Grand Theft Auto VI

What are your thoughts on the upcoming GTA?
Will it reach gta 5’s success? Will it (far) surpass it (is it even possible)?
So, back to Vice City? :grinning:
What do you think about Jason and Lucia - the 2 protagonists? Lucia - the first female protagonist of a gta, where will they go with this character? Unique mechanics in gta 6?
Have you seen the leaked footage which was trending on youtube/social media?
When will we get news about the game?
And more importantly - when is the release date?


Ohh this is hype news, it’s been forever lol

I remember playing gta 5 when it first came out, i finished campaign in like 3 days

I haven’t had a console or a computer in so so long, i was thinking this would be fun to try out when it comes out at my friend’s house but i forgot I’m moving in these coming months… So i probably won’t get to try it for a long time (assuming it comes out next year)

Best believe imma watch game play on it though haha i like this one YouTube gamer, I’m sure he’s gonna play it often when it comes out


I’m not sure if I changed or video games changed, but I thought GTA V sucked.
I enjoyed all of them from GTA II, III, all the way to GTA IV’s DLCs.

They added so much space, cutscenes, graphics but took all the fun out. GTA V felt like a chore after waiting so long.

Hope they make a simple straight forward story, less cutscenes and more fun gameplay.

I don’t care about the private lives of pixel avatars, just want to roleplay the gangsta life.

Back to the source I hope

Swear all video games are being made by Pixar fro grown ups. Why do game characters have to have feelings ? Sigh

Better not get started on the state of the game industry


never again Rockstar, i bought the game 3 times.


Yep, me too, 'cuz I dont think my broke PC can handle it. :joy: And I don’t have money for such things… So youtube gameplay it is!

Well, to be honest, idk why, I guess it was the physics and the fact that they removed many things from San Andreas, but at first try, I didn’t like 4,then I tried it years later And I love(d) it…
Gta 5 was fun for me, though, although it became boring after a certain amount of hours…

To be honest - same thing- the most fun I had was in the old school gtas, from 3 to san andreas, it was pure fun (insert nostalgia)…
Nowadays, graphics, graphics and online crap…

Lol… I was even scared; I thought that Rockstar would give us V for 10 more years :cry: after all, they still made/make money from that old game…
It’s all about the money, at the end of the day, But at least they provide quality stuff (minus old gtas remastered bull - although I kind of like how Vice City looks).


I prefer a San Andreas extension


San Andreas would be great, of course they should exclude the current map from V and add other areas, since San Andreas is a huge state.

Edit: at least we can keep dreaming, right? Who knows, perhaps we don’t have to wait 20 years for VII.


I’m not really looking forward to it after the disappointment of GTA 4 and 5. It’ll be interested to know what it’s going to be like when it comes out and I will probably buy it, but I won’t be hyped for it like crazy. I thought GTA 2 (PS1), and San Andreas were the best out of the whole trilogy… Vice City coming third place in the series.

The 80s and 90s time period in VC and SA added the nostalgic theme to the game and the 90s in SA was very sentimental to me with an amazing storyline. Vice City was great too, but I felt as though it kind of lacked a plot in the story throughout the game. Although the ‘Carlitos Way’ and ‘Scarface’ (movies) spin off and inspirational parody did add some gameplay flavour to it unlike in the other sequels.

I don’t know when it’s coming out but I’m sure as hell I’m not going to be calling in sick for a few days just to go play on it that’s for certain. I’ve even heard of men who quit their jobs or divorced their wife when GTA 4 or 5 came out… absolute madness if you ask me.


Games these days are just not like the old days. Nothing beats GTA San Andreas. If back then there was the software and hardware level of PS4 or Xbox1, we would have been able to switch characters like we can in GTA 5.

Just imagine that in GTA San Andreas


Unfortunately, I played Gta 2 only after 3, to see how the original top down gtas were like and I gotta say it wasnt the same, since I was already used to 3d, although I gotta say it looked really fun, I remember that you could do jobs for different factions and the carnage and chaos were still damn good.

I gotta say, although I was a big fan o Vice City, I liked the theme/feeling of the 80s, the characters and the emotions were more real/fleshed out in San Andreas.

God, quitting their jobs, hmm, I could see that lol, if they didn’t like their job - “f*** you, Boss, it’s Gta time!”, but leaving their wives for a game - “Honey, I find you annoying and San Andreas just came out, I’m out, Don’t hate me”!
Yep, too much madness/hype… :joy:

Idk if it’s nostalgia or what, but I agree.

Well, San Andreas was truly marvelous; I have to say that perhaps one of the best thhings about gtae used to be these different eras, now you have smartphones and all the modern stuff, idk, I prefer the feeling of the 90s or 80s; indeed, I think that R* would have added even more back then, if they could/had the tech.

If you ask me they were probably looking for an excuse and a wife nagging you when you want to play a game you’ve preordered a year ago is as good a pretext as any lol

“That’s it !”


