Kinetic Quasi Crystal

He is refering to the energys : “START CRYSTAALIZATION NOW” :speaking_head: :gem:


Oh OK. I thought to listen to the attunement audio again!
Thank you for the clarification

Though not always needed, periodic reinforcement of the attunement audio does not hurt at all - unless one is spamming these audios every day.


I bought it because of the experimenter’s spirit. When I listened again, there was an inductance at the end of my finger, which made me feel electric shocks everywhere in my body.:blush:


So not only this field has totally changed the order of what i play, and the amount of times per field.

But i absolutely cannot play the big fields (Smart or legendary or the strong reversing ones etc) combined with others anymore

This field is (for me) or has become the (hmm im trying to find the right name) …

Control tower?
Head quarters?
The Brain? (But no, it does not feel like a brain, im using it as to compare to the main center where all other parts branch out from)

Like it holds all the other fields while they do their job.

The electric port where the others are connected to keep giving.

So thats why theres no need for more than 1 or 2 loops to push the x field further because they are constantly empowered and charging.

And thats why i was feeling the need to play the fields at random even if no exact correlation between them.

I could play in mini stacks the regular fields

But time apart the big ones.

I think i need to do a drawing of how this is working for me because i cant put it in words lol

Something like this

So kinetic holds and empowers all

Then the big ones empower the mini stacks
Without the need to be played before any one


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Time to re-visit those hair fields





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you know it took me a minute to figure out why you and others are experiencing this one so strongly
Then Imaginarium Divine thinking kicked in and I remembered:
Convos with DW about Kinetic fields…
Your posts…

then it clicked

Drawing from those ideas, we envision here an artistic and energetic endeavor to create that in a fancied way by also adding a kinetic energy transducer to enhance the effect and energy.
(Artistically and energetically I mean, also the art looks like what possibly a Dyson sphere can look like with the repulsion creating a spin in each layer towards the star with a possible also harvesting of kinetic energy)

Sneaky @Captain_Nemo


After reading some material along with your post… Could this explain why I had the impression of seeing colored particles floating all around me ever since I’ve been using this field? Or I should rather say “whirling” in an ordered manner.


Yeah, I wasn’t going to mention anything yet, but I’ve been using this field since last Wednesday and can affirm what Luna is saying. A lot of the other fields in my playlist need fewer listens, some of them I find myself not needing/wanting at all on certain days.

I have a tendency to be an energetic “buffet” for others (cording, etc which I’ve been working on) and this field seems to have a powerful shielding effect in that regard. I come in close contact with a lot of people and a lot of different energies over the course of a day. Since I’ve added Quasi Crystal I still feel almost fully charged by the end of it all. It was a bit shocking (in the most welcome way possible) to still have so much energy at the end of the day.

A side note: my daily listening schedule for fields is partially designed through muscle testing. The coolest part may be this: I’ve experienced all of the benefits from this field from two listens, every other day. That’s all I’ve needed. This field is a different type of animal, and one I’d highly recommend if you’re still on the fence.


From (Advanced Civilizations Could be Using Dyson Spheres to Collect Energy From Black Holes):

Black holes are more than just massive objects that swallow everything around them – they’re also one of the universe’s biggest and most stable energy sources. That would make them invaluable to the type of civilization that needs huge amounts of power, such as a Type II Kardashev civilization. But to harness all of that power, the civilization would have to encircle the entire black hole with something that could capture the power it is emitting.

One potential solution would be a Dyson sphere – a type of stellar mega engineering project that encapsulates an entire star (or, in this case, a black hole) in an artificial sheath that captures all of the energy the object at its center emits. But even if it was able to capture all of the energy the black hole emits, the sphere itself would still suffer from heat loss. And that heat loss would make it visible to us, according to new research published by an international team led by researchers at the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

I emphasized the heat loss part on purpose because indeed, that’s one thing I keep perceiving (like LunaMoon) since the beginning. Something keeping quite cool all day long.

Also after my first post regarding this field, my body seems to avoid any collision easier than it ever did. Say, on the street. I’ve always been like that actually, no much bumping into people and crowds (by doing some acrobatic moves to step aside at the last minute, except at times when I wanted to bump into them on purpose, sort of telling them not to keep the whole sidewalk, etc. for themselves). But now with this field, those acrobatic moves have been innovated lol. Also possibly because of/combined with the Armor of Light and Glory I guess (Z = 145 part, etc.).


Aye… I’ve been wondering who’ll discover this!! :grin::partying_face:


This give you awareness of your own patter without interferences .

Before any work that need extra concentration would be perfect.

Like : Meditation , Hard thinkingg work , homework , some competition, watching movie .

I discovered a nice dose its 2 times the field which is 20 mins.

perhaps for more special work with the field or more specific , could be more loops .

I dont know what it does completely , but i like how i feel :slight_smile:


Some resemblance with the Cyber Magi then effects wise?


Yes. Exactly.


just thought about this + elektrosmog album/EMF conversion. possibly ( surely ) could keep their effects for an extended period of time :thinking:?.