End of the world?

There was a woman called Baba Vanga who supposedly predicted alot of things, like 9/11 , Obama etc. Now there are people who say they were close with her, and she supposedly said that 2020 is the year mother nature will destroy mankind, because we treated her bad.

Personally I think the Corona virus is a business move, fully controlled by the elite, but curious to know maybe there are some mystics here who know otherwise? Lets discuss the apocalypse ;DD


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Party over, it’s out of time :musical_note:

Quarantine and rave :smiley:

Cause a virus can’t stop us from having fun lol !!

I believe it is a full ‘reset’ of sorts and many people have seen that it will be a great split or divide where those operating in the low frequencies ( cabal, elite , etc) will perhaps be on a different timeline from those who operate on a higher level, service to others, timeline… that’s what I ultimately see😊


I don’t think this is staged or controlled by anybody, simply because a virus is very very hard to control as you can see. What I do think and what is obvious is that there are people and organizations trying to take advantage of the situation and ofc pharma will profit big time, but that’s just what they always do. I don’t think they planned this.

On a larger scale, I feel like this is why everyone in 2019 thought 2020 will be the year of transformation. Well, here it is. It’s just that it isn’t about just a few people’s individual transformation, but for mankind as a whole. This crisis is the lesson we have avoided for century and millennia and now we are forced to learn and our planet will never be the same again. Just think: Around 8 billion people get the opportunity to stay at home for maybe 30 or 50 days and really contemplate their life and what is important to them.

This is the crises we needed to wake up and evolve as a species. It’s just sad it had to happen this way.


Don’t despair, just be ready, for all things change.

The wheel turns for all.


She predicted that two terrible things would happen in 2020, the one would be on 22.02.2020 the second on 22.12.2020.

About Baba Vanga: As far as I’m concerned she didn’t say the world is going to end, I remember her saying that mankind will have contact with extraterrestials in 3000 or something. So I guess we will be fine.


age of aqaurius entering in 3 2 1, from 3d to 5d dimension, also many evil people being arrested ( the celebirty royal etc people who supposedely got the corona) yeah right, alot of soldiers came out of airplanes near my place without masks? stay home? no, i go to the forrest i dont avoid nobody eventhough many people go 3 meters around xD, a virus more dangerous is the black box in the living room and the result out of it which is fear. It will go away as it came, and the vaccinations will be $$$, maybe some nano-technology in the vaccines as well? Problem Reaction Solution story.
If you vibrate highly, not even azrail can come close. Also, what happened to the 3000 people everyday that die of tubercolosis, or the many more which die of the flue? That all the sudden is not important xD, what happened with the Greece border, all the sudden on the news its just kuronja kuronja kuronja, just my 2cents :)


i would like to share this video with ya guys of prediction of the coronavirus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZyNhpqMIHY


You guys might want to get your EMF protection in place. https://www.bitchute.com/video/H4W7FwBy0Ukh/
This is a David Icke interview deleted from Youtube and Vimeo. Recorded by London Real 1 day ago.

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Yeah, saw that too yesterday. Very interesting. While I think Icke is wrong about some of the things he says, there are other parts that are (publically known) true. True enough to be cautious.
I personally think the virus was created by nature but is of course used by corresponding forces who… don’t really like us. The best part of the interview is when he says that fear is their means of controlling people and there is nothing to fear for the world is just a tiny tiny fraction of all there is.
This was really powerful.

This showed up in my recommended videos weeks ago…

I watched it because he posted it. When the kid talks about the 2 planets having a conjunction I immediately thought “OK he just got lucky with that pandemic prediction because this conjunction probably happens all the time with no pandemic”. So I looked it up and it only happens once every 800 years. Not cool.

Can you give short summary of that video?:)

And also on that long video, short summary please?

Icke sometimes has some points, but most of it is very similar to Abrahamic dogma.

The good ol’ victim mentality, new age “5D” noobs also think similarly.

This world belongs to US.
You incarnated here to experience and ENJOY the physical.
So the whole “abandon the world to be spiritual” is a lie.

I don’t wanna say too much cuz I’ll get anti-semetic as fk, so go figure. Do research people, we are Gods here, it is your divine right to live in prosperity and enjoy the world as much as the next person.

Dream has a new higher self audio, I urge all my brothers and sisters here to use it daily, I got some freaky revelations about this whole scenario, and it’s good news :slight_smile: