Help with Situation

feeling very depressed, lonely, useless. If anyone can help somehow, thank you



Hi, @Sims! Sending angels, comfort and light and an Inner Smile to reassure you.

Know that you can choose a new, loving and abundant inner feeling as soon as you realize who you are = a beautiful being of light!

What if every possible feeling was accessible to you at this very moment? They are! The feelings you are having are not you, they are just feelings. Because they create a sort of chemical reaction within the body they appear to be the sum total of your life at this moment. As Neville Goddard says, Imagination is the key, and you are the operant power.

What could you choose to imagine about yourself that would be liberating and comforting? That is the picture that we are holding for you now.
Angel in sky 1


Have you tried to loop exorcism rite?

Because “useless” it’s something that none of us are. The concept of productivity/ material goals are for sure overrated these days. It’s like, you are something if you achieve something… Nono, you ARE useful just for being you. For occupying your very own position in this universal scheme. The time you spend discovering your being, resting, replenishing etc is useful… so much as your productive time.

Take your time. You are enough, remember that.


You can use Angelic Intercession (Dream Seeds) and talk to them. They can help you. We all go through times like that . Sending you love :heart:


This seem to be meant to help you