Is it possible to ground energy by MEDITATION?

I feel overwhelming by listening only 1 or 2 field daily,
any technique?
thank you

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Did you mean the Mass Meditation? If yes, it says

Check this thread 🗻 Grounding Hardcore - Free Stack

Also, by physical means - go outside barefoot on the grass, stick yourself to a tree and be active physically.


Besides Meditation (meditating or using meditation fields), Beeja Mantras, colors, visualizing, energy exercises, yoga postures, pranayama, etc - these Techniques/Methods should help you Ground (the) Energy (as well).

The New Environmental and Infusion fields (Chi and Jing) from The Flow Album are Very Strong, I am amazed how strong they are at/in helping with “Energy Gathering (/accumulation)”.

Also, I just realized that there’s the Grounding or Schumann field, while the first Chakra, if Energized, should give you plenty of Energy/Bandwidth (for listening to more fields); I’m far from being an expert in anything chakras related, yet someone told me, years ago, to work on all chakras, since focusing only on one or a few could create some imbalances (maybe only if used long term though, Idk).

Also, Thanks to some posts, especially an older one, from Divine Lotus, I realized how important the whole Aura thing is, so you maybe have some leakages or something, I can’t see or feel auras though.

There is a field for Aura made by Captain, it’s on Gumroad, and it not only cleans, but repairs the Aura as well (I don’t have it, so I use any free alternative fields, including from Maitreya fields; generally speaking, there are quite a lot of free fields which help the aura, including Aura Clearing one, the 30 mins field released on Dream Seeds channel and the Energy Blockage Removal).

thanks a much man,

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The Muladhara - Root Chakra project has an ultimate grounding function included

You can ask for grounding 24/7 with this nft :dizzy: