Field Booster Limits

The image is legible, so it should work just fine.

@uial @gpo how much does pronunciation matter? Any other ideas for this person?


I sort of understand you, although I can sense a LITTLE bit of energy for about 5 mins if I wave my hands over it. After that, I don’t feel the energy :pensive:.


Dream has said intention drives the sigil more than ‘sounds’.

From the Confidence, Dominance and Authority comments on Patreon:



I saw a post last night from @anon6431808 after I posted that and forgot to post it

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Maybe we aren’t as sensitive to energy as others. Or maybe we didn’t boost it properly. I think it doesn’t matter much as the fields works very well even without a boost. Mjolnir’s power mandala has given me incredible results in a week.

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What happens when you try to boost a dog tag with more than 1 NFT printed on it? Will it boost all of them?

Yes lol

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have u tried boosting a tag with multiple nfts on it? i have 5 boosters spread out boosting stuff right now… so amazing

Its been a long time since ive boosted something.

With how powerful these NFTs are nauuh thanks :hot_face:

And i never boosted a tag or image with 5 things in it, but by logic if you put the tag on it while it has several NFT images, it would boost everything that is in it

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lets find out… super boosted immortal caladrius

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You’re gonna wake up with feathers all over :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And probably like this



PSA: Why You Should Stop Boosting Fields


thank u, i won’t boost more than 3-5 times, in the safe range

that would be awesome if its that powerful lol

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if u boost the nft mandala, does the audio get boosted too?


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if the mandala is printed on paper or metal, does it affect its power and boostability?

Well i dont know that, certainly metals are energy conductors and enhancers but to me…

It works better on items not a printed mandala, as i said i havent boosted in probably 3 years.

So i really dont know.

I boosted like items created with the lucky sigil etc

Nothing else

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There hasn’t been any noticed difference in the past.


Has anyone tried to boost the sigil booster lol?