Imposter syndrome

I have noticed I have imposter syndrome
What should I do
Any recommendations?

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New Release - The Unbreakable

Knight Mindset

New Release - Knight/Warrior Mindset

Become whole

Become whole: self acceptance/self love/ dissolve insecurities

Archetype of Parental Love

The Archetype of Parental Love


when the imposter is sus


I don’t believe in myself, I think I’m insufficient and unnecessary in everything right now, that I’m just an ordinary number in this world even though deep down I know I can do a lot and I’m capable of a lot of things.

I feel like I will never succeed in life.

I even turned back to all my friends who don’t believe in me, if they can ever be called friends at all.

But what I have noticed is that I reject all my friends because I no longer want to explain myself in front of them or tell them about my life and why I have been unemployed for 2 years and find it difficult to find a job in my country.

I’ve also noticed that when guests come to me, I avoid them because I don’t want them to know much about me.
So I run away from everyone just because of my ego because I don’t want others to know a lot about my life, the less they know the better.
I would like them to completely forget me and look at their work and never mention me and my problems.

By the way, I think this has to do with parents as well.
My parents raised me so that I respect others more then other people and their opinion are the most important for us and that I have to please them in everything in order to have a good opinion of me and especially of my parents.
Likewise, my parents raised me to be something special just so they could brag to me in front of others and to my successes.
Whenever I achieved something good, my father would talk about it all over the village just to get approvals from other people.

By the way, I was raised to do everything for my parents just them to be happy and satisfied with me, even if that means I had to sacrifice my life,

and that is what my actually my father asked me once to do after graduation to promise him that I would always help them and that they for me should always be number 1 and most important in the world and top priority, and to have to help them financially, and now that I haven’t had a job for 2 years and can’t be of use to my parents, I feel sometimes that I don’t really need to live because I have no purpose anymore.

Likewise as if I have to meet all the expectations of my parents, it is implanted in my subconscious, that they would just be happy, that they would be happy with me, only in this way

Well, that’s just one part of my problem from many others.

I use conceptual realitzation, psychic stimulation, higher self, personal therapist field
Also I am planning to use become whole
I will see yet

And I would like any fields to stop carrying what other people say too?


The one that popped up in my mind is this:


Thank you I use unbreakable and I should seriously to think to use become whole

Thanks for suggestions, it’s like you already read my thoughts before I explain further situation


Keep forgetting to update my playlist to include this, you and I are in the same boat, no doubt you’re a person with many talents but feel “wrong” for whatever reason.


knight mindset + unbreakable should be first.

knight changes your mindset pretty fast, and it is semi permanent meaning youll just need a couple of loops x week after like 2 months or 3.

self respect + torus weaved respect would seal the deal.

become whole loop it as much as you can from now, so you actually open yourself to embrace the others (meaning you wont self sabotage when you start noticing positive changes with KM or U)


this is why i added Archetype of Parental Love.

because its pretty common that the insecurites of that type come from either growing up seeing parents struggling with the same thus passing that “low deserving/not enough” trait to the kids or that the child or teen did not get encouraged to be themselves, explore or develop their abilities.


Definitely, SLR and the clearing fields first. Perhaps a good dedicated run of the PONR stack (adding in SLR of you’re using a modified stack) to clean house before you start trying to install the things you’re trying now?


Devil reversed devil reversed devil reversed


I agree with the suggestions! I very much connect with a lot of what you said and Unbreakable, Knight, Torus Weaved Respect, Positive Powerful Wave and the Inner Pillar have made TREMENDOUS improvements for my need of approval/wanting to be understood.

I know it’s a bit oversaid but it is a fundamental truth that society raises people to feel worth when we do things that pleases authority figures (parents, teachers, bosses, etc) and to withhold love and approval when we don’t. Which leads us to lose THE most important source for self worth and self-love, that which comes from within. I think it is the best gift we can give ourselves to reconnect to that and stop looking for this outside ourselves.

So how you are feeling is how most people feel but don’t see it or won’t admit to it. So you are ahead of the curve by being lucid about it and seeking solutions :slight_smile: And then that’s when the fun starts :smiley: :heart:


Hi, are you feeling better now and can you advise what fields you have used? I am in the same shoes. I am my father’s pride to show off to everyone while for my mother, I am never enough. They also expected me to give them my money as if it were my duty until I made some clear boundaries.

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So much good advice here. As an aside, there’s a YouTube channel called “refuge from narcissism” where this guy Ollie Matthews reads stories from other people with family members who exhibit traits of NPD and how to deal with it, how to heal by realizing it’s not all your fault. Just in case this resonates with you and you wanted to hear from other people who may be going through the same thing you are. Not saying this is true for you, it just sounded familiar to me. If I’m totally off base, please disregard :heart:

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