Negentropic Jing

I experience an increase in body hair when using this twice daily. Any others noticing similar effects?

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This field is absolutely the best thing I have ever bought.

I must have been Jing depleted for a while, too many fields, over indulgence in earthly activities etc.

The last week since looping this multiple times a day, I feel amazing.

So at peace, so positive, I’ve leaned down a bit, less desire for junk food etc - Fields also feel a lot stronger again.

I’m sorry I didn’t get this sooner - a couple of years ago, I used to get profound effects from jing restoration v2, like testosterone on steroids, but it slowly became less effective.

I wish I hadn’t hesitated with this, and gotten it before a load of other fields.

This partnered with soul core restoration feels so, so good.


Next: Ojas Marrowed :wink:


Love listening to Quadible Integrity’s 11th power 2x, then looping this for at least 3/4 hours while I’m working :grin::grin::grin:. Will have you feeling brand new.


Have had this for awhile now, at first I didn’t feel much from this but I just paired it with Ojas (from YT/patreon) and I feel amazing.


Follow up: here’s how I have these ordered right now. How would you order these?

I’ve checked the other threads on jing-chi-shen, and this is my understanding so far.

I should probably put Jindan before everything? What are your thoughts thanks in advance :star2:

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Is there a reason why you’re deliberately breaking up the 3 Treasures?

I’m not really understanding how you’ve come up with this particular order, so I might be missing something.

I personally would put the 3 Treasures together and then the 5 Elements afterwards (because the elements are refractions of the 3 Treasures in the physical world).


Eh idk I’m working it out. I will put them together thanks! Which should come first? I’ve seen people do jing-chi-shen and also jing-shen-chi in their playlists and wondering what you think would be optimal

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There are a few different schools of thought on this (and I think we did a deep dive into this in one of these Negentropic 3 Treasure threads, if you want the detailed version).

The most common order (claimed to be “traditional”) from the West point of view seems to be Jing-Chi-Shen, but there are schools which adhere to their own order, for their own reasons.

Since you asked me directly, the way I was taught is different. I do Jing-Shen-Chi. That doesn’t make “my” way “right” or any other way “wrong.” I do it this way because this is the way that I was taught we are created: the potential of Jing is infused with the spirit of Shen so that we can harness and create the life force of Chi. (I was also taught to spell Chi differently, so typing this looks oh so wrong to me. :laughing: I’m bringing this little point up to kind of highlight how things can get turned around when we import constructs from one culture into a very different culture.)


Thank both you so much for your responses I really appreciate it!



Is this the only one that restores pre-natal Jing. Thanks:) @Maoshan_Wanderer


No all responses are great. I tagged him because he has extensive knowledge on the subject. I believe I read him in another post say that this field does restore pre-natal.


Took the plunge. This track feels really really good. Almost euphoric.
Ty @Dreamweaver for an amazing creation.


Just got this. I’ll wait till tomorrow to test it because I’m a little intoxicated at the moment. :)


So far I have only read of pre-natal jing. Are there such things as pre natal chi or shen?

Like this?


It’s under the settings like icon with the name hide details,
the ‘toolbar’ is viewable when you click on the three horizontal lines.

I was reading curious about the answer :)


For those wondering if this restore prenatal Jing, here’s your answer from Sammy.


There is a saying: Depletion of Qi is Fatigue, while depletion of Jing, which also results in depletion of Qi as a consequence, is Total Exhaustion (Jing and Qi have a Yin-Yang relationship, Jing being more on the Yin side and Qi is more Yang).

Pre-natal and Kidney Jing are both intricately tied with each other. I have not checked with Dream specifically about this field, but this field absolutely impacts all three forms of Jing. Pre-natal Jing is very important because it defines, protects, and nourishes the genetic blueprint of life. It is also crucial to nourish and refine this aspect as it impacts the genetic blueprint we pass on to our offspring. A parent who has not cultivated this form correctly may genetically pass on a lack of vitality to his/her offspring. Several Chinese medicinal texts point this out, especially with parents over 40 where Pre-natal Jing depletion has already set in. However, with suitable augmentation from Post-natal Jing, this can be corrected to a large extent - Jing is more like a rechargeable battery rather than a candle (thank nature!), if we view it as a single concept (rather than as Pre-Heaven, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, and Post-Heaven). While many Daoist schools admit to not being able to replenish the pre-heaven Jing (Yuan Jing, which is not the same as Pre-Natal Jing in any of the Neidan schools), Indian Tantric schools associate replenishment of this form of Jing via Shaktipata (descent of Grace from Divine Consciousness aka Shiva/Goddess).

There are two views about Pre-Natal Jing - some schools hold that this cannot be replenished, aka the amount present cannot be increased. However, it can be nourished, protected, and re-enforced by cultivation of even acupuncture (say stomach point EC36). However, Kayakalpa (rejuvenation and age reversal) cannot be truly possible without replenishing this Pre-Natal Jing, so this is not impossible.

This, hence, has the potential to influence the entire future generation and hence is crucial.


I was always curious about that one…thanks for the clarification!


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