GAME: create your own field!

Something fun I thought of: take two random sapien medicine fields of your choice and combine them into one, and you can make your own description of what this new field does if you want😛

Also sorry if this already exists somewhere lol


The Plasma Quasi Crystal

The Plasma Light and Infrasound Bioactive Beach

Kinetic Quasi Crystal

This field provides you with a unique insulation and positively charged pattern (and also a giant crystal in and around you, that constantly shifts in a torus formation).

Adding to this The Plasma Light and Infrasound Bioactive Beach, offering Biologic Negentropy.

These 2 combined fields will provide you with a plethora of benefits.

Use as needed, but start slowly, 2-3 times should be enough.

Audio length 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Edit: maybe this combination already exists, Idk (I haven’t checked the description for the vast majority of NFTs), anyway, I found it to be interesting.

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Aura of Fear” from the Shielding dog tag

combined with

“The Intestine Cleaner”:

Anyone with an ill intent in your environment is instantly forced to seek out the next toilet / bush and leave you alone :laughing:


“Scare the shit out of your enemys, order now!”