Euphoric Light all around

Does anyone here also feel blissful, golden Light all around, pouring inside?
If yes, how do you interpret it? I think its The Creator/ The Source, but I would love to hear what you have to say


Sometimes I feel blissful.

I guess the Ultimate Source of Blisfulnes is indeed The Absolute/God/The Divine, but there are also more tangible sources,including my mood, my emotions, my connection to others And the State of My Energy, how Positive I am is directly linked to How High I am (Spiritually I mean), how Good is My Aura and Chakras, etc.

If someone does not have any blockages and thst someone is Spiritually High, Blisfulnes comes Naturally.

If someone is living mostly with the higher (maybe lower too) chakras more active, again, Joy comes Naturally.


Thank you!
Did you also experience sensations of light?
Like everything being made of light, light being pushed inside your being, and generally having light all around you?

Lately Im having more and more of those “episodes”, I was wondering if other forum members have/had them as well


If it helps: Summary of Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila – The Prodigal Catholic Blog

I’m not a catholic, but this saint explains it pretty well according to my own experiences. Mansions 4+

You could also read the book on its own if you so wish, it is free


Not really…

But I felt a deep Love when meditating and a Peace that I can’t even understand, I felt like “me” was not there if that makes sense, as if I was blending into everything, expanding…

That’s what I felt, a few times in my life, while meditating/doing chakras work plus a few other techniques.

However, a state which somewhat resembled that which I’ve mentioned, of profound connection, I’ve had that while also not being in deep spiritual focus or meditation (even while doing/having mundane activities), I felt a few times as Light as a feather, like I did not felt my own weight, as if I was floating lol (I wasn’t, this was while being awake and active, but somehow an alternative state of mind was present, EVERYTHING Was Joyful and Loving, at least in that state)… And there was another phenomenon, i had a sort of Magnetism, objects would literally stick to my hands, for example…
I also felt more electrical, sometimes, to put it that way lol (some people couldn’t even shake my hand)…

However, there are a few old photos where you can actually see my aura, I don’t know if I even have access to these photos anymore, but there was a peculiar subtle light around my body, it was very very subtle though,but still visible.

Maybe it was just the lighting/phone settings though, I can’t say for sure.


Thank you!

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You’re connecting to the divine feminine.


I’ve had one experience like this…

It was a christic light… note: I’m spiritual, not religious… but it was a distinctly christic light

It fully engulfed me for about a minute…

It was at the height of a very emotionally intense meditation in 2020…

It was fully overwhelming… love, joy, revelation… tears were streaming down my face…

I knew a lot more about what we are and what happens beyond death after those 60 or so seconds… my sense was I’d undergone some drastic downloading process…

My entire worldview and vibration shifted… life changing…

For about 4 months afterwards I felt like i was high on mushrooms… just floating, seeing everything in a new way… aware of everyone and everything’s beauty… it was like I was at a meditation retreat, meditating 3-5 hours a day… reconfiguring my sense of hierarchy, money, empathy, my relationship to source, to myself…

After some research, I concluded this experience can be referred to as an STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience), which runs in line with the NDE (Near Death Experiences) classification. When I listen to Near Death Experiencers, I relate to those stories. To their description of meeting source, which is what I believe/know my encounter was/is.

I’d recommend listening to some NDE experiences on Youtube — it helped me process and integrate what happened to me.


Thank you! Maybe you are onto something, because lately I have had dreams that involved a lot of women and females in general, even animals. Can you elaborate?

Thank you, interesting story. During those moments I feel love joy and revelation as well ,and pure bliss too

Will check it out! I did in the past too, because I had near death experience as a child when I almost drowned


The divine feminine or divine mother is responsible for everything in the material world.

Best way to know is to set up meditation sessions with the specific intent of communing with what to you would qualify as the Divine Mother.

It might take several sessions to make a connection … maybe a month even, or more … or it can happen instantly … but it’s no different than the higher self stuff.

It would make sense if you have high spiritual power developped and are trying to manifest material things that the divine mother would be responding or helping :sparkles:


There’s a high chance that consistently reciting the Gayatri Mantra is what you need to do right now. 108x for at least 40 days.

Om Bhur Bhuwah Svah Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodaya

For pronunciation:

You might even feel an odd pull towards the song, if my theory stands true, that is.

Try meditating to this on a friday:

If you get the same feeling or see the golden hues, then it’s very likely that it’s the divine mother thing. For you she will appear as Freja since that’s what you’re most aligned with.

The mantra just releases an energy form that helps along a few blockages in the upper chakras … which can help better receive messages.


Thank you, I will look into that. I have worked with Gayatri Mantra in the past, maybe its time to work with it again


If anyone is or will be interested, I have also came upon Kabbalistic concept of Ohr, the holy light

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Today is the last day of 10 days of navaratri (the divine feminine) :white_heart:


Nyx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


Lilith would be more towards the unholy feminine, but, nothing exists without a shadow, lol.

The energy would be scarlet red in that case.


Strange Occurence before New Releases

Inner Bliss Illuminator


…about the golden light… i’ve seen an all-encompassing golden light in a meditation with Jesus, a few years ago. I felt extremely intense sensations of love towards Him, i was feeling like i would have protected his hands and feet with mine from harm… there were extremely intense sensations of bliss and love and a generalised golden light…