Michael Mandala

Have you tried


I have not yet and actually just read about it today here. Do you recommend anything in specific with this and the mandala?

I grew up in a very Catholic family, and normally means very close worshipping etc a lot of Saints and few of the Archangels, but in my particular family we grew up mostly focused and close to angels and Archangels, my Mom was almost obsessed with all about them, all the levels, realms etc. So it was like embedded in Us.

From that moment, no matter what other practices (I was the only one that wandered outside our Religion to explore others i felt a lot of affinity with) i never ever forgot about Angels. Ever.
Specially Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael.

Never ever ever i have felt that at all, or noticed that with others working with St Michael, the only one i do actually warn others when they get interested in invoking or connecting to, is Uriel. Uriel to me is among other attributes the epitome of Justice and law of actions > consequences. I love him tho dearly. But one to learn and understand and OBEY fully if one wants his blessings and help lol for real.

But Michael? He is incredibly protective and loving.
Dont get me wrong… he as you hopefully know (if not research about him) does not hesitate to draw his sword and zas! Cut fast and sharply if its needed. Then that love turns into justice. But right after he is fully open to embrace the “person” (that doesnt have to be people could be actions and behaviors) at fault, have the person learned the lesson and be ready for change.

Having a clean heart is what matters to any Angel or Archangel not just Michael, no matter how many flaws someone may have or have many failures, that on the contrary is why he offers to be there for them to help them free from Darkness. Every single time. He just wants sincerity. And a profuse desire to evolve.

But he is not one to be challenging you, putting you at test, triggering your ego and what not, for him all is up to you and you have full free will.

They dont push, they dont make you do this or that, then dont even interfere unless you ask them to prior or during.

But their energy and connection to you starts fading away and the distance grows if they see that you are not meeting them half way and do your part. They just understand, let you be and move on.

On the contrary, the more you do, the more you try, the more effort and clean love and respect you show towards them and humanity the closer they come to you and assist you all the time.

They also love you to keep and inviting environment, cleanliness, clarity, etc. So on top of creating a connection to them, make sure your place is tide, cozy. Their vibration is extremely high and sensitive, and remember they are always there for you but every single one of them, even your guardian angel (if you believe in that) have to fully respect your free will.


I resonate well with your depiction of the archangel and appreciate the time you have taken to share your experienced view on this. Thanks :pray:t2:


Thank you so much for the detailed narration. This is really helpful.

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Is this mandala gone from Instagram?


Yessir but here:


Thank you, a neighbor told me she loves St. Micahel so wanted to share this with her :slight_smile:


That’s very kind of you @Maoshan_Wanderer :slight_smile: thank you!!


Do this mandala still work? Anyone experimented here to confirm please. @Zen @SammyG @WellBeing @Captain_Nemo

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Im sorry, are they supposed to stop working after some time?

Are you from a different timeline where Captain removed this?

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I adore your humour, Zen. You should know that I don’t believe in time, neither in timeline. So… I can’t answer this question. Huhu.

I’m asking because it’s a cropped version of it. Taking time to understand can be annoying sometimes, but it’s better than rushing. :smiley:


Ahh, yes it’ll still work the effects aren’t whole but working nonetheless

Try not to cut the images or alter them apart from color.


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Thanks for the insights, @Zen. Appreciate your intervention. Not simple but effective.

Just kidding. Thanks again for you time.