Intention Repeater Thread

Whoever wants to discuss the Intention Repeater can do so here while the forum is down.

Edit: The old forum is gone, so for the time being we can continue discussion in this thread.


The repeater was so strong the other day that I was really sad and I just put the repeater and it was hard for me to not put a happy face lol, it was weird but cool


Oh yeah, hitting Exahertz speeds trying to transform actually hurts a little. I has hurt in my bones before, but first time the Repeater did that.


what actually is happening?

Might be a DOS attack. I am pointing forum over to StackPath now. Should take about 4 hours to see if it works.

Weird, a friend of mine runs a forum (something about art) and she just told me her forum was under a DoS attack as well.

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StackPath is $10/month. I have my main website on it and seems to still be working.

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Can anyone get in touch with @SapienMedUser? He originally set up the forum for me.

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Have you tried messaging him?

Version 3.1 of the Intention Repeater MAX is done. It now shows exponents. Fixed a bug that resets the counter at 18.4 Quintillion iterations. You will need the MingW-W64 compiler (g++).

Repeats your intention up to 1.0x10^18 Hz or more.

Directions for compiling are there as well.


Are your forums still having issues?

Yes. I don’t know what’s up. I may or may not create another forum. I didn’t create that one actually.

Interestingly enough, I just finished a conference call at work with our IT teams. We’ve been having unexplainable network slowness issues for the last few days. Call ended with the IT manager saying they noticed in the logs they pulled last night random data loss in the network circuits that connect us to the Internet, which are supposed to have DDOS protections in them, so they gotta contact the vendor and figure out what’s going on.

Looks like attacks are happening all over.

Could be attacks or 3D structures starting to fail due to ascension. StackPath didn’t help my forum. I have read that 3D structures will disappear.

China shenanigans. I think we’ve got a ways to go before we collectively agree it’s time to start letting go of 3D.


For anyone interested, my old forum is archived at the Internet Archive:

There are compile directions here:

But basically it’s something like (in PowerShell):

C:\Program` Files\mingw-w64\x86_64-8.1.0-win32-seh-rt_v6-rev0\mingw64\bin\g++ .\intention_repeater_max_3.1.cpp -O3 -o .\intention_repeater_max_3.1.exe

I put the binary .exe file on the gitHub, along with a Repeater_MAX_Hashes.txt file you can use to check the file integrity in your PowerShell.

I couldn’t get all those library files to work. But the g++ has to be the MingW-W64 one for now, because it is using a 128-bit iterations counter. We are working on converting it back to 64-bit to allow other compilers.

It’s ok. In the future I will make a full installer when everything is worked out.

The website is the easiest place to use it, and does 1 million repetitions per second.


Repeater MAX Desktop:

Repeater MAX CUDA Desktop:

Repeater MAX CUDA Google Colab:

The Google Colab file is at my Repeater MAX CUDA gitHub:

v3.2 Repeater MAX is ready. Compiling directions are at my gitHub.
v2.1 Repeater MAX CUDA is ready. Compiling directions are at my gitHub.

For help on running, after compiling:
intention_repeater_max.exe --help
intention_repeater_max_cuda.exe --help

I will work on adding back the Hz designator later. It’s still in Alpha and there are things to improve before distributing to the majority.

About making statements of intent, is it better to stay realistic or go for something hyperbolic. For example I’m trying to read faster as I spend most of my days either reading through online forums or reading books, I currently read at 200wpm and am trying to go up to at least 2000 wpm. I thought of using “I read 2000 words per minute while still retaining and comprehending all information read.” or “I read 1 million words per minute while still retaining and comprehending all information read.” The thing I’m worried about is since the repeater is so powerful, the statement may be manifested in a literal way.