Help, please! Download/Playlist Issues

I’ve been downloading Sapien Med tracks from Patreon, opening them in Spotify, and creating playlists from them with titles like… Mental Health / Exercise / Teeth & Gums etc. so I can listen offline.
It works at first, and then suddenly certain tracks will disappear from Spotify, or Spotify will say, ‘You don’t have permission to download/play that song’.
Or certain tracks can be listened to - just not offline.
Or certain tracks can’t be added to a playlist…
Can somebody please suggest an android mobile friendly app (or any other solution) that will allow me to, a) download Sapien’s tracks from Patreon without compromising the effect,
b) allow me to create playlists, and,
c) allow me to listen to said playlists offline?
Thank you! :pray:

P.S. Please forgive me if this has already been covered somewhere. I’m new here and still navigating the forum. I’m not terribly tech savvy… Sorry! :grimacing:


VLC Player

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A related tip in case anyone wants to download stuff off of Spotify, soundcloud, youtube, and other music hosts: Use Spotiflyer (cross platform)

Youtube alternative on Android = Newpipe (no ads, background play, playlists, subscribe feeds, no YouTube account sign in though), you can use Raag on F Droid app directory (F Droid is an alternative to Google Play store) as alternative to dowbload full quality of youtube audio

Details here Help, please! Download/Playlist Issues - #8 by Divine_Heroine


This phrase is unclear to me. So I do want to remind our forum friends to be careful about downloading fields from YouTube. It’s been said in a number of different ways that downloaders from YouTube can change the file coding which will then change the field. This is because of the unique way that YouTube codes its files.

I don’t know this app you’re mentioning or what it does (and your phrasing confuses me) or if it plays files in the native YouTube coding structure or does something else.

And to anyone reading this, using a player as which plays simply plays the fields from YouTube without any conversion is just fine. I know that VLC Player and services like listenonrepeat do this. I’m sure that there are many others I don’t yet know about (like perhaps your NewPipe might do this, too).


I understand. I’d be vigilant too if i were you.


Newpipe is an Android app that’s basically like YouTube music only all free features. I’ve mainly used for ‘streaming’ (watching/viewing) videos. I’ve been using this for many years now and had no issues with listening to the audios

Several sources says here that Newpipe doesn’t convert the format (When downloading, the app shows what’s available for audio bitrates [audio quality] that YouTube can offer)

And if it’s safe…:


For a more strict, lossless (no transcoding, only the original quality of the file) method of downloading, one can use youtube-dl or the GUI

And this is a user-friendly app on desktop for that

Raag android

Raag (only for Android. On F-Droid store [Filled with open source apps] downloads the highest quality available that youtube allows and depending on the uploader, but since it’s a small project i wouldn’t recommend since it is buggy (still usable for me as a tech-superuser) in its current state

Codec Tampering

As support with evidence for what WellBeing said:
Info about ‘conversion’ CAN lead to loss in quality but not necessarily, there’s lots of other things to consider such

But as WellBeing says, VLC - for simplicity - can work if that’s what you want or prefer to use.


The Official FaQ from the team stated on #25 and #35 that sound quality on device doesn’t matter, it’s merely a carrier for the energy, but if you’re not getting results, then it usually means you have converted it to a different format (which can lead to massive loss in quality) using whatever software that did it

Best lossless, original quality audio - reading

If it comes down to ‘lossless’ HiFi (Hi Fidelity) music streaming, YouTube (256kbps for premium users / 128kbps for free users) doesn’t host HD / HQ like Spotify does (360kbps)

More details here

When audio gets uploaded to YouTube is the codec still intact? The tech folks answer here detailing how it works and how to download the best available quality How to download YouTube videos with no quality loss? - VideoHelp Forum

And for anyone concerned about quality of sound on YouTube vs Spotify (if disregarding the FaQ):


  • For ‘best results’ / less risk stream as Wellbeing and Sapien said
  • For downloading choose the highest bitrate that’s offered/available by YouTube (YoutubeDL + Spotiflyer have those capabilities)
  • Don’t use a converter.
  • File extension (IDEAL: .opus) (questionable: .m4a, .ogg, .flac)(reading) (Reading2)
  • Sound equalizer adjustment to your taste. Read the FaQ

**Emphasis added

For any other solution, I’ve found that a good old MP3 player works. I used to use an old iPod nano before the battery died. I may eventually fix it one day…

Anyways, this MP3 is pretty easy—it doesn’t need any extra software, you’d just plug it into the computer and then drag and drop and (with a SD card) you could store quite a few songs on it. It also supports playlists, if you know how to make them.


Oh my gosh! I’ve been looking for this for a long time! Thank you!


Thank you!


Thank you also for this fantastic breakdown. Sorry for my late reply!

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This looks brilliant. Thank you so much :pray:


Now recently there is an Android app called Seal on F-Droid which uses yt-dlp and has the option to download without conversion of the file: .OPUS which is the container for the audio information and doesn’t tamper with the codec.


Anybody can confirm this by going to a video on youtube, right-clicking on the video, clicking on the “Stats for nerds” text that appeared in a pop-up, then seeing that even a normal video is streamed with OPUS audio.

This audio can be in turn downloaded with Youtube-dl / Ypt-dl (the format codes are the same).

Spotify’s offline songs are encrypted and stored within the Spotify app itself, and they can only be played within the Spotify app. Spotify uses a digital rights management (DRM) system to protect the songs and ensure that they cannot be accessed or played outside of the Spotify app. If you want to listen to Spotify’s offline downloads, you should use the Spotify app itself. Within the Spotify app, you can access and play the songs you’ve downloaded for offline listening without an internet connection. But you could also download songs with some third-party music converters such as DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, TunesFun Spotify Music Converter, or TunesSolo Spotify Music Converter.

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Because of the DRM protection, the downloaded tracks from Spotify can only be played on Spotify. If you want to save the downloaded tracks forever, you can try Spotify Music Unlocker to download your playlist.


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