Immortality or Die Tryin'

So I thought I’d kick off a loose journal style thread about my experiences here.

Lately I’ve primarily been working with the Mythic audios. While I’m not hitting them exactly every single day I am getting them in 9 out of 10 days. And mostly feeling pretty good too. I have a variety of health challenges, the previously mentioned need to lose over 100# which I was applying my Glory field item towards, which I talked a bit about in my Ask for Advice thread.

Mostly I’ve noticed just feeling good on days when I wake up at my own pace and use the audio fields. At first Divine Will was my favorite, and now I like Full Body Negentroic track about just as much, although the Plasma Detox track is good too. Plasma Detox definitely needs 3 plays through for me to notice a good effect vs. the other 2 which 2x feels very nice.

The over all effect on days where it’s good I’d liken to a good practice session of my Qigong. Clean good energy. And I felt it on the first morning I used the tracks. Feeling it now, which inspired the post haha. Have yet to combine the two. ;)

Times I’m not feeling the effects so much are when I have to get up early for work and the rest of the morning there after. I haven’t worked it out to set an alarm so that I can listen to the tracks before I have to leave the house, but then again I have NEVER been a morning person.

I am listening to the Welcomed track sporadically since getting Mythic. I also purchased Luck, because I always like to be lucky. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few other fields from back in the Dale Power days, mostly they’re packed away with my things haven’t really used them in years. Eventually I’ll relate some experiences with them.

As the title of this journal alludes to I eventually plan on getting the Eternity field. I have to admit I don’t really understand NFTs at all, or what’s required to use or receive them. Might sound silly, but there ya go.


can you name them?

Sure. Glory, Glamour, Matchmaker, Alternate Realities, and I think the last one was called Ascension.


When’s that album droppin, G?


Party like it’s 2999. :rofl:


Managed to set an alarm, and play the Mythic fields before I had to get up and go to work. Actually didn’t feel as awful as I usually do in the mornings.

Tomorrow I’ll get up at my own pace, and listen to the tracks when I feel like it. That’s when they’ve felt the best. Maybe I’ll even do my Qigong while I’m listening.


Sooooo, let’s see: Mythic audios are definitely contributing to a general over all feeling of well being that lasts most of the day. Kicks in around the 2nd run of Divine Will.

Got the Eternal NFT. Took a bit of doing on my part as setting up a wallet was completely outside my skillset and comfort zone. My mind just doesn’t work the way tech is set up, I talk and listen, it’s all visual. I screaming obscenities, and nearly gave up but lucked into figuring it out somehow… “Divine Will” :grin:

So, now I’ve got the Eternal set up as my wallpaper on my laptop and phone. Dunno that this will confer the benefits of the field to me, but I figure it will do until the dogtag I ordered arrives.

Additionally I might go out to a print shop and run off a tear sheet of images of the NFT and make some improvised items with it to carry about. Put it in an old pendant locket or such.

I am curious if I could/can use radionics to transfer the information or energies of the field to myself remotely. I remember there being some question about this back in the before times. If nothing else I can tape the paper images to my phone case, etc.

That seems to be all, mood is generally improving despite the dark days of bickering and doody we’re having.

Hope you’re all drinking exquisite tea my friends.


Don’t mind me… I’m just taking notes from your experience. Have to set up the wallet now and i totally feel you my friend.

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Hmm, let’s see…

Went to work early yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to listen to Full Body Negentropy until I was going to bed, and that’s what I did. Fell asleep and it was niiiiiiiiiiiice. Might experiment with listening later in the day and different times, save a repetition for before bed, something like that. See what shakes out.

Amazon “lost” my dog tag, claimed to have delivered it but they did not. I don’t suspect that it was stolen, other much more valuable amazon packages were left. It was worth $10, so I suspect the delivery folks just lied about delivering it.

That said I may create a servitor to bring me my stuff. :grin:

And maybe a less warm and cuddly one to discourage theft, which has been on the rise in the neighborhood. :smiling_imp:

I get really triggered by lying delivery guys though. I have empathy for mistakes, it’s not an easy job but I’d rather wait than be lied to.

I’ve ordered a replacement from a different seller, we will see.

Print shop was a bust, couldn’t get them to print up quality color prints, etc. I don’t currently own or have access to a printer and my luddism is a barrier. I really do like looking at my NFT art on my phone though. The screen lights up and makes it look luminescent. :grin:

I bought the Eternal NFT largely on the strength of the effects of Mythic have been having on me. There’s some stuff going on, but I’ve got to get on with it this morning and get going, so more later.


I’m worried about the dog tag getting lost too! I’ve had bad delivery experiences in the past sadly. So same as you, I am content with looking at the photo on my phone.

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So, a few weeks ago I was riding high on a wave of what I might call a “Mythic fields induced state of whimsy” and began to really question what it is that I want in life. Aside from various aspects of the usual “wine women and song” type stuff, what I really want is to run a successful acupuncture/Qigong clinic, with a very strong and coherent healing Qi field and to help as many people to heal and live healthy lives as possible.

Or maybe I could accomplish that with a tea house? Hmm. :thinking: (The tea world is treacherous…)

Anyway, that’s what shook out for me.

At that same time I felt a strong urge to look into the Ascension-naut field NFT. Somewhere around here I have an ascension field item from the old days, but the upgraded version might be more beneficial/useful. Honestly, I am not quite ready to give up certain aspects of my ego/personality just quite yet. But as I say I was riding a Mythic-wave.

Since then I haven’t quite found the Mythic fields to be nearly that powerful these last few days. I was really soaring. My energy systems seem to tend to ground out various subtle energy experiences. I wouldn’t say that they negate them, just integrate them as “the new normal” and move on, which can leave me back at my “set point” just at a different scale. And sometimes my set point sucks. To be perfectly honest I have spotty history with morphogenetic fields. Like I said I have a bunch of earlier Dale items, and possibly a few made by Dreamweaver back in the old old days… (sheesh, over a decade.) And effects have been subtle, negligible, or not noticeable in many cases. The Alternate Realities field is an exception in that it had some disturbing and annoying effects. (Data points kept shifting on me, things like phone numbers, conversations I’d had, PIN numbers, etc.)

Mythic has been an exception. Still I have been feeling the “high” of it’s effects less. Although I am grateful for it’s effect on mornings where I have to get up early, those usual suck real bad. Now they’re just not much fun. I definitely feel a difference, much less “suck” in my body and systems in general. Very akin to having done some of the subtle but powerful Qigong I know. A bit like doing a nice 45min. Qigong work out.

Don’t notice any effect from the Eternal yet, except that I like looking at the art. :slight_smile:

So I am considering the Ascension-naut, and additional fields like Woven Worlds-Millions, WW-the Chosen One, and possibly Swords of Adipose Annihilation. Haven’t been wearing my Glory field items much lately, haven’t been focusing much on th’ ol’ weight loss either, which is a problem for someone in my condition. It affects everything else.

So, Swords of AA. is a thought. Along with all the dumb stuff you gotta do to drop over 100#. What a hassle, but it must be done. Again.

That’s about all I can think of for now.


Every day it’s like stacking a single sheet of paper on top of the one you laid down the day before. Day by day the effect is subtle, but over the days and years a stack of paper becomes a block, and bale, and the size of a house, a mountain.

That’s how Taiji and Qigong practice has been described. Lately the effects of Mythic seem like this. As I go to work and wake up earlier than I please each day, I feel tired, disgruntled and aggrieved. But you know what? It’s not as bad as it was before I began using these fields. I notice a difference. It’s better. Less over all pain and aggravation, less misery at being awake before humans should be. Coffee used to help me, but I had to stop with coffee so I just sucked it up and went on.

Now, when I allow myself to wake up when I please and begin my day as I like and listen to the Mythic fields I feel fantastic. It feels good. Would probably even feel better if I didn’t begin my days with social media and just did some Qigong, listened to the fields and drank some nice tea.

I like using the audio tracks best by playing them each in sequence 3x each first Detoxed Plasmatron, Divine Will next and then Full Body Negentropic Coherence. On days where I have to get out of the house early that isn’t always possible so I might end the day with the ones I didn’t finish.

I finally got the Eteranal NFT printed up. Boy that was a hassle. Not quite enough of a hassle to deal with the hassle of buying and owning another printer, but you get the idea.

So now I have a copy in my phone case, and taped to the bottom of my laptop which frequently makes contact with my lap. I also put one in my old Protonic Creations Causal Chamber with the intention that it beam the fields of the NFT to me directly at all times. Not directly noticing any effects from it, but that’s okay too.

I’m not listening to the Welcomed, or Luck fields as frequently although in moments when I can I play them in the background of my apartment through out the day. I might/should/ought to put myself on a schedule with them I suppose, just to see what happens.

Also picked up Woven World Millions, seems like that was last week. Unlike Mythic I don’t notice major energy shifts, but then I did notice that I’ve been checking job postings more often and I realized that there is nothing that my boss does that I could not learn how to do. I do not know it yet, but I could learn. I like my boss, and my job I could also be doing better. Haha, guess I’ll make it a goal to listen to WWMils until I am sufficiently motivated to bang out a new resume and send it to every single opening I see, and get on the ball and learn all the admin side skills my boss has… LMAO. :thinking: :rofl:

Or maybe that’s just he Mao Feng green tea I’m drinking. :wink:

Hope you all are enjoying some delicious oolong, puerh, green, white, red or black teas this glorious Saturday afternoon.


Well, I’ve got a birthday coming up. With the Eternal NFT I won’t say I’m growing older. A lot of stuff to do, lots of things to accomplish.

Deciding on an new field to treat myself with. Money’s tightish, so just going all out and grabbing like 3 or 4 NFTs not going to happen this year. The obvious choices are the Unexpected NFT or the Merry Maker. Those are kind of “birthday-ish.” There are many other choices too though. Cloak of the Shadow has my eye. In uncertain times and situations being unnoticed goes a lot further than being a badass in my experience. I’d kind of like a re-issue of Combat Aid though, just to go with my over all vibe lol. Not something I ever want to have to use, and CotS is by far more practical to keep things from getting to that point.

Swords of Adipose Annihilation might be in line with my over all top goal of dropping 125#, but reading through I’m not sure about potential side effects, and I still have to do things the old fashioned way anyway. Divine Intervention, Conceptual Realizations, and Woven Worlds the Chosen One all have a strong case to be made. I’d probably get Conceptual Realizations over Merry Maker in terms of when I want to buy which but I prefer the NFT format now to the audio fields.

Ascension-naut would be the one if money were no issue at the moment. But it is. Prestige and Glory is right out, might get it at some point.

LOL kind of reading through some of the field descriptions I am tempted to ask if they can turn a sandwich into a meal. I will control myself however.


And now I have the Solidifier.

Happy birthday to me.

Set it to work on a little thing that’s been nagging at me. Am sure there will be way more uses shortly.


Happy birthday! :innocent::two_hearts:

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Happy birthday :confetti_ball:

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Happy birthday! :heart:

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Thank you thank you.

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You didn’t say which day (I have one coming up, too!) so we’ll party like it’s today! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :rofl:

Also, gratz on the Solidifier! :partying_face: