Elemental Mastery Collection

Elemental Mastery Collection

Unlock Your Potential Through the Elements

This bundle is a comprehensive guide to self-improvement, tailored for daily life. Using the four elements as a framework, each audio tackles key aspects of your well-being—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The Elemental Pranayama audio serves as a catalyst, enhancing the benefits when listened to in conjunction with the other tracks.

[ Each track is also sold separately and you can get a more detailed description for each field when you click on each link ]

The Elemental Mastery Collection includes:

  1. Elemental Pranayama: Breath of the 4 Elements

This is a guided visual and auditory experience that invites you to breathe along to the essence of the 4 elements. Seamlessly combining Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, it realigns the elemental forces within you. The breathwork is powerful on its own but when combined with the essence of the 4 elements, the result is unparalleled focus, explosive energy, emotional equilibrium, and resilient mental health. With the power of all four elements in harmony, there’s nothing you can’t tackle. For more details, click the link above.

  1. Water Mastery: Tides of Tranquility

Flow with Life: Transform emotional turbulence into a serene flow. Elevate your emotional intelligence and adaptability to respond to life’s challenges with grace.


  • Emotional Balance: Helps restore emotional equilibrium, leveling out mood swings and promoting
    mental calm.
  • Fluid Thinking: Encourages adaptability and problem-solving skills.
  • Heart Opener: Enhances the listener’s capacity for love, empathy, and emotional connection.
  • Healing Rains: Boosts psychological recovery and resilience.
  • Purging the Polluted: Aids in clearing and reintegrating negative or built-up emotions.
  • Intuitive Empathy: Increases the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.
  • Calm Amidst Chaos: Instills a sense of peace even in tense situations.
  • Lunar Influence: Aligns with natural rhythms, aiding in sleep and relaxation.
  • Energies: Water Elemental Energy
  1. Fire Mastery: Flames of Fortitude

Fuel Your Fire: Rekindle your inner fire and live with intention. Banish self-doubt and tackle life’s challenges head-on with renewed passion and courage.


Ignition of Passion: The listener will feel a burning passion for projects or relationships they are currently involved in.

  • Burning Away Fear: Helps in eradicating irrational fears and anxieties, enabling a more daring
    -approach to life.
  • Creative Inferno: Unlocks a burst of creativity and original thinking.
  • Heat of Confidence: Instills a sense of self-assurance and assertiveness.
  • Purification: Burns away ‘emotional impurities,’ such as negativity and toxic influences from one’s life.
  • Fiery Motivation: Instills an intense drive to achieve goals.
  • Combustive Energy: Heightens physical energy.
  • Leader’s Charisma: Increases persuasive abilities and leadership qualities.
  • Energies: Fire Elemental Energy
  1. Air Mastery: Winds of Wisdom

Elevate Your Mind: Elevate your mindset and see the bigger picture. Improve communication and foster innovative thinking, helping you to soar above daily struggles.


  • Mental Clarity: Clears mental fog, helping the individual make well-informed decisions.
  • Freedom of Expression: Promotes better communication and openness in interpersonal relationships.
  • Intellectual Flight: Enhances critical thinking skills, allowing for higher-order reasoning.
  • Breath of Fresh Ideas: Stimulates innovative thinking and ideation.
  • Spiritual Upliftment: Provides a sense of spiritual connection or transcendence, helping the individual - Feel lighter and more in tune with their inner self.
  • Ideal Usage: When someone needs to think clearly, communicate effectively, or seek spiritual enlightenment.
  • Sonic Speed: Increases the rate of information processing.
  • Bird’s Eye View: Enhances the ability to see the big picture.
  • Celestial Connection: Increases awareness of interconnectedness with the universe.
  • Energies: Air Elemental Energy
  1. Earth Mastery: Roots of Resilience

Steady Your World: Navigate life’s ups and downs from a place of groundedness. Whether it’s sharpening your focus or boosting your physical stamina, this audio is your anchor against life’s uncertainties.


  • Grounded Mind: The listener will find their thoughts settling, becoming less scattered. They can focus
    better and feel mentally stable.
  • Physical Vitality: A sense of physical well-being and stamina fills the person, making them feel like
    they can tackle physical challenges more efficiently.
  • Material Mindfulness: Increased awareness and thoughtful management of material possessions,
    leading to financial stability.
  • Stress Buffering: A natural resistance to stress and overwhelm, allowing for better coping mechanisms.
  • Environmental Connection: An enhanced sense of connection to the Earth and the natural world,
    which may inspire eco-conscious behavior.
  • Intuitive Wisdom: A stronger connection to gut instincts.
  • Unyielding Endurance: Increases resistance to physical and mental fatigue.
  • Community Roots: Strengthens bonds with friends and community, increasing teamwork abilities.
  • Energies: Schumann Resonance and Earth Elemental Energy


The five elements are key to cleansing, refinement and mastery over the inner and outer worlds. Thanks Dream and Sammy-san :pray:


Just wondering are these created by dream or by a third party vendor?

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This Looks Like an Amazing Collection and the Images Are :fire:.

Thank You, Sammy and Captain for Offering These Creations (Your Hard Work Leads to Excellent Results/Creations).


The earth mastery subfields are the same as the water mastery @SammyG

both on here and on the enlightenedstates website


Fixed! Thanks friend.


Very excited to try these. First thought was these are “Immortality templates” :laughing:


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Perhaps an Enlightened States issue from the server side (another update: it is)

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In my astrology natal chart, I have less fire element, does that mean I should work with fire first?

About Elemental Pranayama: Breath of the 4 Elements, Is this some kind of hypnotic audio with voice guidance?


It’s finally out, congratulations! :partying_face:
The visuals on the recent zoom chat were beautiful, reading more about these makes it even more exciting.