Gratitude Thread

The Gratitude Thread

Rumi once said,
The path of gratitude is not for children; it is path of tender heroes, of the heroes of tenderness who, whatever happens, keep burning on the altar of their hearts the flame of adoration

And so,
Let us rejoice in gratitude :leaves:


I am grateful for the neighbor above Me.

I dont know if he/she/they just moved or they just started instrumental classes.

But… from the other day while i was commenting about The Essence of Negentropic Shen art…

Every day in the eves they be playing flute, some other times a type of Gong :heart_eyes: and sometimes like an Ukulele. For like 3 hours.

Gong was the choice today and its incredibly relaxing. I love it!!


I am grateful for finding this forum, I think I wouldn’t be alive. Had such a hard time with dealing with the world working against me, situations always repeating negatively for me, feeling inferior to everyone. Ever since, I discovered this forum, I have become a better person, thanks to all user’s experience and knowledge.

I am still not there yet, but I am thankful for the path that has finally been open for me. Maybe that path is temporarily, but I am still grateful for being given a path despite having no guidance in the past. Very thankful.


I am thankful u make this thread, :smirk:


Today I am grateful for SapienMed!!
Haha totally cliché


I am very grateful I have a place to sleep, a warm bed, and water. I appreciate you @universe


I am thankful you acknowledged the universe.


that was a genuine mistake im so sorry hahah.
but @Universe what else are you grateful for?

today (it’s a new day here in Times Square)
I am grateful for the venting thread. weird but here me out,
every time I ever wrote on that thread,
like my own literal vent of my own lil life,
it ended up getting resolved. properly.
for my grandpa I was wanting better care for him because his aids were horrible- he got the most ultimate care of all now
then I complained about some account bullying my friend. divine intervention somehow came in, and bam that account is gone (bye felecia!)
next. I hated, freaking loathed how I was being made fun of- in my own house- by helpers. well we officially have no helpers anymore, how it happened? idk, divine intervention once again. but
the only ones that do come now are kind people, genuine, nice people. they do not take advantage of me :)

er I also complained about something else on that thread
pretty sure that too got resolved lol

and on another note,
I’m grateful for crucible of karma, might help people re-perspectivize (is that even a word) that karma is in fact not fatalistic, but the opposite of it. if anything it shows how our free will comes into play here. and idk I just personally like how I can help myself burn it up. especially considering since I can’t really be of service to others, or do too much mediation because of my current mending phase. so thanks for that mate.


I am grateful for having a full production level in my family business despite what I heard almost everyday that our industry here is in a recession, closures bankruptcies mass layoffs no order…

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Hey, hi @Violet I hope you are doing fine and that problem that you have mentioned before in this thread, I hope it gets resolved asap.

Btw, firstly how could helpers do that to you, I mean they had only one job that is to help but they instead chose to do mischievous acts.
Anyhow, I hope now everything is well managed without helpers.

And you have also asked about what I am grateful for, well there can be many things but I would like to tell one thing that I am grateful for is to have senses and make distinction between things that I am not doing correctly and most importantly being able to make allowances to bring in necessary changes.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” - Albert Camus


Thanks, Violet, for creating this thread. Nice job! :slight_smile:

I am grateful for embodiment, for life and seeking and learning. I am grateful for Sapienmed and dear friends, and also Neville Goddard, without whom I would never have come to truly know the Law of Assumption. I am grateful for breath, and unconditional love, for synchronicities and creativity. I am grateful for poetry and revelation. I am grateful for health, wealth and all blessings of life; for wind and rain and sunshine; for angels and peace of mind.

There is a moment in timelessness
where I AM.
This is no place,
but a consciousness, full of beauty and joy and love and wholeness.
I am grateful.angel prayers silver


I am grateful for mature cheddar cheese, milkshakes and vanilla yoghurt with a handful of walnuts. I’m also grateful for the Indian cuisine. I’m very grateful for anime, too. And video games. And humans. And aliens.


I am grateful for what a friend did for me; after posting that i cant buy a ticket for the seminar (i had the money, i just couldnt buy with paypal for some reason), guess what, he sent me a message and offered to buy a ticket for me - I offered to pay him through any service or app, but no, he wanted to offer this as a gift, and since I really wanted to join, I agreed.

A few moments later, an email arrives with the order.
I swear, some people are Angels, they just want to do good.
I’m not going to reveal who helped me, but I want to say this: Thank You, My Brother, Be Blessed! :pray:


This keeps happening every single night :smiley:

Im pretty sure they work with the sounds and practice at nights, so they start around 8pm and it goes for hours sometimes :heart_eyes: but also one of the rooms is my office from where i work during the day and i can hear them at times in the day as well.

Im so spoiled haha specially because it is loud enough that i can hear even when im playing my stacks or taking calls from work but… not too loud that would interrupt or distract.

I cannot express how lucky i actually feel they are keeping me in a relaxed state throughout the day and sometimes i fall asleep like a baby with the magnificent sounds :pray:


I am grateful for today’s webinar.

I believe I can now let go a big part of the anger and resentment I had related to Gaia’s biosphere setup.

Me and her are just two strangers, two alien beings with different evolutionary pathes, who are temporarily meeting each other in the physical.

She is not my “mother nature” and I am not her “child of earth”.

It is a pure evolutionary professional transaction.
And when its done one day, we can say thank you to each other and move on.


Thanks @Nice2knowU

For all the help he gives.


This is the way


200w (3)


I am grateful my uni took me back because they realized they made a mistake NOT ME
Such a nice feeling to know independence will soon be mine again mwahahha
Thanks @ waheguruji :see_no_evil:




Gratz Violet! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: