Negentropic Jing

Negentropic Jing

Negentropy is reverse entropy. It means things becoming more in order. By ‘order’ is meant organization, structure and function: the opposite of randomness or chaos.
Jing or Essence can be summarized (According to Traditional Chinese Medical theory,) in two parts the Yin, being congenital, prenatal and the Yang, being postnatal or acquired. Prenatal Jing is acquired at birth from the parents the Fathers Sperm and the mother’s Ovum this is a similar concept to DNA and Postnatal Jing is acquired after birth through food, water, oxygen, environmental and social conditions very much like the concept epigenetics.

The Yin and Yang Jing transform to create and replenish each other, Yang Jing circulates through the eight extraordinary vessels and transforms to become and replenish yin in turn the marrow becomes blood, body fluid and semen.

This audio presents the united concepts of both Negentropy and Jing. Crafted in a way to use in your meditative practices etc to bring you closer to a state of regeneration and inner power.


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Negentropy is reverse entropy. It means things becoming more in order. By ‘order’ is meant organisation, structure and function: the opposite of randomness or chaos. One example of negentropy is a star system such as the Solar System. Another example is life.

As a general rule, everything in the universe tends towards entropy. Star systems eventually become dead. All energy has gone, and everything in the system is at the temperature of the surrounding space. The opposite of entropy is negentropy. It is a temporary condition in which certain things are hotter and more highly organised than the surrounding space. This is the second law of thermodynamics:

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system always increases over time.[1]

Life is considered to be negentropic because it converts things which have less order, such as food, into things with more order, such as cells in the body, tissues, and organs. In doing so, it gives off heat. Another example of negentropic things are societies, or social systems, because they take disorderly things such as communications, and make them more orderly and useful.


So if Flow of Jing / Jing Restoration (as far as I understand) restores postnatal Jing, then difference with Negentrophic Jing… Maybe it replenishes prenatal Jing, turning back the clock to the optimum level as it was at birth? At the moment of birth starts leaking, and cannot be restored, though can be conserved with good practices, but only postnatal jing can be replenished. As far as I could read, prenatal jing could not be restored, but who knows what’s possible and impossible nowadays.

So this is like Anti Aging / Telomere lengthening in a way? Jing recapture at 0 days old. Refills the primary tank which has ideally been repaired with Soul Core Restoration?



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As I guess, the magnificent Soul Core Restoration, repairs and regenerates the main tank, this Negentropic Jing fills it, renewing it with the precious liquid. It is like a car service, where the engine is changed and restored with a new oil, to obtain the same engine performance as when it was new, and together with the action of Soul Core it allows to have a performing internal engine, new of factory.
I await confirmation / comments from the most experts.


This field certainly affects the very essence of one’s being!

An interesting thing to consider is that, beyond the possibility of simply replenishing one’s Pre-Natal Jing to its former state, Jing can be built up further in one’s life.

This is done in some Taoist practices and other traditions, and nourishes and develops this aspect of one’s being further.

Long-lived Taoist hermits and practitioners who build this Treasure are sometimes said to develop better and better jing as they age, and maintain youthful vigour in old age.

When one considers the potential inherent to negentropy and this potential together, the possibilities are truly astounding.


For those who buy it:

Please update us on long term effects on overall resilience to stress. Really dig down on the effects and nuances. Will help the community and those that are on the edge for purchasing this audio


It’s very strong. Listened 2x last night and 2x this morning. Felt a strong sense of inner peace and a robust feeling of health/wellbeing. Almost felt like a bubble around me that nothing could mess with.


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Can this can combined with acient art and soul restoration?


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Thanks for the immediate update. Can you continue listening to this for a while and update us with more long term effects.

Things to pay attention to: general resilience to stress; physical, emotional etc. confidence.
If you’re a male: Sperm quality, energy after fapping / orgasm, female attraction.

These might not be very distinct changes but subtle. Like “what the heck could it be?”-type of changes.

Increased prenatal Jing / Negentrophy would point to decreased cost of damage and faster bounce back, when doing a thing that hurts you, compared to a previous baseline. Like in youth.

Is it just me you know already visualising different stacks with core restoration, ancient arts, plasma etc… ? :smirk:


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Yeah man right now I think that maybe he s doing some three treasure audios but in advance ,he first upload the hakuing s healing egg that induce high vibrational chi in our been and them this advance jing audio came out :heart: maybe someday we gonna see something advance for shen and the others just like transmutation and microcosmic orbit , this guy is a loving and genius person ,we should always be greatfull


Nope!!! :sunglasses: soul restoration is LITERALLY GOLD. I would speak on it more but its a personal issue im working on but definitely making things 100000% (not exaggerating) more manageable.

I could only imagine how this audio is going to pair, got a feeling we’ll be getting a trio of these life essence energy audio (jing, chi, shen)