If you played GTA 2 before 3, you would have preferred it because fans were a lot crazy for that game than GTA 3 and don’t forget that it was on the PS1 (not 2). 3D is probably the only advantage it has over GTA 2 like you said but for the same amount of money and value at that time, you were better off just buying Driver: Parallel Lines which was a lot better than GTA 3. A very underrated game if you ask me… the map is huge as well! The character you play looks like a real badass version of Johnny Depp from that movie ‘Blow’.

If you’ve seen these movies; ‘Scarface’, ‘Miami Vice’ and ‘Carlito’s Way’, ‘Boyz N the Hood’ and ‘Menace 2 Society’ from those time periods then you’ll know that it’s a parody and spin-off of them. If you liked the VC and SA game, then go watch the movies I mentioned above because you’ll like them too.

Ken Rosenburg in Vice City and San Andreas is the same character from the movie ‘CW’. The ‘Ryder’ character also been inspired by the American Compton rapper ‘Eazy-E’ (NWA group). Even the British supporting character ‘Macca’ from Manchester in SA was inspired by the lead singer and songwriter ‘Shaun Ryder’ (Happy Mondays band) who knew the NWA Compton record producer and rapper ‘Dr Dre’.

There are things you don’t know about Rockstar Games like originally it was based and founded in the north of England (Leeds) before becoming an American/global based company. Why do you think it was called Rockstar ‘North’ to begin with (Rhetorically)? All I’m saying is, there’s a connection to it all that’s quite interesting for anybody that would want to research about.


I think they’re better off just doing what Capcom (Resident Evil) did and remaking GTA 3, VC and SA. They could also add more features to the game and make the maps bigger but just keep the story the same or similar if you get what I mean.


Well, Scarface I’ve seen, I dont remember seeing the others; I’ve watched some clips and documentaries over the years about Gta series and I’ve known that they were originally a small company from UK; there’s alot of stuff you mentioned that I didnt know

Unfortunately, I dont think that’s gonna happen, at least not in the following years; I think R* is either gonna leave remakes to smaller companies/subsidiaries or they will reboot the whole series, adding new characters and new stories, set in the 80s, 90s, possibly even earlier decades, of course probably not in the next few years.

Edit: I just checked Driver: Parallel Lines, it’s from 2006, so yeah, you could consider it a worthy investment, yet it came after San Andreas, so I’m sure they took some inspiration from previous gtas, although it looks really interesting and quite a fun game.


I thought the storyline and overall game was way better than the Vice City and Liberty City games. It is very underrated and superior to them both I think.

Generally speaking though @Rogue is right… games these days do suck. Reasons why I’m not hyped anymore. I’m a big fan of the Mass Effect trilogy and after playing the Andromeda game, I just lost enthusiasm for all games nowadays. It’s either polluted with far-left/Marxist feminist propaganda or hardly any effort goes into the development of these new games.
What even also pisses me off as well is that many game devs are now selling you half-finished/half-assed games or 50% completed games. They then go on to sell you the rest of the game through DLC’s/expansion packs, which to me is just taking the absolute ‘proverbial piss’ out of the consumers.

The only games that have been worth playing lately in the past 5 years were the Resident Evil remakes, Red Dead Redemption 2, Last of Us series, Detroit Become Human, Total War: Warhammer trilogy and The Witcher 3… the rest have just been shit.


But… Driver parallel lines came years later, like at least 6-7 years later (The Nintendo wii had already been released)

That’s not a fair comparison, give GTA III some credit for being older

( I agree with you on Driver being really good though)


To be fair, 90% of mainstream popular games up to 2015 had monothematic female supporter characters and their only value (if there was any) were their woman curves and good looks.

That’s sending a subconscious message to all people (including women) that engage with that content (“women value is their looks and are monothematic”).

Now when main women characters that are fat, ugly and charismatic show up in movies or games many people are against it, because they still think that women should be good looking and monothematic.

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Isn’t it the same thing with male too ?

They have to have huge muscle, be tall absolute badasses or super mature all in control masterminds ?

If a man got scared the same way they do in real life, no one would respect them

Male in movies and games are nothing like 99.99% of males. They are not super confident, they don’t do kung fu or go to war shooting people, doging grenades.

Real portrayal kills the mood, it would be a game or movie about an insecure, average person doing mundane things.

Stuttering and freezing when confronted, getting PTSD at the first explosion.

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quit talking abot GTA their are a million different releases going on :rofl:


Of course, that’s the problem with ideals.

Ideals always puts people in lack in relationship to the Ideal, so, we’re always unconsciously striving towards something valued in society because we feel a lack in relationship to that thing that it’s valued and we do not have.

There are huge studies related to mental illness and psychopathy induced by social ideals.

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We pay good money to escape real life, with super sexy Lara Croft and super badass Sangoku

And about culture at large, girls don’t fantasize about average dudes either.

Who looks like Ronaldo, gets his money, or his abs ?

Who sings like Jay Chou, gets his money and his face ?

No one, that’s why they get that much money and why we watch and care. That’s why they get groupies lusting over them.

That’s fair game.

Men don’t choose what girls find attractive
Women don’t choose what men find attractive

Anyway, see you around