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Thank you. It’s difficult because the audios and the Chakra Growth field from Teespring used to work, but now, nothing is.

Then listen to clear all negativity audio to clear all those thought patterns.


That was actually one of my favorite audios because of the transformative experiences I had. But since December… Nothing.

I think you stambled upon some major resistance.
So you have nothing to lose and start listen aura body cleansing×2, or×3 times and after that use your field or playlist, experiment with it.

If that wouldn’t help then it might be you reach point of no return (you have article on this topic at enlightened states website) and you need to use special playlist created with four field specially for these cases…but it’s all about clearing that resistance which appears simple with using some field and which your subconscious simply created as energy block…hard to explain, but never mind…just use that, experiment


Thank you for bringing this up :slight_smile:

For those interested in this playlist, I created a playlist on YouTube for these exact 4 audios with the minimum each per day a few months ago. Wait at least 3 hours if you listen to other fields different than this one, subliminals or other energy work. Otherwise, it may clear your recent work and can make a big difference if you overlook this important detail. You can avoid playing and using fields, transmissions or subliminals for nothing.

Direct link to the playlist

Embedded playlist. You can still get the link from there as well.


Hi there, I’ve been listening for half a year to one of the musics and I really do believe, so if you have an answer lemme know :slight_smile:

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@3Tulsi seriously for listening to subconscious limits one you might need to listen up to 6 months to 1 years or more since you have builded up all those blockages years after years so it takes time seriously


Dreamweaver (sapien) answerd this by saying that over time the field(s) start integrating with your body and aura. When you first start the fields are foreign to your body so you notice changes rather quickly but over time you notice that you don’t feel the effects anymore. not because its not working but because your body and aura feel like its a natural state of yourself now. Its still working though! (=



Yes, thank you. Back in November/December when the “Point of No Return” Video/Article was released I listened to those 4 audios for about 3 weeks. I started with Aura Cleansing first, then Exorcism twice, then Subconscious Limits, then Chakra Clearing, and I also added in the Love, Gratitude and Appreciation audio, which was recommended in a different article, I think.

I decided to start listening to the Aura Cleansing Audio again, so I’ve been listening to it all day for about 8 hours now. I already do feel better, a bit lighter and a bit more cheerful. I haven’t any other audios or physical fields, but I’ll just keep up with this, and in add the Exorcism and Subconscious Limits Remove. Thanks

This forum is a really good idea, to have people within the Sapien Community to talk to.


I spoke to Sapien/Dream about this directly, and for things like the Chakra field from Teespring, I may stop feeling the effect. But for something like Productivity or Dopamine, I should definitely be feeling.


For instance, I was listening to the New Tooth Growth and… No new teeth. Same for the workout videos.

I’ve been listening to the reverse gray hair audio everyday since Jan 2020…I also listen to the Subconscious limit removal… but I have not seen any results from this audio … although I have seen results from some others fields. Is there something else I can do to speed up the results? Thank you

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Hi, if you would like to speed up your results, I suggest listening to the following audios daily, in this order, with speakers:

Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing Cleaning
Subconscious Limits Dissolver
Energy Blockage Removal
Love, Gratitude and Appreciation
Grey Hair Restoration

If you can meditate while listening that will give you better results.
If you have trouble meditating, try the Alpha or Theta audios (on gumroad).
Also, if you believe that you already have the results you want that will help a lot.

If you listen to any additional Sapien audios, that would slow down your rate of progress.


You can also use this way for aura body cleansing too, if you want to try this sigil, and see how it affects you, but nevertheless stick to the audio field too for best results:

PS. Sorry @tttoop for replying you, my bad:)


Where’s the Playlist link? Can you post the link for it?

Thank you. Where did you get this? I think this is available for download from Patreon? I wonder if there are some other sigils that could help me.

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No problem. Yes, it’s from his patreon, PDF file called Energetic addendum est , :arrow_left:(click on this blue highlighted)

Unfortunately, he don’t have many sigils for using, there are just some in this book and rest of them are on patreon

And BTW I think this is link for StrongEmery Playlist, not sure, check it out


And BTW I think this is link for StrongEmery Playlist , not sure, check it out

@anon2456476 Exactly. Thank you!

@3Tulsi Thank you for asking!

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Thank you both. I listen to the Version of Subconscious Limits Dissolver without music. I think it’s an updated version? Has anyone noticed a difference?