Why You Should Stop Boosting Fields

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Ok, so first, people need to understand that the fields automatically grow organically.

So here’s the very bad, no-good analogy that came to me.

The UNBOOSTED field is like a very well-regarded professional trainer.
It’s going to individualize your “workout” routine for you for the topic and continue to push you at the best rate for growth, rest, recovery, etc.

Everyone thinks boosting an item is putting them on steroids…

But boosting a field is putting the personal trainer on steroids

Now your personal trainer wants you to do heavy lifting, HIIT, and dieting all at the same time, almost all day long with no rest, or recovery.

Then very often, your personal trainer starts “raging” at you.

Instead of knowing when to motivate and yell and relax and encourage, it’s going “drill sergeant from hell” on your energy systems and wants non-stop working out all day long with maximum effort.

So for 99% of people, their energy systems will try to keep up for a while then it just gives up and eventually quit… as it should.
It’s not healthy and it knows better

For those who like to push their maxes…
This is why the boosted fields get continually lost. They aren’t meant for your energy system as it is right now.
Again, maybe a few generations from now, it would be useful.

In other words, the field will NATURALLY push you to your maxes on it’s own…

This is gonna hurt some feelings. But we have alot of …
“I want it now and I’m gonna be a spoiled 3 year old about it and ignore the consequences” around certain fields

Hey, I get it.
I know all this, because I was one of the original “3 year olds” boosting fields to get “more” out of them.
That’s also why I can say, stop boosting them .

If… IF … one has had a field for 9 months and has noticed NO results. (and you better be honest with yourself), then go ahead and boost it ONE time…and then again… wait…

But I know, and everyone else here knows, you’re going to see “some” type of result from these fields with a short period of time. So back to original point. :slight_smile:


So should we reverse it to not boosted if we boosted it?

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The problem is… You can’t reverse boosts :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh shit … so isnt it gonna readjust to you if the field feels you can’t take ,like over time …?


So, if you haven’t “lost” it yet, then there’s hope :wink:

Actually, the new Energy course, would be the best bet to enlarge and strengthen one’s energy bodies to “fit” the boosted item.

(Taking the course is still not an excuse to boost fields, again, the field will adjust to you, all on it’s own)

Some have been experimenting with asking one of the Intercession fields to make a field more compatible. I would try that as well.


Haven’t lost it fortunately. I think I’ll just wait and hope that adjusts back to me , because I think it only grows when it suits you. Like it adjusts to YOU I think and doesn’t just get stronger over time no matter what …
At least I hope so , the best thing to do is probably just to wait and not boost it anymore …


Im so glad i didnt boost any of my tags when people were raging on this forum to boost, thought the fields were perfect enough as is. Thanks for explaining


9 months? Even for best path in life? Nice to know

Especially for that one. That’s a field you won’t “truly” know if it worked until you are on your death bed or doing a life review after “death” and seeing what “could have happened”.


Triple like :heart:


Give it time. Shielding was “broken” for me after I boosted. But Sapien Medicine said somewhere that fields adapt and adjust to you over time. They do. Right now it’s working fine for me. I’d take it off for a week, let it grow naturally on its own, wear it again for a day or two as long as I could stand it, let it adapt to me again. Rinse and repeat.

@NineTailFox17’s withdrawn post : )


Try having about 20 fields on most of which are boosted, I can’t even explain to you how ridiculously bonkers it’s been to undertake that but they are slowly adjusting, my advice added to this thread is further boosting isn’t necessary and give it a little time to adjust. I learned the hard way :sweat_smile:


How do you know after 9 months if it is working than?


It’s an intuitive sense.
I mean, in general, you are going to realize your life has “gotten better” on some level. (That doesn’t mean “perfect or ideal” but better)

But that’s the issue, it’s soo very individualized.
I would think most people would “know” that their life is “better”.
But there’s going to be a percentage where a lot of “seemingly” bad stuff has to happen first before they are on the “right track”

And I can’t personally guarantee how long that would take or when it might happen
ie. what if things are going great for 8 months and the 9th month everything turns to shit because that’s what needs to happen for financial/emotional/spiritual “best path”-ery? (I like that word)

That’s how these things work though.


And glory is completely opposite
It will take you wherever you wish, right
It will fulfill everything you want
Like genie in bottle
With glory there isn’t seemingly bad stuff
Therefore it’s expensive

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Can’t speak on Glory.
That field “scares” me in the sense that I’ve had past lives of having that type of attitude/power and the ego growing HUGE…as it’s wont to do. lol

My “glory” field is Ascension …the spiritual equivalent…in terms of spiritual growth at all costs.


THIS is very important… If you have boosted the item too many times, and feel its not for you anymore… Ask Intercession’s to help you, experiment, help adjust the field… (or even remove the boost :thinking:)

Well, you might get help or the field will disappear… :eyes:


Ahhh… I lost my Best Path in Life dog tag in June and I had boosted it twice after reading about it here. At that time, I thought it’s purpose with me was done. This is a completely different understanding of why it could have been lost.

Thanks for helping in clarifying this. I have a couple of other items that I boosted so will be keeping an eye on them.


Thx May u be blessed with awesome life


In the end you will never be sure if BPIL had any effect or life would go in that way in any case lol

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