How to buy NFT when it is released by dreamweaver?

I’ve bought lots of filed music from sapien gumroad.
but, when it comes to NFT not familiar with it I don’t have any
even if i want to

I’ve researched on it. here’s some of the thing I found

  1. dream release certain NFT at certain point of time
  2. some of the NFTs are driven by some communities
  3. communit member got the first chance to buy
  4. someone like me have to buy it from venly or crypto
  5. venly and crypto doesn’t have all the NFT collection
    some of the owener doesn’t wants to sell

question is

  1. How can i know the exact released timing by dreamweaver?

  2. first edition released by dream can only uploaded on teespring?

  3. How many NFT are released?

  4. is it like superball ticketing sold in one minute?

  5. what is community that discuss or giving out concept of certain NFT?

  6. How can i join this community?

  7. does community member got the chance to buy it first?

plz let me know
I want part of sapien NFT


I think you would just need to join a community project you are interested in.
I believe most make a public post asking if others are interested before making it private.

Only those in the community project get the sales as they are private sales.
Sometimes, a few get released to the general public as well.


Hi, Next. Monitor this section; NFTs - Sapien Medicine


It also helps to sign up for notifications under “Announcements “ that way you’ll be flagged when new public NFTs are introduced (as well as other important community happenings) on the forum and by email.


hi captian nemo
maybe I should do it


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Thanks for asking this, you covered every question I also had. Just looked at nft blueprint of love on venly. $130,000 :rofl:

You are just the most wonderful lady (you are a lady right? Sorry if not, I didn’t grow up in a time where assumptions seemed to offend folks so much…) I have been wondering about this nft thing for the whole day now.

Edit: well I just looked at that link, I’m more terrified of nfts than ever. Oh damn my boomer inclinations. :wink: