JAAJ's Daily Self Love Stack 2024 🤍

One more: the OG 2022 self love stack for hardcore listeners


This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing :heart:

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Lol let’s just say sleep got wrecked. Never doing that again.

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“Mind Body Soul Graviton” is included in the new multistage stack.
Mind Body Soul Graviton contains Depths of Your Soul.


What about Indra’s Jewelled Net?

I think i would choose that one over VoDL.

I did not get that one yet!!

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can u explain more of this please

would u be able to do this with The Torsion Field?

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I no longer feel clingy or obsessed with my girlfriend nor do I take anything to heart anymore. I feel secured as a person and my girlfriend loves me more than ever, haha. Sometimes relationships can be rocky because you don’t have strong foundation of your self image and can lead to destroying the relationship.


It’s been a long time since I felt comfortable with myself and having to express love to others. Since at the age of 8-9, I have been traumatized, hid in my house to stay away from the outside world, ignoring everybody, running away from everything. I couldn’t even been able to go to any places without having major anxiety or feeling like I don’t belong there.

For the first time ever , at the age of 21, I feel my heart hurting, the buried emotions that I have been containing for so long, starting to release. Every injustice, and bullying that has been done to me, I started to let go and forgive. My love for myself is deepening and love for humanity is starting to grow stronger. I don’t emphasize on being more handsome or bigger to escape from the past anymore.

I believe this is the true beginning of a new birth of me, I am not there yet, but I am finally able to walk the path to my journey of fulfillment and love that has been stored away in a locked room.


Do you still recommend the PONR stack along with this? Or should we just focus on your version since there is the original stack in the first stage repeated every month? I’m on day 18 of the OM’s modified version, is it ok if I keep listening to that in the morning and one of your phases in the evening, maybe skipping duplicates if some audios are already there?


Original PONR Stack is included in the Stage 1 of the Multistage version, but is not included in the original long stack.

Use the fields in there as often as you feel right for you. Just keep in mind that the Deep Aura/Energy Cleaning field deletes everything from your system that you have used 3-4 hours before.


Awesome work JaaJ, seeing it like this makes a lot of sense for me.

I’ll give it a try.


Hey @JAAJ, I have a question regarding the multi stage stack. Is there a specific reason why you chose to recommend one week of listening instead of two, for example? From my understanding (everyone, correct me if I’m wrong) it takes some time to build momentum for the fields to integrate with your energy system and therefore work really well for you. I was just wondering if, in your opinion, listening to a stack once every month is enough to build this momentum opposed to listening (for example) for two weeks in a row and move on the next stage. Thanks for the clarification!

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The idea is that an iterative process (one full cycle within 4 weeks) will provide better cleaning, healing and self-esteem building when repeated again and again on top of the previous results.

It is like peeling an onion.
Healing and releasing layer by layer.
Trauma by trauma and topic by topic is being healed and removed, allowing for the traumas and topics underneath to be exposed and prepared to be healed within the next iteration.

At the core of the onion most topics (but not all) usually come down to traumas related to being abandoned by parents and not being loved enough by them (a literal existential crisis).

Your argument about building more momentum by giving each stage more time is totally valid and people are free to adjust the stage lengths to how they feel is right for them.

Another idea why I made it one week per stage is maybe because I was concerned that some people would give up continuing if they don’t receive some “quick” results.
As you know in our short-lived society a lot of stuff is governened by quick and cheap dopamine, instant gratification etc. thus, people move on quickly to something else if they don’t get a positive experience fast.
One month is already an eternity for most.
I thought that if people get a first positive experience after one month, they will be encouraged to continue with more cycles, including, as you said, with extended stages.


Got it, thanks!

Yep, can’t believe how little work people are willing to do nowadays. Cheap dopamine sources are truly a menace to society.


I highly recommend you also watch the whole movie.
One of Luc Besson’s best movies for sure.

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