Experience with Taaffeite crystal energy field

I wanted to write my experience with this field in a new thread as I am looking forward to opinions on this.
This is such a powerful field … I haven’t felt any field so powerfully even from the paid ones. It puts me to deep meditative state … I am seeing dreams but I am not really asleep … or maybe it’s short nap I don’t know. But this field just sweeps me with it and I surrender … usually I am alert and in charge … not with this field. I felt significant sensations in my third eye area and also crown area.

The downside is that when I listened to it twice today and it was a deep relaxation but immediately afterwards my body got messed up … low sugar high BP uneasiness… I am still recovering not fully back.


Bumping it :grimacing:
So I loved using this field … the duration for run felt so clam and peaceful. I used it for two days so far and 2 times both days.
First day I felt good using it and it was fine. Second day also I felt good using it and 5 mins afterwards I got messed up with uneasiness, high BP and maybe low sugar (I didn’t measure but my legs were shaky)

I do want to use it more because I have never felt any field so strongly while using. But I am scared of the after effects that happened the second day … there is less known about taaffiete also I guess because it’s so rare. Can the experienced here illuminate on the effects of this field please.


I’m curious, did you measure this as well?

In any event, how do you know that this wasn’t caused by the stress you would’ve naturally had from your other symptoms?

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I have not experienced any physical symptoms. Though I play 3x usually.
Effect differs for each person I guess.

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Yes I did measure the BP and it came high … also I keep monitoring it regularly. Stress could definitely cause it too… stress from the feeling of uneasiness can lead to BP I agree

But why was uneasiness at first place? The reason could be whatever … just that this field felt extremely calm while it was playing and five mins later I got messed up.
I will try again playing this maybe it is fine now. Also wondering if it’s some kind of detox as this field is for healing. So that’s why asked the group. Thanks for responding.

It could also be energy overload I am thinking… so maybe grounding after this field

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Yeah it definitely does … specially with energies you never know how they play

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Strong field. Tinglings every part of my body. It can be use as mystical power enhancement video like timelessness(sapien inner alchemy series).

I wıll keep listening this video ı suggest you all