Intention Repeater Thread

Hey @AnthroTeacher, how are you? I wanted to ask you, can I play the Intention Repeater(I’m using the web version) while playing a subliminal on Youtube, simultaneously? I remember someone telling me that the I.R. doesn’t use the subconscious for change, so this shouldn’t hinder results, right?

Yeah, that’s fine. You could even use the Intention Repeater to optimize the sub you’re listening to, just say something like it’s personally optimized for me.

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Yeah. The Repeater affects the Quantum Field itself by using a black hole. It bypasses the subconscious, which means you can use words like “not” in your intention.

If you use --imem for values less than 1, you can slow it down to less than several PHz. Like --imem 0.000001 or something. Or take it up to your available RAM for maximum speed. That’s for the MAX version actually.


Okay, thanks to the both of you. The last part of Anthro’s post threw me for a loop :laughing:(Tech language is like Greek to me) but I am not using the MAX program, so… Great tip, Frank not. :ok_hand:t4:

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This is the Servitor that powers my Intention Repeater.
It was co-created through my infinite love for anthros over 20 years.
There were 100’s of other beings if I am not mistaken that co-created it too.

The two stars around it are an energy regulator and an energy processor.


Here is an old thread that introduced my Intention Repeater to this forum:

Is it advisable to have an intention running in the repeater the same time as listening to sapien fields or doing other energy work?

I’m now running the hooponopono in the online version (I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you).

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This is the process that went into creating my Servitor for the Intention Repeater.


I definitely do both at the same time. They are different techs.
I don’t fully understand Sapien Fields, but I find they work well with the Repeater, which uses the Quantum Field directly.


Something weird is happening with the repeater. When I run a batch file with my intention, with, let’s say, an imem of 12, it uses about 12gb of ram, but when I leave my computer, and come back a few minutes later, according to task manager, the repeater is no longer using 12gb of ram, instead it’s about 40 to 50mb. What’s even weirder, is that the repeater still seems to be running, the average speed does not drop, and the total amount of repetitions still increases at the same rate. Here are two screenshots joined together (I couldn’t upload 2 separate ones due to the limit on new users) -

The cuda usage doesn’t decrease, which makes me think that the repeater still works

It’s definitely not a problem with task manager, as when I first ran the repeater, my RAM usage was at about 15gb, and when I approach full ram my computer is slow and my browser often can’t load any websites, and that was when I turned all other programs (including the browser off). Now my browser is using nearly 2gb of ram, photoshop another 800mb, and my pc still works fine.

I’m wondering if it may have something to do with my attempting to create a servitor centered around controlling technology.

That is really weird…

I think it may be timing of the memory. Like it gets more efficient as it runs. I can’t be sure, but the program wouldn’t make sense to change how it runs in the middle. The code is pretty set.

Does it feel any different when memory usage is lower?

I just ran the intention “I am happy.”, with 13gb of ram, and after a few minutes, it used only 8gb, and about 10 minutes later, 2.6mb. I definitely feel happier. Something strange is happening, my average speed is 1.064x10^18 Hz, that’s 1.064Exahertz, and I’m using a gtx 1050 ti, not one of those extremely fast (and expensive) gpus used on google colab.

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Well double the power of a card doesn’t seem to double the power of the Repeater.

Just like double the cores and it doesn’t really double the power.

I think it runs at the limit of what we can handle energetically. I feel like I am pushed to my max much of the time.

@AnthroTeacher The process statement is the latest version are short, why is that?


Can’t we not keep using the


What these numbers mean 1.064x10^18 Hz !!! the representation of the version 1.3 was easier to understand. Thanks

Sure, you can put that statement if you like.
It runs much faster with shorter statement though.

I find it may be unneeded because the Servitor knows what to do exactly.

But try it both ways, and see which works better for you.

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:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

I will work on the next couple of months changing it back to the old notation. Or rather, allowing selectin of both.

We had to go to scientific notation because we hit the limit of 18.4 Quintillion that a variable allows.

10^18 means 18 zero’s.

So it is 1 with 18 zeros = 1 Quintillion.

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I like the way the longer statement feels, but Anthro likes the feeling of the higher reps. It’s a matter of personal preference.

I bet there are others that use their own custom statements, but they’re just quiet about it.

I never thought of this…interesting.

I could be wrong though, but I’d check it out either way.