If you really wanna understand what's going on

Watch this video! After watching it, I recommended it to several friends, but YouTube had it down in days (may all those involved in keeping truth and free expression from the world get their karma, hard).

He does say two things in the video where I think there’s more to the story. His comments on the Old Testament God and microchips in vaccines come from what I believe to be a limited understanding about the multi-layered workings of these concepts and technology. But in almost an hour and a half, I probably agree with right at 99.8725% of what he says.

Really glad I found this again on BitChute.


Probably not anymore?

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Nah, it’s up, it’s just unavailable at your location.

So VPN all the way.


He was decades ahead in predicting so many things that have come to pass. It’s insane to see how he predicted what they would try in Ukraine 10+ years ago, with vaccines, Israel, the “trans” movement, and so many more agendas.

“When you know what the end goal is, the events that are unfolding before you all begin to make sense.”


What a great summary! Concise view of recent human history with a larger, coherent perspective.

There were a lot of dots that I had encountered just by noticing how they stood out, and then he connected many of them.

I really liked the electromagnetic spectrum and how a a (5) sense reality is such a small sliver of it. I heard shrimp have a wider view than humans hah.

Was a reminder & surge to shift, and continue to choose to be in higher vibrational states like understanding, love, and joy.

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If there is ever a rebel quality within, now I can understand what, how and why. To shift from lower energetic states to higher ones; from being restricted, to realizing infinity and the interconnectedness of consciousness.

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