List of earlier NFTs with updated Audio (only Public NFTs)


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No random thoughts here please :sweat_smile:


damn man, why you do my boy theo like that :pensive: :joy:

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I dont really know how this could work out in an audio, i mean i wouldnt oppose to have it if he wants to add it, but i dont see it a problem not having it.

Dream said she is massive and too strong to be 24/7 but she comes when we call her in need.

Out of all deities/servitors/faes/Dragons etc this one has been the one that always right away comes from the very first time, without me having the mandala printed around or anything.

And it always does what i ask her (negentropic wise)

I wouldnt know what the audio would be for? Strengthen the connection to her maybe? Or she could show us what things need negentropy that are affecting us when listening to the audio? That would be interesting now that i think about it. Since she is ancient and knows it “all” she would probably be great at digging our past or lives in other dimensions and bring info to us :thinking:

We’ll see.

As for The Tower of Power, ive wondered how that would work too, like with every play maybe we ask it to mix so and so and so fields and infuse us with those while the audio is playing?

Like the audio could be an empty template for us to mix energies every time and it could be the energies of some audios plus the energies of some mandalas?

Like the be the healer portal that in itself carries healing energy but we can also send specific healing energies from other audios through that portal? That could be it too i dont know, always gives us strength plus whatever else we add. what you think lady?


Well, the audios for beings are really powerful from what I’ve experienced.

Its like this mass of the being’s energy coming out and doing its thing whenever you play


Yes i understand that, but i think my question was more because this is a different being, that is so massive it cant be around us all the time but can come when needed.

So i was just wondering what would we expect to get from an audio, like if i can call her in for help right at a moment where i need help and it does so far at least in my experience, why would i need the audio?

I just wanted more ideas behind the request thats all, what could it possibly bring. Just curiosity nothing else :)

+1 would be awesome next thing to happen


He meant the wishlist bro

More Wishlist requests…

Luck of the Clurichaun
Tungnath Temple


May I add Emblem of change to the request


The Fae Bones audio is here.

It feels damn good :fairy:🧚‍♀


pls pls pls! me too! thx!


Wishlist request:

The Seven Lucky Gods


This is another public NFT that is not on the list above yet Mao :slightly_smiling_face:

Also big shout out to Cap for making all of these new audio fields for the NFT’s, and all for free which is amazing.

I’m sure many of us would definitely have paid the extra money to get these fields as audios and Cap probably knew that also, but he still released them for free!! What an absolute gent :raised_hands:t3: :ok_hand:t3:


Wishlist request:

Smilodon Bones


Fae Soul audio would be great! I’m sure it’s already on Dreamweaver’s to-do list since he did Fae Bone.


The audio came out before the nft.


I always thought they were done differently :thinking:
I don’t think there was any M-States added in with the Quasi Aura NFT and that it was just specifically for the aura only. I could be wrong though.
I need to start using the Quasi Crystal field again, so many great fields with so little time to use them all :pensive:


Added Fae Bones to the available list.


Added the Silent Mind, Fight to Flight - to the list of available audios.