Michael Mandala

Do you think it could replace the shielding tag? At least for your normal day to day? Thinking of replacing my shielding with this for a while… wondering if it would pair well with my lion tag too


Was wondering the exact same thing!

I think @Samurai knows, he’s been using the mandala

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Yes it will work.

Michael is more a weapon tbh, but also a shield.

Keep in mind his energy is gonna trigger your ego.

@Bre19 im gonna reply here for the last time since nobody gives a fuk what I say then complain why it isnt working.

If you want to reap the full power of a mandala/tag, use only 1. Listen to no more than 5-10 audios in a day, and stay conscious in the present moment, so you notice the changes.


You’ll know.


Just 30 minutes with it, I’m feeling so calm, I think this is exactly what I needed


I carried Michael mandala with me for about 8 days and I noticed drastic change in my behavior. I became aggressive and I wanted things done fast I was very demanding with people and I am usually used to being and perceived as very soft mellow and even naive girl, but ever since Michael I became ruthless😂 I also lost about 2 kg and I couldn’t stop thinking, so much energy. If mandala did that I can’t imagine what tag would do. Today I’m starting experiencing with Kitsune, very curious how that will go


@Samurai siempre te leo hermano, tus consejos en distintas publicaciones han sido muy útiles para mi, muchas gracias!


Yeah…You should’ve read my older posts here when I was new on the forum.

Some of my posts make me want to time travel to the “me” that wrote that and behead him.

Oh and my “discussions” with @_OM :man_facepalming:

So cringy…Although OM is slightly off on some things :japanese_ogre:,

The way I handled that shit and started acting like some white knight bitch here to “save the earth”.

While im at it I like to apologize for some of my cringy posts,

Its like an alter personality coming to the surface when I hold my phone.
(Notice how most phone/tv screens are literally a black mirror when turned off? If you know basic occult then you know what black mirrors are for)

Dont worry, im alot less cringy in real life, however I can be edgy at times with my current earth character.


The master has spoken

Well, good or bad news for you, but I liked you at the immediate moment I “saw” you here and I have witnesses about that on the forum (I positively gossiped behind your back a few times).

I don’t want to sound pretentious but I think I can read in between the lines, sometimes… and I liked what I’ve read in the Samu-book. Ok I won’t throw too much flowers on your head but seriously and as already said in another thread, I owe you Michael mandala (among other things).

It all started with one of your brilliant posts written in response to a “how to get laid” inquiry. That post of yours + the following ones, which were emphasizing the most important qualities of the archangel. Unsuspected qualities, to be more exact.

And things are happening just as you described.

Ok, enough noveled for tonight. Just gonna add that even though apologizing is considered by some people as belittling or unnecessary or narcissism-clashing… it’s in fact the language of great spirits.

(Summary of this post: see GianLee’s above).


@Samurai Gracias por responder hermano, bueno debo ser sincero, aunque estoy entusiasmado por haber encontrado esto que está revolucionando mi forma de moverme en este mundo, soy un neófito en el mundo de la magia, estoy yendo muy despacio por lo que aún no comprendo la referencia a los “espejos negros” sin embargo puedo leer al respecto para estar más informado, por otra parte quisiera decirte que “Iluminas la parte del universo que te fue concedida” para personas con poca experiencia en todo esto tus valiosos aportes traen luz a quien las lee con ganas de aprender. También aprendo de varios hombres y mujeres sabios aquí, asi mismo estoy muy agradecido de corazón porque todos ustedes aparecieran en mi vida! Gracias!


El no puede leer este idioma jaja. Pero si, yo tambien me siento asi :+1: :+1:


Hey, I don’t know if anybody on this forum has ever told you this. But you’re very likeable haha! I like you too for your optimism and how you encourage and make other people feel good about themselves :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Y por cierto, yo tambien soy un neofito en este mundo como tu! Hace solamente un mes, que he encontrado este sitio web. Todavia, estoy descubriendo cosas nuevas y estoy muy entusiasmado por las cosas chulas que vendran en el futuro!


Thank you very much :) It’s nice to hear that. I like you too, especially for your never ending and brain challenging curiosity (you’re not the kind to sleep on obsolete acquisitions), your honesty (I already told you why in another thread) and your humor ;)


@_OM, @anon17734191 and @Samurai

Btw, I can confirm that the transmutation of lower and basal energy audio works POWERFULLY (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpFMdx5BJu8). I’d even class it above the skeptics audio if anybody is skeptical about sapien medicine in general. Not sure if this works for women, but for men: whenever you have an uncontrollable sexual impulse that just won’t calm down no matter how hard you try, just listen to this audio ONCE. And feel the energy rising up from your genitals to your stomach, upper back, chest and neck and finally your skull.

Edit: I’d say it works even better for me than the transmutation and microcosmic audio (although I have experienced mild effects from this one as well).


I’ve been using Michael for about a week, the changes have been drastic.

I’ve used Thor for a long while now and while I used it I was a bit louder, Jupiterian, forceful. Truth be told the feeling wasn’t too different from how many assume Thor to be.

Michael almost feels like being James Bond. More reserved, polished, sharp.

I am a lot more quiet and reserved than before. I only speak when I feel it’s necessary. I completely dropped habits of fidgeting, quickly reacting, flinching. I feel like a stone cold being of power. Slow to anger, always thinking things out completely. The amount of respect from this personality change is immense.

His personality is very Baroque, if you’ve read Gracian, La Rochefoucald or Guicciardini it feels like he’s a positive version of their philosophies. A master tactician, always puts things into suspense when necessary, dry humor coming out at the same time.

And even then, with all his strength, power and intense prodding mind, he is still kind. He is still there ultimately to help, and I find that I like to help people; not in a way where I’m too concerned for problems that I shouldn’t be, but in a way that ideally makes people help themselves.

Ultimately, this field seems a bit better suited for my life at the moment. It’s heavily underrated.


Very astute!

Naw, you just missed the "before times":smirk: when some people were using Michael for everything.


Oh yeah, I definitely wish I did more than lurk during that time, the posts were hilarious. Comedy gold: back/forth between people who boost Thor 10x and turn invisible to those who end up taking their Mjolnir rage on the keyboard for imagined slights.