Entity/Deity Thread

Hey man,

I’ve been seeing some of your posts on deities and other entities for a while now and was wondering if you could do a favour for me?

You see I’m really interested in the Hindu deity, Hanuman (due to my Hindu background) and was wondering if you could invoke him/have a conversation with him and tell me what you think of him and what his personality is like.

I’m a complete beginner at this stuff and as of yet, have never lucid dreamed/astral projected or any of that stuff.


Sup bob, I wish I could but im kinda working with Michael and the angels on some “physical life” stuff.

Im very close to lucid dreaming, I’ll have some “freedom” there and I’ll invoke him in the future.

Hindu deities overall are pretty cool, but ofcourse this isnt medieval ages anymore, instead of worshipping them, treat them as equals, are you not a god after all aswell?


Thanks man! Yeah it sounds pretty cool to be able to conversate with him as an equal. Truth be told, at the moment I’m a 20 year old uni student so I’m a lot more focussed on my physical life (confidence, strength, girls all that stuff). But I’ve got my eye on the spiritual stuff in the future. But yeah, whenever you have the time, please do talk to him and tell me what he’s like. There’s no hurry!

Heh, im the opposite.

Put my main focus on spiritual things the past few years, neglecting physical “goals”.

Yeah, im gonna do alot of invocations in the future trough lucid dreaming, might even start a
“deity/entity Q&A” here, would be fun ;D

But Mike’s not having any of that in daytime, gotta crush dem physical goals first.

Should be pretty easy with archangel juice ;D

(And intercession, I love that part of the mandala, soooo underrated!)


Haha sounds good. I did have a religion phase in my teenage years, where I obsessively studied Islam, a bit of Christianity and a teeny bit of Hinduism (despite Hinduism being my native religion). And I’m curious to know your views on the monothestic God of Abraham (Allah/Jehovah). From a Hindu perspective, he sounds like a pretty angry and jealous guy (unlike the deities I’m familiar with) and I’m wondering why on earth, a being like Michael would collaborate with him (like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah).

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God of abraham is yahweh/Enlil.
A sneaky alien bastard, stay away.

Although “allah” means god in arabic, there is an actual entity that picked up that name.

Its a moon god, believe it or not its feminine lol, but its not always when you say allah that you reach it, islam is a bit tricky to decipher.

Jehova…Dont know. His name feels “good” actually, like it has peaceful energy, but who cares anyway, plenty of other beings to work with.

As for Michael, although a warrior, he doesnt obey yahweh, at all.

You can use his Mandala from sapiens instagram to get a taste of his energy, definitely not what the bible says he is.


Ah right. That sounds very interesting. Yeah convincing your devotee (abraham) to sacrifice their son or starving them (Prophet Job) are pretty crappy things to do lol.

Regarding Islam, any thoughts on Prophet Muhammad and his nephew Ali? I’ve got a Shia friend and from what he says, the twelve shia imams (the first being Imam Ali) were very clairvoyant and psychic themselves. Sorry if this is out of your scope haha.

On the whole, out of the abrahamic religions, Islam tends to intrigue me more due to its better preservation of the religious and historical texts and chains of narration and all that stuff.

Here’s some wisdom from @_OM regarding abraham etc.

As for muhammad etc, I have no clue.

I was raised orthodox christian, so I never cared about islam or judaism.

Now I care even less ofcourse, but there is some wisdom you can learn from all 3.


That sounds like the ‘God’ character in the bible was actually being played by Enlil, Enki and a bunch of other beings leading to his extremely inconsistent personality in the Bible (or at least the Old Testament). Damn this makes me pity all those prophets haha.


“Prophets”. Pshh please…

If only you knew the god-like magicians in medieval times and before…

They were the actual gangstas then, but ofcourse they didnt expose themselves too much and just enjoyed being a god while everyone else was serving an alien agenda.

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I see. So I’m guessing these “Prophets” were just gullible people who were taken for a ride and made fools by these aliens who were trying to have a laugh.

God-like magicians from medieval ages. Sounds very cool. Would Merlin (King Arthur’s assistant) be included in this category?

Also, I’ve seen your posts about Yeshua (not gonna say his other name) and he sounds pretty cool as well. I’m guessing he was trying to slowly veer his community (who worshipped Yahweh) towards true spirituality then, through Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, Peter and the others. Am I correct in assuming this?

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Probably, @_OM is the expert on that topic, you’ll have to ask him.

More powerful. In that version of earth plenty of “gods” would incarnate and have fun.

Yeshua’s timeline is very tricky. Almost like its being guarded against time travellers.

Yeshua himself is dope, imagine him like this chill yogi who happens to be a ridiculously powerful sorcerer, trying to enlighten the morons around him.

