Hearth Heater Items Store

Hello, I will be selling items created from the new NFT The Hearth Heater:

It has a maker item that spreads feelings of positivity, safety and comfort throughout your home and can expand to your entire neighborhood.

The Pixiu Pair
( Pixiu normally comes in a pair, Bìxié, the two antler female that wards off evil from your home, promotes positive feng shui and appeases bad feng shui (or in a sense, astrological afflictions), Tiānlù, the single antler male that seeks out to collect gold, silver, jewels, grows and protects wealth. Pixiu are also fierce warriors and protectors.
Bìxié (Think it is better for Bixie to be the guardian and overseer of the home)
• Protects the home from evil, ill intentions, curses and disease
• Promotes and grows the home into a wealth vault (wealth energy flowing within)(Feng Shui concept)
• Appeases astrological inflictions on the owners and household (or reduces for household members, incase you feel too OP)
• Activates the beneficial sectors of the home (Feng Shui)
• Neutralizes the bad sectors in the household (Feng Shui, also the sectors change yearly, monthly lol)
• Promote harmony in the household (Feng Shui)
• Grants Feng shui knowledge concepts and ideas (Feng Shui)
• Suggests (nudges) owner and household members to improve home situation (if is not harmonious) (Feng Shui)
Tiānlù (I think its better to categorise Tianlu as the active one that flys and ventures out of the home)
• Finds, locates and stores wealth (in its belly haha)
• Activates the wealth energy from all directions to flow towards the home (Feng Shui)
• Identify income and money streams and delivers ideas to the owner
• Removes wealth blockages, energetic and mental, encourages abundance mindset
• Fiercely guards acquired wealth and fortune
• Increases sucess in dealings related to abundance, money and wealth (Feng Shui)
• Alerts the owner to auspicious dates for wealth (Feng Shui)
• Discourages the owner from taking part in wealth activities on inauspicious dates (Feng Shui)

The price for an item will be $30 + shipping/handling and any extra if you would like a custom item. Items will likely be created on fairly cheap gems that I can obtain in my location.

PM me or post below if you would like to purchase.


Given that we’re approaching Asian Lunar New Year, if you can find them, you might think about putting this field on a pair of Pi Xiu/Pi Yao.

The base figurines can be quite inexpensive and small enough to ship easily.

Congratulations on your new shop!