Fast Free Easy Way to Clear Aura and Recharge Your Energy Systems

Hello! which gumroad audio do you all mean? post link please? :pray:

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And also remember this post has all direct links when you need to quickly find one.

Next time you need it just type “patreon” or “gumroad” or “teespring” on the searching bar and youll find that post


thank you! i can use this instead of the body primer/aura cleansing? or i understand wrong? because the benefit of this aura repair for me would be that it doesnt delete the previous audios. and i feel that Thoth loves the way it works.

i have a question regarding cord cutting…when do I use it and is it needed when i use deinhabiter and bhooted boots? i have the smart cord cutter…and i felt somethimes it is useful some other times not…i am lost abit there.

have managed alot also without it…dont know…thanks.

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the last about KQC i can answer. it doesnt matter. in the past stack would have began so: body primer, then KQC then Minor blueprint of life for example. that is for your first stck in the morning. on the end of it you place acu-acummation.

now what Luna says is that instead you use: auric and energi body repair, and then KQC and so on…

i have experimented (you read the topic i created) and you can make the second and third stack with the less powerful primers…


if …we understand correctly the Auric and Energy body repair Audio would be enough to start the first stack. and you can use it daiily for a week and then not.

but how do you start your stacks then…
i do it with one loop of torsion field…works fine and will complement the auric and energy body repair audio…

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Exactly. But it also goes into every space to clean and clear, deeper cleaner.

See how he likes the other one haha then decide

Ask that under those fields threads so we keep this one for what it is. And read again all mentioned in those posts see if you understand better and also remember every person experiement different things sometimes


It does bring me this question. So in the near future I am getting the energy awakening course. The question is, after using this audio once or twice, how long should I wait before starting the first audio in the course?

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What audio?

The energy body clearing audio

The warning is for what you play before the aura clearing (3 hours) no need to wait to play anything else after

@anon51280824 when would be best to release the stored energy from the card, only when you feel the audio effects wearing off or sooner?

Yes when you feel like energy is going lower but before you are like at zero

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Hi! Sorry for the the delayed reply but thank you so much! I went ahead and purchased the aura field and the first listen made me laugh a lot and feel like I was high again after years of not touching weed. I’m now interested to see how I can feel that good again (like a kid) when I initially just wanted financial and abundance fields first (so that I could help my family and buy the other fields with no problem). I guess maybe soul restoration is a good contender?

I’m really grateful, thank you for the forum you linked. I have put a lot on my future buying list!


Yes you can focus on soul core one for a while.

Have you checked the new one?

Point of No Return


No I have not! But wow! Thank you so much Luna, this sounds amazing! This has bumped up to number 1 on my purchase list. Thank you so so much and happy full moon!


Wow this is kinda off topic, but I was really relishing on the fact that you let me know of the PONR audio that recently came out because I felt like that was something that I exactly needed. I’m the new to the forum so I was a bit overwhelmed where to start and if I truly needed this or that… but I felt so lucky when I read your reply to me today because I could’ve replied to you way before the audio came out and I would’ve missed it until maybe much later (because I’m not on here too much). Whilst reading the PONR forum I saw someone mention rites of passage and I researched and read this forum: Best audio to buy - #8 by LunaMoon2
And reading the part where you channeled the OP’s subconscious mind was super effing cool oh my god. Because I was walking today just excited to get this field and it felt like the synchronicity was perfect… it was like you knew what I needed before I even knew what I needed… insane, that’s absolutely amazing. And now I feel drawn to also get the rites of passage one to help me and my family out financially. I’m super grateful to you, thank you for making my day!


:slight_smile: you are welcome!


What is the exact name of the aura one on gumroad please?

Aura and Energy Body Repair (


Thank you!


Would this work for someone whose body rejects fields? Environmental fields work for me but my body can’t handle them any longer for some reason