Not sure about the rest of the bible characters, as I said, Yeshua is really tricky. I’ll expose it aswell probably in the future lol, or OM can help, but I only evoked Yeshua, he wouldnt answer too many questions, just told me to stop eating meat and start meditating longer

Edit ; He also said “I am the purest expression of source”, I’ll leave the deciphering to you

Edit 2; I didnt take his advice, I still eat meat lol


Interesting stuff about time travellers there. I saw that video about the 5th dimension and how the past, present and future could be viewed at a single glance from the 5th dimension.

But wow, to think that you would have to deal with all these entities and time travellers attacking you when you’re just starting out sounds very scary.

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@Samurai Adding on to that I saw your post about learning to astral project. And tried the 4 seconds breathe in, 5 seconds hold and 6 seconds breathe out technique. I did feel relaxed but wasn’t able to get to sleep paralysis and actually projecting myself though. Any tips? I tried it in the afternoon, lying on my back (on a sofa).

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For us? Yes.

For someone like Yeshua? Doubt it.

Also there were other beings involved with him, pretty powerful to say the least.

Also he was never crucified. Powerful sorcerers are powerful for a reason, they dont get crucified, they crucify lol.

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Yes, say fk you to astral projecting and learn to lucid dream.

Much more rewarding, and you can open portals from the dream to the astral, much more efficient

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Interestingly, I did lucid dream once, wayyyyy before I ever knew about sapien med. It lasted a few seconds. Basically within 3 seconds of realising I was dreaming, everything around me collapsed and I woke up (it was in the morning too).

About Yeshua, he’s definitely going on my “entities to meet” list when I am able to get to that level. Yeshua, Hanuman, Shiva, Vishnu and an ancestral goddess that my ancestors used to worship named Vasavi (although I have no idea if she actually exists or is made up).

That’s another question then, have you come across any made up deities that don’t really exist out there?


Actual higher beings dont have “names”.

They “identify” a bit differently, hard to explain.

So most beings that we attach names to are already egregores in a sense.

Alot of beings just answer to the names we give them.

Michael for example, its not his “real” name.

The angelic being behind it just answers to it, but were lucky to have Dreams mandala, hes a pro, its a proper link to the actual angelic being.

Alot of online sigils of michael could be directing you to fk knows what, so its tricky.

Easiest method, and its the one im chasing now, is to lucid dream, call upon higher self to annihilate any tricksters/ego characters, and make sure the being is the real deal.

But me being me, my first 10 lucid dreams are probably gonna be me riding a smilodon into battle lol, until I get a slap from Mike in the dream telling me to focus.

Imagine all the freedom in a lucid dream…I would sacrice sex for that skill if needed lol.

Luckily its not, almost there ;D


Hanuman is a very interesting deity on many accounts.

  • He represents the archetype of qualities like Valour, Service, Humility etc., though he is also a warrior deity. He is the ultimate combination of strength and humility.
  • He is also a deity who is part Shiva and part Vishnu - and hence the above combination.
  • He is also one of the deities in a physical form in the current timeline, so the chance of manifesting him is pretty high compared to other deities.

My experience with Hanuman is not much as my practices are more centered around Shiva and Shakti (and her aspects like Sekhmet, Athena, Innana, Hera, Hetemit etc.) but I have experienced the presence of Hanuman during some rituals. I do not have that kind of personal relationship with him to invoke him at will - but most of the time he has appeared is when I am in some sort of physical danger.

Do note that the easiest way to approach Hanuman is semen retention. He is called “Mukhya Prana” - or the Main/Refined Prana. One of the pre-requisites for approaching Hanuman mantras is celibacy as he embodies the state of semen retention and sublimation (urdhva retas where the pranic energy is not going downward through ejaculation, but the mobility is upward, transmuting it to Ojas) - and he is this clarified Prana personified.

He is serious, not very playful (unlike some other deities), very very powerful and protective and active on astral planes in defending certain planes of existence.

A Deity is both a higher entity as well as an archetype of one’s one internal self - both those are simultaneously true for what exists in the Macrocosm also exists in the Microcosm. I will request him to reach out to you, give you a sign etc., but to what extent you perceive him would depend on the work you put in.

Edit: Do note that in Hindu Tantra, there are different mantras for the same deity, to approach different aspects of energy of that particular deity. For example, the mantra of Vira-Hanuman evokes him as a Warrior, Vaidya-Hanuman for healing, Panchamuka-Hanuman for alchemy of five elements, Ashtamukha-Hanuman for protection from negative entities and so on.


Nooo, better get laid hahaha LOL. :smile::+1:

It was a joke sir “EX-ROKU”.

One question, I’ve been using the St. Michael mandala day and night for 9 days, the first 4 days I felt calm and a little more.

The last 5 days I have not noticed more things. What can I do or ask you to know that it is working?

I don’t feel his energy. Every day it’s in the jeans bag.