Jen and plants

I have a lot of plant stuff going on - especially now that it’s spring and the snow has finally melted over here in the north. It all fits in different categories with different fields I’m using so I figured I would make a central place to talk about all the gardening and how things went.

Projects thus far:

Attempting to root a crab apple tree, have played plant growth and recently switched to the sanctuary card after receiving advice from @anon51404939

It’s easier to use the card for that plant since it’s right in the kitchen and I’m usually listening to other things

The wild yarrow I transferred to pots have listened to the heat and shock resistance and so far, so good

I heard you could charge water with jindan and that plants benefit from m state gold so I charged a jug for about a half hour today and scattered the water on the yarrow, apple seeds I hope will sprout, thyme, volunteer onions and some volunteer tomatoes from last year

AL my aloe plant is doing pretty well he has the sanctuary card and he just got jindan water as well. Hoping his couple of flat leaves will plump up again

That’s about it so far. Blackberry bare roots are coming in the mail today and the lilacs will bloom in a couple weeks. This will overlap into food and cooking, but I’m going to do a lot with the lilacs this year at least that is the plan.


Nice flower you got there


Thanks :D


Love it!!



Yesterday I performed several heroic acts of gardening stupidity

The wonderful man who sent us the bare root blackberries sent us much more than he originally advertised. I ordered 14, he sent at least 30. A lot of other people in the reviews had mentioned he had done something like this, but I figured it was hit or miss and I would probably receive around 20.

Oh no- at least 30 there were. 30 potential bushes of blackberries.

We had enough pots to accommodate 18 although we had to double some of the roots up until more pots arrive today.

Then I ambled around the backyard trying to find a good dirt/full sun ratio for the remaining 12. It was getting dark and I was not being too accurate or diligent with the spade, just digging them in as long as any dirt was available that seemed halfway worth it.

After one or two big splash sounds from the pond in the dark, I figured we had a Loch Ness and I headed in.

While I was waiting for the mail man to bring the roots I wandered around the parts of the yard that produce big thickets of black raspberries that I can never seem to get to because of all the brush in the way but right now there was nothing but the blue canes. One of them curved over and stuck his head in the ground to make new roots so he made it easy for me. I got him and I cut another cane under a node and put them both in soil too.

I found another disembodied blue cane just like off to the side not attached to anything. I cut a part of it to see- still green inside. Alive. I potted that one too. My husband insisted that wasn’t a raspberry, but I looked it up and raspberry doesn’t have any look alikes really. Plus it was blue, just like the others, so I think it’s a third black raspberry.

All of the plants that have been transplanted or moved I’m playing heat and shock resistance for each time I move them. I might also add a sanctuary card for the roots I planted on the hill.

I went to the local nursery yesterday to see our friends and they have many exciting new things… eucalyptus, plenty of hummingbird lunch… and I’m not sure if my friend was serious but she just offered up all her elderberry plants to me. Absolutely taking them if that’s the case! I ordered a load of compost and they came to deliver it, dumped it right in the heap we always like to draw from every year lol. Of course when our friend came to deliver I was running for the mailman and scared the daylights out of him haha

People don’t often see me running, it’s a weird sight but I will run for blackberry roots





Asked probability wave to help me make sure all my plants come out nice and healthy this year

25 blackberry plants not including the ones I planted in the yard

Yarrow doing well

Cleared out the small raised beds for flowers and herbs

Apricot trees and apple trees start sprouting their leaves the day after I gave them gold water what a coincidence


Could you detail your stacks? Thank you.

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Sure -

If I transplant or direct sow, I play heat and shock resistance. I also play that if there’s some wacky weather I wasn’t expecting hot or cold.

I use the sanctuary card for some plants

Plant growth and enhancement comes out regularly but not every day. I noticed the plants I play it for need more water then so if a plant is being rooted in water I play it every day sometimes but if it’s in soil then once a week or once every third day. But you might have a different experience

Just played ancestral knowledge, since many of my ancestors were farmers as recent as two generations ago.

I charge water with jindan and give it to the plants as a supplemental fertilizer

Ley line node point I played a lot last summer and that was excellent same with plasma flower

I think that’s it for now



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This is not what it looks like exactly at the moment. It’s been raining for days, so besides the fact that a hawk has taken up residence in my backyard there is nothing new to report.

Excited about the hawk though- it’s always a good thing when you’ve got predatory birds workin for ya. Less mice



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AL is looking good. Some of his leaves were totally flat and sad looking but with a few days of the sanctuary card he looks great.

No signs of life from the blackberry roots but it may take some time for them to come out of dormancy. They are water logged, today is the first day of real sun. Played them plant growth because that can help with increased water utilization.

Oddly, the raspberries were bone dry. Soaked them, put them in the sun.

Raining again tonight, thanks mud season! Will protect the roots

Saw some deer poop over by the apple trees so I will have to remember to spray them with cayenne to protect their young leaves.

The elderberries have no complaints.

May 1 is direct sow day or rather, the next day that isn’t raining is direct sow day

The watermelon, pumpkins, and Cistus (rock rose) will go in that day. Maybe cucumbers. If you remember last year we had a really great cucumber and zucchini year.


Nice aloe you got there

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He’s a good guy


It looks like my plant that I bought over fifteen years ago in the Canary Islands, but which died a couple of years ago; fortunately I had distributed the daughters of this plant to my relatives so I still have them available, and one donated to these relatives of mine is almost as big as yours. Congratulations.

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It’s direct sow day!

It’s a beautiful day here and I managed to plant pumpkins, watermelon, Cistus, parsley AND I harvested a pumpkin I’ve had for awhile roasted the seeds and discovered I have loads of purple dead nettle on my property which you could eat if you wanted to but I’m on the fence about it.

The branch that I just ripped off the end of a crab apple tree is sprouting OUT BUDS thanks to the sanctuary card and I am soooo excited


Progress on the apple tree cutting


Watching these pictures makes me feel like I’m living my dream, with nature. Very pure energy :heart_eyes:


Thanks :green_heart::green_heart: