egregores, aliens, and their hidden/secret knowledge, but I absolutely digress :sweat_smile:


The following is my personal current understanding:

  • Reincarnation is a scientifically proven fact. Just go to Amazon and see how many books there are or try Astral Travel.

  • Reincarnation happens voluntarily for most.

  • Time does not exist and your Higher Self usually incarnates at the same time into all the different ages, cultures and genders. Your incarnational consciousness is only one tiny fragment of your whole Higher Self. E.g. you could be incarnated with 2 bodies in Atlantis, with 1 in the Stone Age, with 15 in the 22nd Century, with 35 in the 34th Century etc.

  • When most incarnations on earth are finished all fragments are pulled back into the Higher Self and then the Higher Self (on “Monroe Level 35”) can decide to go to different adventurea beyond the earth game.

  • Human bodies that none of the Higher Selves wants to incarnate into, are filled with animal conciousness from Gaia (these people then have only the desire to meet their basic survival and reproduction needs but nothing beyond = only following the human DNA program and reptile brain).

  • Most direct “Guardian Angels” who are there with us throughout most of our incarnational lives are usually our “Other Selves” which the Higher Self sends as guides and helpers for us and who are currently not incarnated. The Higher Self knows best how to help himself/herself more than most other entities. This is also outlined and explained in Robert Monroe’s books where he learns that his astral guide is another self-fragment of his own Higher Self. So it is really us helping out ourselves in most cases :wink:

  • So in a sense, since time does not exists, all of your Higher Selves’ incarnations are incarnated at the same time and are also not incarnated but are active on the astral plane.

  • And if the “Guardian Angel” is not one of our other selves, it often is at least someone from the same Soul Family (a small group of Higher Selves friends) or Soul Monad (a larger group of Higher Selves friends).
    When I mean “Other Selves” then these actually are your other incarnations which do happen right now at this very moment in parallel (since time is an illusion) and these incarnations have real own identities and personalities, just like you have here on earth right now.

  • For the Higher Self it is impossible to experience everything on the earth playground with just one single “personality setup”, so every incarnation (from the many thousands that your Higher Self has) is different in order collect maximum amount of experiences and perspectives. For each incarnation the Higher Self defines a set of personality traits etc. (just like when it chooses the time, the country, the parents for the incarnation).
    Since time is an illusion that we only experience on physical plane, literally all your incarnations happen at the same time and also at the same time are already done with the incarnations. That’s how your other selves (from different earth times) can help you out with their experience right now – because they already finished their incarnations.
    And vice-versa, when you sleep at night, a part of your consciousness helps out your other selves with the experience that you are collecting here right now on 21st Century earth. It think it is easy to understand when you forget the concept of linear time and just imagine that everything takes place at the same time…

  • So, then when you decide to “reincarnate”, or more correctly you are already incarnated in parallel", you are a different person and personality. You have still your personal perspective as this is what defines you as a soul and fragment of your own Higher Self, but you are experiencing this other incarnation through totally different lenses.

  • Most of these concepts are perfectly outlined in the highly esoteric book “Matrix V Gold” by Val Valerian (who is the publisher for the anonymous author). I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand this topic beyond the linear time line (which makes no sense anyways). The book starts where Robert Monroe’s and William Buhlmann’s most advanced stuff ends.

  • When this incarnation for you personally ends, you can decide to reincarnate and/or what is much more likely, will discover that you already are but were not yet aware of this. To explain it in the most simple way, when you personally are through with all your incarnations, you will have come to all the insights, wisdom and experience that the Higher Self already has (because the Higher Self is “You who has finished the whole game”, plus much more).


One soul can be split into multiple simultaneous incarnations, and the system will create as many souls as necessary.

Human population growth can also accommodate spirits previously incarnated as animal or front beyond earth.

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excuse me for asking like this jaaj

where do you find all of these things?I have librarian knowledge mostly on how to find informations that are by approved sources and legit and nothing at all you post-say are true. Are all those things you posting only based in belief or there is somewhere I can find myself and experiment with all those knowledge to see myself?

I have quoted many sources in many of my other posts related to these topics. My profile is public for a reason.

I think you are completely off track, but believe whatever you want and good luck with your own “approved” sources.

I have quoted many sources in many of my other posts related to these topics.
My profile is public for a reason.

For the start I would say that you need to read at least 20 books on OBE’s and NDE’s and watch hundred’s of hours of YouTube videos.
Yes, this may take you years.
And it will still not be enough, you will also need to learn on how to PROPERLY discern information and listen to your own inner guidance on what is true.

And don’t forget to purchase Conceptual Realizations field.

yeah my point is

what have you done with those what’s your achievements.

I say approved because they are only articles to read nevertheless I know in what forum I am right now, literally not FDA approved.

anyways what’s your all achievements with this knowledge.An experience will suffice for my belief, you don’t have to prove anything at all though. Don’t have any ill intentions.

Why don’t you start with a specific point and question that? It’s hard to address “I disagree with your worldview pls defend it”.


I don’t disagree I want something to learn

Psychedelics, meditation, chill EDM tracks like Love Graviton Wave and Presence of Metatron. :smiley:

My Big T.O.E. By Thomas Campbell


Yall gotta read these stories

Fascinating stuff lol I wonder if I ever said some of these stuff when I was younger

(Make sure it’s sorted by “Best”)

If a soul reincarnates into almost the same physical time and age AND remembers their previous incarnational experience, then this could be an indicator that there is some really urgent business remaining for that soul to do and that is connected to that particular time frame and/or families involved.

It is like taking a long-term flight (incarnation), but then upon arrival at the destination airport (astral plane) deciding to jump back onto another plane (new incarnation) that flies through the same territory (time and age) and has some of the same pessangers on board with you from the previous plane.
And all of this happening with an urgency, so that some of the memories from the previous flight are still there.