Feedback for Official NFT Buying/Selling Thread

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For Official NFT Buying/Selling Thread


I’m not sure how we would implement that

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Looking into it

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From what I’ve gathered it is currently not possible to automatically and globally sort in those ways @JAAJ unless someone makes a plugin for the forum software

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I think the current rules are good

If people look for something, they usually use the search bar or scroll through the offers

And due to the rules there are far less posts overall so no post is buried really


I second that.

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Now the thread is full of flagged posts :rofl:


Maybe instead of 4 days we can make it 3?


I would second that

It seems ideal to find a balance between having excitement for possible sales or trades, and not having it feel like spamming.

We could use 3 days as a test run and see how it goes

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To clarify does this mean that everyone needs to keep only 1 post for NFT sell / trade thread even if they have NOT sold/traded? @SammyG

Does this mean they can or cannot post again?

They can post again after deleting their previous post after 3 days. So only 1 post per person per page. Any more, needs to get flagged. If people are putting multiple posts up, then their posts get deleted and they can’t post one til 3 days.


We are all subjects to the rules.

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What is wrong in there is that you are clearly not respecting our rules. These are here for everybody, you’re not an exception.

Do u think I wouldn’t get flagged if I spammed 10x more posts?

Kindly just respect the rules and wonder if it’s something with your offer or the way you put the offer.

I had deleted old post and posted new post to ensure only 1 post for 1 person. I have adhered to rule and not violated rule at all. Please review decision to consider my post as spam

So u respect one rule and don’t respect other one rule and that makes u feel ok?

Which rule I violated ?

Ok, I will try the 3rd time, lol, just look at this carefully now.

Just remove your post, and make sure there is 3-day space between the posts and u will be good, ok?

If your issue is resolved, then since it’s not rly feedback for the thread, we can remove our posts then to not derail this thread.

Ok you mean on the old post I could have edited but if I remove old post then I should wait for 3 days to re- post again? Am I understood correctly?!

Yes, you could have.

3 days from your last post, not from your removal.

So for example,
on Day 0 when u make a post, on Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 you can edit, remove your post (but not create another one), whatever but just with the post. On Day 3, you can click on delete post and make a new one (simultaneously).

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