Free Windows app - Digital Magnetron Broadcaster

Since my site is currently down, I am giving anyone who wants to use it a link to the Digital Magnetron Broadcaster offline Windows app free. The Elite version uses servitors and noding via Reiki and chaos magick, as well as additional fields and features (such as the ability to use audio or YouTube videos).



Thanks @SorcerySupreme for the free gift! Highly appreciated!

For the Elite version, is it available to purchase? Is there a demo that we can testing out the energy? Thanks

how do we get the Elite version?

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Student subscribers to my Ko-Fi get it included. Android app coming (whether soon or not, I am not sure).

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how to subscribe to Ko-Fi

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The time has come. I’m trying to learn what this is and how to use, so I’ll update here with relevant info as I find out more.
Please excuse in advance my lack of integral research.


QUESTIONS @SorcerySupreme and not only

  1. So I can use all 8 spots to charge with different mandalas at the same time?
  2. @Drift Do you think this would work with Dreamweaver’s Eviction card sigil (I know the card has to be activated)

The sigils can be used with radionics, so probably you can simply target (with a photo and radionics or just your mind) the whole place you want cleared.

  1. Any ideas of how I could target (only) my entire apartment, or perhaps the staircase, or even the exterior (but not the neighbours’ places) – perhaps a blueprint of the building, colored, or highlighted somehow? I can’t take a picture of the entire place. Same would go for my office/working space.
  2. If I take, for example, the Eviction card, which is active ~ 20’, I could let the Magnetron ‘playing’ for about 20’ – or however long I wish to have these fields active on place/person?
  3. If I want to target myself, I place picture of myself in the center, right? Face, hand, etc.?
  4. Does the Elite version have some scheduling/playlist abilities?
  5. For my use case (home clearing/upliftment), can the Elite version also include, in its Intention feature, calls to Terraformer, etc. (i.e., I would consider it a whole package of ‘activities’ in one go)?


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Will let SoercerySupreme answer. But I’m pretty sure the answer will be yes…most likely.

The sigil is in the card…so maybe even the regular card works. Otherwise, I guess you can crop the pic.



Yes. On the elite version you will not need to activate it as the servitors and S2-R2 understand the meanings of fields.

Take a photo of what you want, you can crop it etc, or add text (the apartment number), or set a crystal in the middle of the apartment and broadcast to it. It’ll amplify what you send like an antenna.


Yes. I like whole body shots for general work and you can use specific photos for more specific work. An injury for example.

Not yet. It does have the ability to use YouTube and .mp3 files, although apparently the .mp3 version is on my laptop, which I lost the charger to when I moved. So I will have to dig it out and get everything moved to my new development machine.


I plan to include generated phrases in a future version, or maybe in a separate app. But you can use a command such as “Activate Terraformer in my environment” and the Elite version will know what to do.

You can also use intents such as “Heal the burn on my hand” or “Stream all fields active in VLC into my root chakra” (and then setup a playlist with Sapien’s root/sacral, Quadible’s root, Iron Oil of Mars, and a ruby audio, for example).

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Does paying with PayPal work now?

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Hi again! Thank you for the answers! I’ve got a couple of more questions if you may :)

  1. What if I write in even a blank image or on a partial photo my address?
  1. For the simple Magnetron, can I use audio files?
  2. So shall I wait a bit before attempting to go for the Elite?
  1. Would it still work if I log off/out my device (not shut down), but leave the app going?
  2. I know there was a PayPal issue, can your ko-fi now be paid with PayPal?
  1. What would it ‘use’ to heal the burn on my hand?

Unofficially at this time yes.

Is there a good alternative for international people who can’t use a credit card?

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Yes, absolutely.

Not as such, but you can play the audio in the background and use an image representative of the field.

Your call. It and the Star Blaster (a physical version, kinda) are my go-to tech on a daily basis.

I’m not sure. You might need to install some app to keep it running actively in memory. If it’s not running and the software goes dormant, it’ll go off completely.

See above.

One would assume that would be the intent and you would use other inputs such as reiki symbols, the seal of raphael, 2nd pentacle of mars, etc.

The intent would then direct the energy(ies) you put into it.

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@zea I cannot click your profile to DM you. DM me. I would like to offer you some nice metaphysical benefits in exchange for your help with a project.

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DM’ed back

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Hi, I’ve tried using this, but the spinning wheels stop spinning while application window is not ‘on the forefront’ (e.g., minimized) – then resume when no longer minimized. I’m not sure if it’s working while minimized?
If not, does the Elite behave differently – and or is a web version? (I seem to remember you having a web version)
Thank you