Grounding made easy

Hello dear Friends!
A tip to hold yourself grounded and to heal your Bond with our planet…
Place /stick a small copper coin ( in Europe 5 Eurocent coins should do the trick) on both sides of your heels and on both sides of the shoes you are wearing and then take a walk in the park better where theres grass hehe. Works like a charm. Have fun! And remember no human being has any real connection to the planet thanks to the way that we live and the shoes that we wear. Furthermore the contactpoints of our feet to the earth are all damaged. No meditation or audio can fix that. U should try to massage your feet with a stainless steel spoon from toe to heel an than put the coins as above said.
The above said will help u with EMF and every bit of negativity in you and also with many ailments.I am sertain u will all give it a try in these interesting times. For the lads: of course that makes you to be better percieved from the girls. And of course the girls will be more centered and certainly more attractive.
Enjoy dear friends!


Does the Automated Grounding audio have any sub-fields that work to repair the body’s natural grounding capacity, similar to what’s described here?

@SammyG or @uial, do you know?

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That was also my problem. I certain the audio helps but the above said points are blocked in the 3 D and require a material way of solving in my point of view.

Upcoming Fee servitor will make grounding easier stay tuned

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Progress share: all the audios of sapienmedicine work excplicitly good with the above said way of grounding. My ascenciom symptoms have all but deminished and i can connect to people better. I sleep better. And the best ist the tention is no more. I have probed the sun and the chakra videos also the etheric cord cutter. The resoults are better than before. Before i used to become funny or not a very heavy cremaster reflex every time i heal or try to look in somebody. No more. As allways am glad to serve u all and welcome any interest or questions.


what you wrote makes sense to me, since i also do alot of grounding by walking barefoot when i’m in nature
however, i thought that when we are in the city or in an office where you have alot of EMF going on, maybe it would not be so wise to have additional copper in your shoes to be more connected. only on natural soil i guess?

Something listening to this a couple of times is solved :sunglasses:

Hello, both sides of the heels and shoes? So putting a coin under the feet in the shoes, but where the second one? I don’t understand the aero spatial arrangements, could you please explain? Thank you :)

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So we put one coin on each side inside the shoe and one on the outside on the sole ?

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What else can ground you besides red meat, walking barefoot on the ground and ginger?

Can I walk barefoot on the snow when its cold outside?

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Breathing consciously and using your senses will help too.

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