Healer Primer Experiences

Today i listened to the Healer Primer for the first time and i noticed that it was intense because the whole day afterwards i was rather low Energy and fled into the world of fantasy books but after a 1 and a half hour nap in the evening i feel different and just noticed how open my heart area feels and how much emotion is being released i feel defenitly better now. Helping me along to not fall into bad habits today was the higher self audio and unstoppable willpower.+ even though its not recommended to listen to other audios that work on the energybody i listened to the soul restoration audio aswell.
All in all I am very grateful for this intense but very healing Experience i feel like i am more myself again!


Same here, first healer primer yesterday and today I’m quite low energy.
My heart feel very light though, and I feel a lot of acceptance for things that are usually annoying to me


Made me very tired first hour after listening to it at work :sleeping: :grinning:


Listened to it at bedtime yesterday, slept for 9 hours straight! Still feel sleepy…


Yup my chakras are still sore from the last three days playing healer primer. Got a pretty good beating but whats weird is i feel good about it.


My experience with Healer Primer has been interesting. The first night after I listened to it, I couldn’t sleep until 5 am. My body temps go from cold, normal or hot more often. My palms are now warm to hot. My hands used to be pretty cold all the time. I’ve been listening to a few other audios plus Emotional Release as well so I’m sure any strong emotions that have/are coming up are getting released.

Another thing is that last week before listening to Healer Primer I was very proactive in taking care of things in my life. I recently lost my job so last week I updated my resume, had a couple of interviews, and reached out to several folks. This week, I can’t seem to get focused to do anything. I have a few followups that I need to do and I just don’t feel like it. I hope this changes quickly. :confused:


Felt like a truck hit me after the first day listening healer primer :slight_smile: onto the second day…


I just listened to my third day of Become the Healer audio so I should be attuned now. I’m very excited to try this on my shoulder which has been in pain.

@SammyG @Dreamweaver I have a question regarding the process. When I say ‘Start healing now’, how long does the healing energy flow from my palms? Do I need to say ‘Stop healing’ or does it automatically stop after a certain time?


My girlfriend is on her second day of Healer Primer and I just told her to try it on herself because of her menstrual cramps. She’s feeling better now!


Are you supposed to feel tired after listening to this?
Just finished my second listen

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Most people seem to feel more fatigue than usual. It’s very intense energy work.


I didn’t feel tired tbh

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Perhaps your system is more advance or you don’t have as much energy ‘baggage’

You should stay stop healing. But it automatically stops after a certain amount of time. So as long as you focus on it, the energy will keep flowing. Time wise varies to be quite honest


Thank for replying @SammyG. Some additional questions below:

  • So the energy could keep flowing for a long while if I focused on it?
  • Is the energy being drawn from zero point or from within our body system? I’m just worried about getting drained.
  • Should I listen to Ancients Arts regularly to keep my energy strong?
  • Yes, so as long as you focus on it, it should keep flowing.
  • It is drawn from an energy realm that dream created that has a massive amount of this energy. And it is infinitely expanding so never be afraid of using ‘too much.’
  • I would definitely recommend this. Every other day would probably be better even. This is just extremely healthy for your mind, body and spirit and all levels.

@SammyG Thanks for helping me understand further. This helps!

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Hi Starlight,

Pls share little information about Ancients Arts audio, I couldn’t find one on patreon. Thanks in advance.

It isn’t on Patreon. You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer, or buy it on Google Play, Amazon etc…


Some more info about it here:


Thanks much