JAAJ's Daily Self Love Stack 2024 🤍

Excellent stack! I am a huge sucker for organization, and these well-thought out and organized playlists just give me tingles (glory be to Marie Kondo! :rofl:)

How about the Vibration of Divine Love? I usually start all my playlists with VoT and end with VoDL. IMO, if there is only one “love” field I can listen, that would be the one. It seems to clear my aura (not just clearing, but making it golden and vibrant), and it feels like all my atoms are now holograms of love.


Thanks everyone for the additional input. I will update the stacks again very soon.


Hi, can I ask what you’re using to create your playlists on your computer or phone? The one from the screenshot you’ve included in your post? Is it a specific ‘app’ or ‘programme’? Thank you!

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@Clart No app or program. If I have to listen to songs I can’t buy or download I’m always on my computer. I’ll get back to you later today with the details and a couple of more screenshots.

EDIT Here: How-To: Adding a YouTube video to a playlist several times

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Thank you so much! :blush:


I second this. I would love to know where to put this field. I’m starting this stack and i’ll see how the next 4 weeks will go :dancer:

Thank you for this amazing playlist Jaaj. Bless you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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Ok, here are the playlists for the new FREE stack:

Stage 1 (every field should be there)
Stage 2 (Inner critic to inner self supporter only on Patreon)
Stage 3 (Unconditional love only on Patreon)
Stage 4 (Mind Body Soul Graviton only on Patreon)

@JAAJ let me know if you want me to change the list names from JAAJ’s Daily Self Love stacks to just Daily Self Love Stacks

Also please let me know if I messed something up or links don’t work!


Wow thanks!


Thank you a lot @onwards

This will help a lot of people!

You just literally decreased the entry barrier for many folks to start healing themselves.

:partying_face: :raised_hands: :white_heart:

You can keep the name as it is :smiley:

PS: I will add to the first post as well.


The devil reverse tarot archetype makes a great addition. It deals with your shadow self.


I don’t understand this field.
Can you please elaborate what it does exactly?
Does it make the shadow self conscious?

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Second this.


This field deals with unhealthy attachments, limiting beliefs and sabotage with yourself. Chains that bind you when you are close to hitting a major growth but the Devil (voice inside your head) hinders you from being your best version.

It is often we “actively” work with our shadow self to discover what is binding us and how to deal with this. This field basically breaks all the chain that limited you from being able to access higher level order of love.

I thought I didn’t need this since I have all self love stacks and subconscious limit belief dissolver but this field clearly is dealing with critical issues with our shadow self which is important. That’s my conclusion, anyone can correct me if I’m wrong. @JAAJ


Thanks a lot.
This is very helpful and sounds like a crucial field to have.
Let me test it and then probably add to the Self Love Stack.


Keep on pursing, when you’re on a higher vibration, you are not resonating with the negative minds, therefore they either hate you or feel jealous. I noticed when I’m on a higher vibration, I feel like a repellent for negativity, they can’t bear to me near me, thus I automatically attract like minded individuals that are on the same vibration as me. It’s a win-win, brushing out all the negative people. @anon75179789


For anyone who wants to speed up the process, use two phones or devices. I use my first phone to play trauma healing stage. My second phone to play self love healing stage, both on speakers. You may be overwhelmed due to intense healing at two different stages but it’s worth it lol.

Or if you want to take it up a notch… loop vibration of transcendence or ego dissolution to be more open to fields on your 1st device and use your 2nd device to listen to your healing stage. You’re cutting half of time listening doing this.


True, it makes shielding less necessary. If you are free from negativity it can hardly grasp you after some time.

Definetly! Currently I do ponr and SL stack at the same time, if possible looping soul core or raise your vibrational state from a third one. Great synergy.


Might as well get one more device :joy:


Might as well go ahead and do it. I have 4 extra phones, might listen to 6 fields at the same time. :clown_face:


Hey, as long as your system can handle it, full force forward :100:

most people are scared