Glastonbury (St Michaels Tower)

Glastonbury (St Michaels Tower) · Energetic Alchemy
Sacred Places 2
℗ Sapien Media Records

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Dear bro.

Will the Michael mandala gets more powerful when hearing or placing the printed mandala on the speaker whne playing Glastonbury Sacred Audio.



Hi @mysticstuffs, maybe _OM has not seen your post yet, so I bring it up. He’ll answer better.

But either way, Michael mandala doesn’t need any additional tool to get more powerful than it already is. Wearing it with consistency is suggested; however, I don’t wear for example Fae mandala 24/7 but even so, I can certify that it rocks.

Briefly said, they keep growing on their own.

As for associating it with Glastonbury, why not, if you consider it as a symbolic pilgrimage or tribute to the Archangel.


And here I am again on my own…
… Rocking the Michael Mandala…
… not knowing he had a tower…
… So I made up my mind…
… I will listen for the first time…

Sorry, but the kid in me is having a blast :joy:
Thanks for this fellow @_OM @Bronyraur :heart:

Lol edit : And this was written at 11:11, ok definitely hearing it now
Edit 2: Oh, and with 11% of battery omg


:flushed: :star_struck: Your post definitely deserves this, so here you go (again):

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Give the OP the original video for Alderbaran’s sake!
It’s much more…stimulating :wink: :rofl:


I can safely tell that Michael is very prouf of both of you @_OM & @Bronyraur :heart::heart:



I feel him quite peaceful lately with Mjolnir, Loki (the cat one) and me:


I see that it’s your turn to imitate me now… ;) Thanks for the original clip by the way. I’ve even listened to the very first version, afterwards. Good memories.

So guys (@RisingKundaFest too) this post is to say that after the Reiki Star Exercise today, I felt the energy keeping going in lines. In an unusual way. I have a memory hole right now, can’t find the term… wait… “ray” or something like that.

Not a surprise because much load I had dropped into the garbage lately.

Anyway, I intuitively decided to prolongate this state by playing Glastonbury, keeping Michael mandala nearby. It “worked”, somehow. Ley lines, etc.

I’m a little cloudy so couldn’t write properly but you guys have probably understood.


That’s nice.
I’ve been thinking of placing one or other mandala in my room… Thor surely looks dope :smirk:

@Bronyraur you need to put me on the loop in regards to "Alderbaran’s sake ". Nor familiar with it :laughing:

Actually in Qi Gong there’s a similar exercise to that Reiki Star one. Which I had done before, so I know how you feel :eyes::grinning:


That’s cool. Actually I may have some questions for you about that, later on by pm. Because we’re a little limited regarding these practices in my current location.

Personally, one of the best choices I’ve made.

Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) is the brightest star of Taurus constellation. It also has some more or less glorious aspects (see “space people”, etc.). This is why I use it as an exclamation sometimes lol.


Make me think of this for some reason :slight_smile:


Anytime :wink:

Well, Alpha Tauri so it seems…

Given that my Sun is in Taurus:

*I shall evoke this in times of great despair as well. *
*Of times where greatness is ceasing. *
*Of times when a hero is needed. *

slowly begins to rise

*Of times where isn’t a will to act. *
*In times where people’s greatness and grace is at stake. *
After all, for an alpha is needed, making the choice no one makes… in these mad Aldebaran times… He can make the choice, no one else makes.

Fellow brothers and sisters, For Aldebaran’s sake!!! AuAu*Au!

slowly begins to descend

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You just reminded me of this:

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:joy::joy::joy: That John Malkowich and his passion for past centuries…

“Mock you? Ôôô how could I mock you, Lord Edm_OMd… You, a man so unworthy of mockery?” :prince:t2:

@RisingKundaFest :laughing: “Explore the space, so to speak. Aldebaran and all” lol


And people say synchronicities aren’t real :man_shrugging: :smile:

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I have been listening to this field for the first time right now and have been looping it for the last 3 hours.

The music is nice.
The field itself makes me feel calmed down, but I don’t feel anything in my Heart Chakra though.
Neither do I feel any type of vibrational uplift.
It is definitely not a place for me to energize myself or uplift myself.
At least from the field here.
Don’t know how it will be live in person.
I have not been in person to Glastobury before, but 10+ times in England and in general, I don’t like England because the sun is always so deep and flat and the shadows are long.
It feels like a place that has been abandoned by the sun.
And the soil feels always wet as if it doesn’t get enough warmth.
While there is a lot of Chi there in general, it is in most cases low vibrational Chi that pulls me down.
This happens in London, Birmingham, small UK villages and on the UK countryside.
I would even think that maybe all those sages, wizards and energy workers actually go there to heal Gaia’s Heart Chakra, versus the common believe that they go there to heal themselves.
It feels like that rather humans go there to heal the Earth than vice versa.
I will stop playing this now as I feel rather drained and depressed from this and go back to looping The Star Being Experience to uplift myself again.
There are a lot of things that I don’t understand yet and I am only going as per my feelings.
This Glastonbury field gives me the opposite feeling than what the Ascension tag gives me :man_shrugging:
Gaia’s Heart Chakra must be still corrupted.


With this field, it’s not that I feel anything in my chakras or a lot of energy, but I feel serenity and my thoughts feel more positive. It’s very difficult to think about negative things when I listen to Glastonbury.

Sometimes the portals also drain me, that’s why I don’t usually loop them much. Does Star Being Experience help you recharge after feeling drained or do you just use it to uplift your mood?


It does both.
I just looped it for 45 minutes and feel well and uplifted again.


oh nice, I didn’t know it could be used for that, I’m going to try it. Thanks :+1: