Harufusa Journey

This thread is for myself. To catalogue where I want to go, and to keep me on my journey.
I want to achieve so much more, and have been holding myself back for so long. While I have been hugely successful already, or at least some people would believe, I still feel completely unsatisfied with the way I am.
I’m a PhD student, I’d consider myself pretty intelligent, I work in university teaching seminars, I’m tall (6 ft6), reasonably good looking.
Yet I still lack significantly in the things I want. I have a very small social circle, despite being a good conversationalist. I’ve not had a meaningful relationship in a very long while. While I’m successful in my studies, I still am very lazy and lack willpower. Addicted to porn, which no wonder has impacted everything in my life.
I’d love to be more attractive. I’d love to lead a more cosmopolitan life, with friends I value. I don’t ask for significant wealth, it’s never been anything that held sway over me.

As such, I intend to begin my journey, utilising several audios, which I will continue to update on here.
I think so far keeping it simple would be for the best.
I intend to utilise the energy audios:
Jing Restoration
Chi Compression into Dan Tien
Shen Energy
Transmutation and Microcosmic (very so often)

I think adding a life of magical abundance will also help, something for confidence, maybe childlike wonder as well. Maybe androstenol couldn’t hurt, though I don’t seem to have had results like some other people with it., possibly because my Jing was usually low.

I hope to work in France or Germany, with my research, I hope to travel the world more.

That’s it for now.


After having relapsed (no fap) yesterday, the looping of Jing seems to have significantly helped. There seems to be something in what JAAJ wrote on the sexual energy accumulation speed:
Sexual Energy Accumulation Speed on various fields (experience thread).

I’m interested to see what effect Jing will have on my confidence, and thereby my interactions.
Interestingly looping Chi compression into Dan Tien seems to do a lot less for me than looping Jing restoration. Possibly because I need to accumulate more Jing first.
Work ethic seems to be a bit more pronounced, but that may be due to the deadlines I need to meet in the next couple of months.


I found Soul Core restoration an important add on to cute ties from the energy parasites attached to Porn Sites, after a few loops i don’t feel even tempted to go back there.

That+Black Martian Jing are doing a good job, I’m not in a regular no orgasm regime, but I feel pretty much replenished after 2-3 days from a release.

Those are paid fields tho

Lemme think about a free solution?

Aura cleaning+Etheric Chord Cutter+Jing Infusion could make the job done, tbh here a second opinion on it is needed

GL with your PhD, hopefully i will start mine this year


Many thanks Gamiro for your insight, also good look on starting your PhD!
Having looped Jing infusion a few times it so far seems to have less of an impact than looping Jing Restoration. I’ll have to try it a few more times to see.
I feel like my body has more energy, especially when working out, however I am still constantly tired, and lack motivation. I expect this is mostly to do with my porn addiction, and now that I am abstaining it is heavily impacting my dopamine. I occasionally utilise Dopamine neurotransmitter overload to help with the low energy. I should probably start utilising the dopamine receptor repair to recover from this.
I have work again today after 3 days off, so I am interested to see how my interactions develop after looping Jing, and occasionally playing androstenol.

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My god, the powerful positive vibe energy track works. Not only did I feel more positive at work but everyone was more positive to me too.
Looping jing restoration has had my energy levels increasing. Hitting new levels in my workouts.


Thanks to the Jing restoration looping, and possibly the occasional play of confidence booster, I’ve felt a lot more confident in the past few days. It has significantly altered my interactions with people


Interestingly I feel that the positive vibe energy isn’t working as well. Could it originally have been placebo. However, I know the Jing works so surely that is not the case. Maybe it is because I believe in it less, my own uncertainty over it has filled my reality.
Looping Jing restoration continues to give my body energy. I continue to keep hitting personal bests in calisthenics exercises.
However, mental energy is distinctly lacking. I am constantly filled with brain fog and low work ethic.
Begun to utilise OM’s PoNR, so will observe how that goes.
Started to utilise Maitreya’s attract women instantly, so will see how that goes. I’m probably invested in the outcome so not sure how successful it will be.
Will have to see if there are any tracks to boost mental acuity.

Lately I’m feeling very full of Jing, almost to the degree that I can’t control my energy and my urges are just so strong.
I need to add in more ojas and transmutation listens to manage with it.
Nearly at 2 weeks of no fap, and having looped Jing restoration every day I feel like it is many weeks more.
Started commitment to using Androstenol every day to see if I can boost my attraction. Still in that petty mindset of clinging to boosting my attraction and appeal, which I am okay with at the moment. Is probably holding me back from attaining what I want though. I should move past it in the near future.
Physically I feel incredible. The strongest I’ve felt in a long time, and have been hitting personal bests in every calisthenics exercises I do. I usually do 35x50m in the pool every Sunday, and this Sunday it felt so easy. Banged out a 50m butterfly sprint like it was nothing.
Think I may start committing to looping etheric cord cutter every day for an hour, to help stop the urges to watch porn. It is very difficult, and I will really have to commit to cutting it out of my life. Probably need to add in dopamine repair as well.
Don’t want to have to spend so much time playing multiple different tracks though at the moment. Want to just loop a few and slowly work through different ones to not overwhelm myself.

Begun a self love/confidence journey, as I think this is much needed. I’ve built up my energy now, and feel comfortable on my no fap journey, having so far survived three weeks.
I’ve started a journey to attain lucid dreaming/astral projection.
Self love stack in the morning x2.
Astral stack in the afternoon/evening on loop.
Loop Jing/Ojas/Wassler Lillith whenever I get free time.

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The universe is hearing me! Just as I begin my astral/lucid journey, Lucid Dreaming 2.0 is released. Was very excited to try it. Played 4 times, rather than the stated 2 as was too excited. Unfortunately I did not have a lucid dream. My dreams are more vivid at the moment, and I am having better recall, but last night’s was a dud. Can’t remember too much.
I had been utilising @Gnosticmedic27 mantra of RaaOmmm GaaOmmm, and boy did I have excellent dream recall yesterday. While repeating the mantra I could keep going back through my memory of the dream, remembering large amounts of it.
Forgot to utilise this mantra this morning, so can only blame myself.
Added Lucid Dreaming 2.0 to my stack, so hopefully in the near future I will attain a lucid dream.

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I’ve recently bought soul core restoration, and I’m not sure I feel massively different yet, however all of a sudden I have a sense of feeling whole. It’s hard to explain, just that I know I feel better.
Matching this with looping Jing and listening to the GOAT scent, I feel a little like I’m cheating at attraction. Im getting a lot more attention from girls. One of the girls at work couldnt stop looking at me while I worked on another section, and when I managed to sit next to her, we hit it off great. Its really frustrating that she has a boyfriend though, especially as now I’ve got to know her I like her even more.
There is one girl that I really like at work, who is very pretty. Im interested to see if this concoction has more of an affect on her. Havent had the chance to get to know her, but now I feel like the possibilities are endless.
Ive been using my lucid/astral stack for a while now, and my dreams, while not lucid yet, have been extremely vivid. Really enjoying exploring my dreams, especially as some of the girls I like have turned up in them.

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Still not sure what to feel about Soul Core Restoration. I do have a sense of feeling whole, but I wouldn’t say it has significantly impacted my life. If it is doing something to me, it is doing it in the background.
Emotionally the last few weeks have been a bit rough. Having explored myself more I’m facing all the emotional problems I had buried away. My relative loneliness while working on my PhD, and the lack of any meaningful relationship has taken a toll on my happiness. Shadow Work on myself has enabled to face up to some hard truths, and to hopefully put in place measures to help me improve my social circle.
Couple with this, my social anxiety with girls that I like is something I am no longer happy to tolerate. Having bought the Flight to fight NFT, I’m hoping this will help my consciousnesses urge to flee whenever I want to talk/show interest to a girl I like. I know girls like me, yet my subconscious blocks are a significant stumbling block to me developing relationships. Aiming to significantly work on these blocks in the next few weeks.
This is considerably strange to me, as professionally I am very adept at social interaction, having gone to many conferences I can easily talk publicly. However, this blockage has me looking within myself to help alleviate the problems.
Meanwhile, a professional setback this week has added to my burdens. Have sought solace in the tracks ‘Abundance Mindset’, ‘A Life of Magical Abundance’, and ‘Attract Wealth, Prosperity.’
Meanwhile the Lucid/Astral experiment is going well. My dreams are vivid, though still uncontrollable. I feel as if I could leave my body; I feel my soul/energy body within me, but at the moment lack the knowledge or ability to detach myself from my body, which is proving to be quite frustrating.

I dropped porn for the last time in my life 5 days ago now. I can only thank @Matteo for highlighting the easy peasy method. I feel free for the first time in my life and it feels wonderful.
Ive been playing soul restoration for many weeks now, and the first few days off porn the urges were incredible. I couldnt even go anywhere near any jing fields without having to transmute the energy right away afterward.
Ive settled down now but feel much more calm and confident.
For the first time in a while I feel ready and excited to get back into the dating game.
Been plaing flight to fight for quite a few days. No major changes yet but Im starting to feel more confident.
Havent noticed much with goat scent for a while, but I havemt really been focusing on girls the last few days. Now I feel more confident and happy in myself, Im looking forward to seeing the results


So it’s been a long while since I’ve made a post on here. I failed my no porn journey, in the intervening period and began it again 2 weeks ago. I’ve been going strong for a while now.
I realised I had many problems with myself, so turned to my old self love stack and began looping. Have improved manifold since then.
I’ve begun to explore myself more through a spiritual level. Began to meditate more again. Borrowed @Alkul 's Ewfae stack on consciousness, and began with that.
Been utilising more fields on astral projection and lucid dreaming, and reading more on astral projection, to try and experience that. Still no luck with that, I’ve only ever had one dream in my life where I realised I was dreaming, but then woke up.

Having finally become tired of my lack of ability to visualise, I’ve created a stack to tackle the problem.
I believe that the root cause in the degradation of my ability to visualise comes from the increased use of technological/internet usage throughout my teens and 20’s. Therefore I’ve cut out all porn and youtube usage to see if this improves my mind. I feel like creating a thread to gauge peoples opinions on the use of youtube. I know everyone believes porn is a significant problem, but I think the use of youtube, and other entertainment sites (like twitch) have severely degraded my minds capacity. Now I know I’m a doctor (PhD), but I feel like my mind and intelligence were much smarter when I was younger, and fully believe I could have achieved more if I was never introduced to these problem sites.

As such, I’ve created a new stack to listen to once a day. This includes:
Morphic Doctor Enhanced Creative Visualisation
Quadible Integrity Boost Creativity
Sigh Energy Aphantasia
MEF Photographic Memory
Dreamseeds The Well of Creativity
Dreamseeds Pietersite
Sapien Superhuman Genius
Maitreya Decalcify Pineal Gland
Morphic Doctor Third Eye Chakra
Maitreya Third Eye Chakra Healing

I wish I had Sapien’s Chakra fields, but currently don’t have enough money for them!
On top of my Self love stack (sapien’s fields) and ewfae’s Concsiousness stack, I’ve got quite a lot on my plate, which is why I’m only playing them once a day.
I’m interested to see how this improves my visualisation, though at the moment it has not significantly improved.